Reed & Barton SeaTails Collection

Price: $30.00 - $55.00

What could possibly make a bigger splash at mealtime than the SeaTails Collection from Reed & Barton. This nautical theme allows youngsters minds to swim to the depths of the seas. Crafted in durable stainless steel, this baby gift set are the perfect dining companions for every little "buoy and gill."

Item:# 168098

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Items In This Collection

Reed & Barton Silver Plate Seatails Seaglobe

Price: $55.00
  Item: # 7955

Reed & Barton Stainless Seatails 3 Piece Baby Set

Price: $35.00
  Item: # 18198

Stainless Seatails Fish Baby Cup

Price: $30.00
  Item: # 9416