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374374 Summer Cocktails Area Rug
370739 Mohawk Home Jamison SmartStrand Accent Rug
3.5 stars(2 reviews)
370719 Relaxed Chef Mat - Natural Floral
370722 Relaxed Chef Mat - Poppy Stripe
370726 Relaxed Chef Mat - Trellis Blue
352202 Achim Braided Rooster Accent Rug
4.0 stars(1 review)
352191 Achim Braided Coffee Accent Rug
352196 Achim Braided Chef Buono Accent Rug
352168 Achim Braided Apple Orchard Accent Rug
329558 Seashells Accent Rug - Blue
329559 Sand & Shells Accent Rug
332564 Bahama In/Out Nylon Rug
332567 Tropical In/Out Nylon Rug
332569 Tile In/Out Nylon Rug
332572 Palm Border In/Out Nylon Rug
332908 Nancy's Nook Strawberry Vine Accent Rug
332897 Nancy's Nook Country Apple Accent Rug
332905 Nancy's Nook Sunflower Accent Rug
332901 Nancy's Nook Grapevine Accent Rug
329548 Maritime Coast  Accent Rug
329553 Stars & Shells Accent Rug
329550 Tropical Reef Accent Rug
329555 Flower Jungle Accent Rug - 22x36
320871 Nancy's Nook Pineapple Accent Rug
308503 Brumlow Taliyah Accent Rug
314411 Affinity Hearts And Stars Accent Rug
314415 Affinity Chef's Kitchen Accent Rug
5.0 stars(1 review)
314417 Affinity Vineyard Accent Rug
4.0 stars(1 review)
314418 Affinity Who Dat Accent Rug
314409 Affinity Karma Black Accent Rug
314407 Affinity Lodge Canvas Accent Rug
314406 Affinity Sun Dial Accent Rug
314404 Affinity Quilt Accent Rug
305876 Nourison Butterfly Accent Rug
305872 Nourison Coffee Area Rug - 18x30
305869 Nourison Faith, Hope & Love Accent Rug
305867 Nourison Rejoice Accent Rug
305864 Nourison Live In The Moment Accent Rug
305857 Cortina Damask Area Rug
305862 Cortina Lattice Area Rug - Gold
308510 Brumlow Gustavo Accent Rug
309429 Brumlow Mumbai Accent Rug
309418 Brumlow Game Time Accent  Rug - Pink
309423 Brumlow All Star Accent Rug - Blue/Green
309413 Brumlow Panthera Accent Rug - Pink
308504 Brumlow Brockton Accent Rug
307825 Rosalinda Accent Rug
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Accent Rugs – Indoor & Outdoor Rugs

Find great deals on accent rugs at Boscov’s, including indoor and outdoor rugs in a variety of sizes, colors, prints, and materials! Accent rugs are a great way to give a bit of a facelift to your interior and exterior design, plus tailor your design to the seasons! Refresh and beautify your home with strategically placed accent rugs from some of the top brands available.

Accent rugs are also great for protecting highly-trafficked areas in your home, including near doorways, kitchen sinks, etc. They help protect hardwood floors and carpeting, and can add a little warmth to cold stone or tile flooring. Place inside or outside your front door to keep your indoor floors beautiful, and add an extra little welcome to the guests of your home. Find the perfect colors, styles, materials, and patterns to fit your design desires and save big when you shop with Boscov’s Department Store online.