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466560 Mohawk Roll With It Comfort Mat
466557 Mohawk Rustic Rooster Comfort Mat
466574 Mohawk Opening the Wine Comfort Mat
466565 Mohawk Afternoon Spread Comfort Mat
466572 Mohawk Postcard Apples Comfort Mat
456583 Mohawk Cocina Kitchen Slice Rug
456575 Mohawk Canopy Kitchen Slice Rug
408395 Garland Southpointe Shag Rug - Black
459074 Oakland Spice Rug
459080 Oakland Birdline Wood Welcome Rug
459079 Oakland Who's There Rug
459076 Oakland Botanical Rug
458776 Mohawk Floral Esque Print Accent Rug
458774 Mohawk Colorful Persian Print Accent Rug
437121 Waverly Palace Safari Accent Rug
437148 Waverly Grateful Garden Accent Rug
437142 Waverly Feliciate Leaf Accent Rug
451351 Cushy Comfort White Bloom Accent Rug
451347 Cushy Comfort Spice Poppies Accent Rug
451342 Cushy Comfort Chalkboard Cafe Accent Rug
430981 Nourison Fruit Hand Hook Accent Rug
430975 Nourison Coffee Hand Hook Accent Rug
437169 Nourison Sapphire Accent Rug - Beige
437167 Nourison Sapphire Accent Rug - Aqua
437172 Nourison Sapphire Accent Rug - Silver
437170 Nourison Sapphire Accent Rug - Sage
426316 Kitchen Griddle Loop Wedge Rug
426319 Kitchen Chicken Coop Wedge Rug
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426322 Kitchen Wine Bottle Wedge Rug
426318 Kitchen Old Country Road Wedge Rug
432357 Nourison Fruit Medley Print Accent Rug
432346 Sorrento Cotton Wool Jute Rug
432363 Nourison Rooster Print Accent Rug
432351 Nourison Kiss The Cook Print Accent Rug
432360 Nourison Coffee Printed Accent Rug
437118 Relaxed Chef Treasure Garden Accent Rug
437117 Relaxed Chef Blue Bird Accent Rug
437114 Relaxed Chef Paris Wine Accent Rug
437107 Relaxed Chef Napa Wine Accent Rug
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Accent Rugs – Indoor & Outdoor Rugs

Find great deals on accent rugs at Boscov’s, including indoor and outdoor rugs in a variety of sizes, colors, prints, and materials! Accent rugs are a great way to give a bit of a facelift to your interior and exterior design, plus tailor your design to the seasons! Refresh and beautify your home with strategically placed accent rugs from some of the top brands available.

Accent rugs are also great for protecting highly-trafficked areas in your home, including near doorways, kitchen sinks, etc. They help protect hardwood floors and carpeting, and can add a little warmth to cold stone or tile flooring. Place inside or outside your front door to keep your indoor floors beautiful, and add an extra little welcome to the guests of your home. Find the perfect colors, styles, materials, and patterns to fit your design desires and save big when you shop with Boscov’s Department Store online.