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415522 FineLife Weather Station Wall Clock
395331 Sterling & Noble Magenta H20 Clock
389637 Love Mantle Clock
402850 Disney Minnie Jumbo Twin Bell Alarm Clock
402855 Disney Mickey Jumbo Twin Bell Alarm Clock
402880 Expressions 21in.  Wall Clock
358248 Melamine Quartz 8in. Wall Clock
358218 Sharp 1in. LED Dual Alarm Clock - Red
3.0 stars(1 review)
358221 Sharp 3in. Red LED Alarm Clock with Night Light
4.5 stars(2 reviews)
360620 Ohio Wholesale 12in. Mermaid Clock
331028 Nautical Metal Anchor Clock
331025 Metal Vintage Bicycle Clock
317697 Patton Hot Baths 12in. Clock
324676 5pc. Mirror Clock Set - Gold
324668 5pc. Mirror Clock Set - Black
327836 Lifetime 5pc. Curl Clock Mirror Shelf Set
262781 Bulova Yarmouth Maritime Wall Clock
303660 Westclox LCD Projection Alarm Clock
2.0 stars(1 review)
286577 Seiko Crane Analog Digital Wall Clock
286614 Seiko Aida White Travel Alarm Clock
286572 Seiko Delphus Melodies Wall Clock
286555 Seiko Drifter Wooden Musical Clock
286535 Seiko Monroe Black Case Wall Clock
286531 Seiko Skyline Black Case Wall Clock
286625 Seiko Harrison Brown Oak Wall Clock
286595 Seiko Mission Pendulum Chime Wall Clock
286589 Seiko Marion Wooden Chime Mantel Clock
286585 Seiko Marion Carriage Mantel Clock
291166 Patton 12in. Home Sentiment Wall Clock
291167 Patton 12in. Antique Butterfly Wall Clock
2.0 stars(1 review)
277426 Chaney Elgin/Analog Alarm Clock
2.0 stars(1 review)
254181 Seiko Get Up & Glow R-Wave Alarm Clock
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For clocks that chime & clocks that ring, explore our choices for your next time keeping device. From clocks that hang to clocks that rest on furniture, you’ll find in our assortment a variety that have different functions to help you throughout the day.

Whether you prefer clocks for aesthetic or like to see the temperature along with the hour, discover our many items in the clock shop. Shop online with us to find clocks for sale at Boscov’s Department Store!