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426625 Nebraska Mascot Bar Tee
395492 NCAA Penn State University Long Sleeve Tee
5.0 stars(1 review)
395509 Syracuse Slab Long Sleeve Tee
395459 Duke Classic Bar Long Sleeve Tee
358139 Gildan® NCAA Butler Basketball Tee
344864 West Chester Cadence Tee
344766 Temple All Day Basketball Tee
344932 Michigan State Classic Bar Tee
344827 Yale University Classic Bar Tee
344817 Miami Hurricanes Classic Bar Tee
344812 Harvard Classic Bar Tee
344760 Duke All Day Basketball Tee
344826 Stanford Cardinal Classic Bar Tee
344804 Clemson Classic Bar Tee
344777 Marines Mascot One Camo Tee
4.0 stars(1 review)
307009 NCAA Temple Long Sleeve Tee
320556 Duke Classic Bar Tee
307224 Auburn Classic Bar Long Sleeve Tee
307257 Yale Classic Bar Long Sleeve Tee
307106 Villanova Mascot One Long Sleeve Tee
307033 Alabama Stitch This Long Sleeve Tee
307038 Alabama Slab Long Sleeve Tee
4.0 stars(1 review)
307236 West Chester Classic Bar Long Sleeve Tee
317269 Penn State Long Sleeve Double Header Tee
295524 Alabama Classic Bar Thermal Shirt
295485 Syracuse Classic Bar Thermal Shirt
307133 St. Joseph's Mascot Tee
307061 Syracuse Stitch This Long Sleeve Tee
307000 Penn State Powerful Oversized Logo Tee
295486 St. Joe's Classic Bar Thermal Shirt
295459 Temple Classic Bar Thermal Tee
306984 Penn State Stitch This Long Sleeve Tee
307157 Stanford Classic Bar Long Sleeve Tee
306974 Penn State Nittany Lions Long Sleeve Tee
307254 Harvard Classic Bar Long Sleeve Tee
307194 Miami Hurricanes Long Sleeve Tee
307191 Oregon Classic Bar Long Sleeve Tee
295479 Penn State Classic Bar Thermal Shirt
5.0 stars(1 review)
293002 NCAA We Are Penn State Short Sleeve Tee
275390 Alabama Rookie Polo
259069 Short Sleeve Syracuse Tee
258981 Pittsburgh Panthers Short Sleeve Tee
258940 Kansas Old School Basketball Tee
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College Team T-Shirts & Tops

Represent your favorite college or university team with college tshirts from our College & University T-Shirts Shop. What’s your favorite NCAA team? There’s a great chance you’ll find it right here at Boscov’s at a better price than other sites! In addition to college teams, we also carry shirts representing the marines, the navy, and the air force

We have both short sleeve college t-shirts and long sleeve tees, which let you support your team all year round, not matter the weather! Narrow by size, color, and price range to quickly find the new t-shirt or long-sleeve college team tee you’re looking for! You’ll love how much you shop and save on NCAA shirts at Boscovs Department Store online.