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444520 Shine Circle with Hearts Bracelet
444508 Shine Wish Upon A Star Exandable Bracelet
444530 Shine Two-Tone Where Life Begins Bracelet
444518 Shine You Make Me Happy Bracelet
445109 Shine Family Where Life Begins Bracelet
445112 Shine To The Moon And Back  Bracelet
445100 Shine Sisters Side by Side Bracelet
445081 Shine Daughers Fill The World Bracelet
445098 Shine Faith Hope Love with Cross Bracelet
445078 Shine Family Hope Love Bracelet
445150 Shine Mom Always On My Mind Heart Bracelet
445173 Shine Compass Feather Accents Bracelet
445175 Shine Always By My Side Bracelet
445177 Shine Faith Anchors Soul Bracelet
445160 Shine I Love You Mom Heart Bracelet
445172 Shine Feathers Appear Bracelet
444534 Shine Two-Tone Faith Hope Love Bracelet
445125 Shine Friends Forever Bracelet
445137 Shine Lucky Elephant Bracelet
445140 Shine Best Friends Bracelet
445143 Shine Strength Anchors the Soul Bracelet
445169 Shine You Are My Sunshine Bracelet
445155 Shine All You Need Is Love Bracelet
445153 Shine I'd Be Lost Without U Bracelet
444483 Shine High Tide & Low Tide Bracelet
444477 Shine When Skies Are Grey Bracelet
444474 Shine I Love My Dog Bracelet
444467 Shine Strength Love Hope Bracelet
447113 Set of 2 Ball Stud & Hoop Earrings
446639 Gold Plated Crystal Hoop Earrings
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