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376512 Animated Christmas Bear
376531 Animated Christmas Party Santa
376526 Animated Ear Flapping Dog
376523 Animated Jingle Bark Dog
5.0 stars(1 review)
321433 Animated Plush Reindeer
5.0 stars(2 reviews)
320795 Animated Shouting Sam
4.0 stars(1 review)
376517 Animated Snowman
320790 Animated Storytime Teddy
5.0 stars(1 review)
170403 The Elf On The Shelf - Boy
5.0 stars(1 review)

Holiday Plush Shop: Christmas Stuffed Animals & Plush

Share the joy of the holidays with a cute and cuddly Christmas stuffed animal from our Holiday Plush Shop. Can you remember your favorite stuffed animal growing up? Help create a cherished memory for your child or loved ones by giving them a heart-melting holiday plush doll!

From stuffed dogs to reindeer to bears and more, get huggable plush dolls for less at Boscov’s Department Store online.