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376793 Keurig® 2.0 K250 Brewing System - Black
2.8 stars(197 reviews)
376804 Keurig® 2.0 K250 Brewing System - Sandy Pear
3.1 stars(238 reviews)
376800 Keurig® 2.0 K250 Brewing System - Strawberry
2.8 stars(197 reviews)
306516 Keurig® K350 2.0 Brewer
3.0 stars(1 review)
306526 Keurig® K450 2.0 Brewer
306529 Keurig® K550 2.0 Brewer
17969 Keurig Starbucks® French Roast Coffee K-Cup®
5.0 stars(1 review)
16384 Keurig Starbucks® House Blend Coffee K-Cup®
5.0 stars(1 review)
134505 Green Mountain Coffee® Caramel Vanilla Cream K-Cup
5.0 stars(2 reviews)
135975 Green Mountain Coffee® Decaf Breakfast Blend K-Cup
4.0 stars(2 reviews)
33133 Green Mountain Naturals® Hot Apple Cider K-Cup®
4.0 stars(1 review)
70943 Café Escapes® Café Mocha K-Cup®
84768 Café Escapes® Chai Latté K-Cup®
5.0 stars(5 reviews)
70942 Café Escapes® Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa K-Cup
5.0 stars(3 reviews)
126211 Coffee People® Coconut Mocha Coffee K-Cup®
4.8 stars(4 reviews)
70940 Coffee People® Original Donut Shop Coffee K-Cup®
4.0 stars(5 reviews)
100664 Coffee People® Original Donut Shop Decaf K-Cups®
4.0 stars(5 reviews)
70947 Emeril's® Big Easy Bold Coffee K-Cup®
4.3 stars(3 reviews)
70914 Gloria Jean's® Hazelnut Coffee K-Cup®
5.0 stars(3 reviews)
126213 Gloria Jean's® Macadamia Cookie Coffee K-Cup®
3.8 stars(4 reviews)
267423 Gloria Jean's® Mudslide Medium Roast K-Cup®
4.3 stars(3 reviews)
126186 Green Mountain Coffee® Breakfast Blend K-Cup®
5.0 stars(2 reviews)
70907 Green Mountain Coffee® Dark Magic® K-Cup®
4.7 stars(3 reviews)
70945 Green Mountain Coffee® Half-Caff Coffee K-Cup®
5.0 stars(1 review)
70924 Green Mountain Coffee® Hazelnut Decaf Coffee K-Cup
5.0 stars(1 review)
70938 Green Mountain Coffee® Nantucket Blend® K-Cup
4.1 stars(432 reviews)
126203 Green Mountain Coffee® Sumatran Reserve K-Cup®
4.0 stars(2 reviews)
247463 Keurig® Descaling Solution
3.2 stars(11 reviews)
341391 Keurig® Donut Shop Dark K-Cup®
5.0 stars(1 review)
370445 Keurig® Dunkin' Donuts® Decaf K-Cup®
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Keurig Coffee Brewers & Coffee Accessories

Prepare an individual serving of coffee quickly with our latest collection of Keurigs, coffee brewers, and coffee accessories like K-Cups, filter refills, and more. There’s nothing like waking up to a delicious cup of coffee – except waking up to a cup of coffee that’s delicious, quick, and no mess to make!

Of course, with a Keurig, you’re not confined just to coffee – shop our K-Cup selection of iced teas, iced coffee, and hot chocolate – not to mention a variety of coffee and hot tea flavors. Shop our collection of coffee brewers and accessories today – for yourself, or as a gift! Share in great products at great prices at Boscov’s Department Store online.