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311680 Spring Step Masala Loafers - Black
311719 Spring Step Elixir Loafers - Black
311787 Spring Step College Wedge Loafers - Black
309886 Azura Syrinx Moccasins - Brown
310753 Spring Step Valetin Loafers - Bordeaux
310748 Spring Step Valentin Loafers - Brown
310724 Spring Step Valentin Loafers - Black
309875 Azura Syrinx Moccasins - Black
310258 Flexus Hilda Loafers - Black
311144 Spring Step Grenadine Loafers - Black
299408 A2 by Aerosoles Tricycle Loafers - Black
4.4 stars(5 reviews)
311821 Spring Step Amanda Loafers - Black Python
310229 Flexus Delaware Loafers - Brown
310210 Flexus Delaware Loafers - Black
311766 Spring Step Darby Loafers - Black Patent
311623 Spring Step Sintra Loafers - Brown
311818 Spring Step Amanda Loafers - Brown
310398 Flexus Willow Loafers - Brown
310515 Spring Step Diplomat Loafers - Black
310520 Spring Step Diplomat Loafers -Brown
310389 Flexus Willow Loafers - Black
310402 Flexus Willow Loafers - Navy
310360 Flexus Savina Mary Jane Loafers- Black
311769 Spring Step Darby Loafers - Black
310903 Spring Step Youthful Loafers - Red
311779 Spring Step Confetti Loafers - Brown
309816 Azura Neptune Moccasins - Black
310582 Spring Step Melbourne Loafers - Bordeaux
310555 Spring Step Melbourne Loafers - Black
311804 Spring Step Camelot Wedge Loafers - Black
310944 Mootsies Tootsies Freshee Loafers
312066 Easy Street Portland Casual Loafers- Navy
4.3 stars(3 reviews)
312076 Easy Street Portland Casual Loafers - Brown
4.0 stars(2 reviews)
312071 Easy Street Portland Casual Loafers - Black
2.8 stars(6 reviews)
309483 Clarks In Motion Kick Loafers
4.8 stars(5 reviews)
290550 Blitz Bonnie Moccasins - Black
4.5 stars(2 reviews)
290534 Blitz Bonnie Moccasins- Tan
5.0 stars(2 reviews)
290546 Blitz Bonnie Moccasins- Chocolate
5.0 stars(4 reviews)
313927 Judith™ Nita Loafers
4.0 stars(13 reviews)
307977 A2 by Aerosoles Softball Loafers- Black
310502 Easy Street Ultimate Casual Loafers
4.2 stars(5 reviews)
297421 Easy Street Ultimate Slip On Loafers - Brown
3.5 stars(2 reviews)
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Loafers & Moccasins for Women

A great pair of loafers or moccasins should be a staple of any woman’s wardrobe! Whether you prefer dressy loafers or you like to keep it casual with casual moccasins, you’ll find a style to love when you browse Boscov’s Loafers & Moccasins Shop for women.

Loafers and moccasins lend versatility to your wardrobe that few other types of shoes can offer. They work great for just about any occasion, including work, shopping, nights out, and of course lounging around the house. After all, only loafers can fool your feel into thinking you get to wear slippers all day, every day – even to work!

We offer a huge selection of moccasins and loafers for women, including a wide variety of styles, colors, and patterns. Get great deals and steals on women’s loafers and moccasins when you shop with Boscov’s Department Store online.