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372383 GOLDTOEŽ Mini Stripe Crew Socks
372370 GOLDTOEŽ Herringbone Socks
399336 GOLDTOEŽ Diagonal Bone Dress Socks
399367 GOLDTOEŽ Non-Binding Rib Single Socks
372380 GOLDTOEŽ Kokomo Triangle Dress Socks
358406 GOLDTOEŽ Pierre Zigzag Dress Socks
358393 GOLDTOEŽ Pebble Beach Dress Socks
358351 GOLDTOEŽ Summer Floral Dress Socks
358349 GOLDTOEŽ Simple Plaid Dress Socks
372377 GOLDTOEŽ  Harris Stripe Dress Socks
358437 GOLDTOEŽ Happy Hour Dress Socks
358435 GOLDTOEŽ Palm Leaves Dress Socks
358397 GOLDTOEŽ Ellington Stripe Dress Socks
358383 GOLDTOEŽ Ribbed Dress Socks
373951 Mens GOLDTOEŽ Cushion Heel Crew Socks
362121 GOLDTOEŽ 2pc. Color Block Crew Socks
359409 GOLDTOEŽ 3pc. Low Cut Active Socks
358442 GOLDTOEŽ 7pc. Mini Stripe Dress Socks
358445 GOLDTOEŽ 7pc. Striped Dress Socks
359405 GOLDTOEŽ 3pc. No Show Active Socks
371110 GOLDTOEŽ 3pc. Wide Ribbed Dress Socks
371101 GOLDTOEŽ 3pc. Ribbed Dress Socks
358424 GOLDTOEŽ 3pc. Argyle & Solid Dress Socks
358428 GOLDTOEŽ 3pc. Striped & Solid Dress Socks
362136 GOLDTOEŽ 8pc. Quarter Socks
330355 GOLDTOEŽ 4pc. Metropolitan Dress Socks
3.0 stars(1 review)
315662 GOLDTOEŽ Lodge Plaid Dress Socks
332388 GOLDTOEŽ 3pc. Mosaic Dress Socks
332334 GOLDTOEŽ 3pc. Classic Checker Dress Socks
332337 GOLDTOEŽ 3pc. Argyle Dress Socks
332350 GOLDTOEŽ Diamond Pattern Dress Socks
332339 GOLDTOEŽ Pheasant Pattern Dress Socks
332336 GOLDTOEŽ 3pc. Striped Dress Socks
332328 GOLDTOEŽ 3pc. Fairisle Dress Socks
330348 GOLDTOEŽ 4pc. Canterbury Dress Socks
315638 GOLDTOEŽ 3pc. Nassau Dress Socks
315712 GOLDTOEŽ Wine Glass Print Dress Socks
315691 GOLDTOEŽ Bohemian Plaid Dress Socks
315670 GOLDTOEŽ Argyle Dress Socks
4.0 stars(1 review)
315700 GOLDTOEŽ Vino Printed Dress Socks
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Mens Gold Toe Socks

Our Gold Toe socks for men shop houses the reliable & comfortable men’s socks of Gold Toe. Our selection includes several styles, patterns & colors of socks to fit in loafers, sneakers & more.

No matter your color or style preference, we offer multiple sizes & specialty fits for men while supplies last. For the comfort & ease of lightweight men’s gold toe socks, shop with us online at Boscov’s Department Store!