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461965 Rafaella Solid Tapered Leg Pants
461960 Rafaella Tribal Diamonds Skirt
461931 Rafaella Water Reflections Top
461990 Rafaella Short Sleeve V-Neck Tee
461932 Rafaella Flowing Zigzag Sleeveless Top
461906 Rafaella Solid Metal Accent Tank Top
449017 Rafaella Watercolor Short Sleeve Tee
448950 Rafaella Floral Skirt
448927 Rafaella Button Front Cheetah Cardigan
449073 Rafaella Solid Power Stretch Skinny Capris
449056 Rafaella Stripe Short Sleeve Boat Neck Top
449069 Rafaella Slim Double Weave Capris
448919 Rafaella Lace Short Sleeve Layered Top
448916 Rafaella Striped Tie Front Top
448923 Rafaella Cheetah Print Tank Top
442862 Rafaella Solid Crochet Yoke Tank Top
446447 Rafaella Zip Neck Tee
442953 Rafaella Slim Ankle Pants
445691 Rafaella Leopard Print Capris
442851 Rafaella Solid Ribbed Cardigan
442847 Rafaella Solid Ribbed Shell
5.0 stars(1 review)
442952 Rafaella Straight Leg Pants
424734 Rafaella Solid 3/4 Sleeve Boat Neck Top
442836 Rafaella Short Sleeve Geometric Chain Top
442857 Rafaella Short Sleeve Solid Chain Top
442926 Rafaella Short Sleeve Novelty Print Top
442933 Rafaella Short Sleeve Wavy Stripe Top
442914 Rafaella Solid Short Sleeve Boat Neck Tee
424735 Rafaella 3/4 Sleeve Zebra Print Top
400092 Rafaella Sleeveless Solid Drape Neck Shell
403725 Rafaella Curvy 5 Pocket Jeans
392954 Rafaella Perfect Weekend Leggings
391193 Rafaella Gabardine Curvy Fit Pants
4.0 stars(1 review)
393261 Rafaella Curvy 5 Pocket Jeans
393253 Rafaella Short Curvy Fit Pants
4.5 stars(2 reviews)
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Rafaella Pants & Tops for Women

Browse our array of Misses Rafaella tops and pants to find a fresh new style for your wardrobe. Featuring tops with bold and brilliant colors and patterns, as well as pants with great style and an impeccable fit, the Rafaella line merges fashion and function brilliantly. Mix and match tops and bottoms to put together the perfect outfit for work or play, but don’t be surprised if your new pants quickly become a cornerstone of your wardrobe! The mix of fashion and comfort is impossible to ignore!

Rafaella Clothing is built to be the answer to your needs – a modern, versatile, flexible line of clothing that offer femininity, fashion, and function for the ‘always-on-the-go’ woman. Because there’s no reason why fashion can’t look great AND feel great! Shop and save today on Rafaella clothing from Boscov’s Department Store online.