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380297 Petite Preswick & Moore Basic Knit Capris
441752 Petite Hasting & Smith Skimmers
447379 Petite Cathy Daniels Pull On Capris
448803 Petite Architect Fine Line Knit Capris
441747 Petite Caribbean Joe  Twill Capris
437068 Petite Hasting & Smith Denim Capris
424875 Petite Hasting & Smith Cargo Capris
424460 Petite Hasting & Smith Sheeting Capris
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424571 Petite Hasting & Smith Knit Capris
424579 Petite Hasting & Smith Knit Cargo Capris
5.0 stars(1 review)
426278 Petite Ruby Rd. Free Spirit Seamed Capris
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Petite Capris & Crop Pants for Women

With their comfortable, cropped length and flattering silhouettes, petite capris and crop pants are your go-to bottoms for the summer. A pair of khaki or twill crop pants paired with a dressy blouse makes a great work-wear outfit (especially when you add a cute pair of dressy sandals!). Denim capris are great for a regular day out, while softer pull-on capris are a perfect addition to your workout gear!

With versatile colors that can go with anything, to bold patterns meant to stand out in a crowd, Boscov’s Petite Capris & Crops Shop has you covered. Filter by Brand, Size, Color, and Price Range to quickly find the type of capris you’re looking for, or peruse more leisurely to make sure you don’t miss a single item! You’ll love finding great deals on petite capris and crops when you shop Boscov’s Department Store online.