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412216 Stone Mountain Provo Satchel - Red
412209 Stone Mountain Provo Satchel - Black
408779 Bueno Veg Tan Dome Satchel - Sage
408766 Bueno Veg Tan Dome Satchel - Dark Blue
408763 Bueno Veg Tan Dome Satchel - Brown
408745 Bueno Veg Tan Dome Satchel - Black
408754 Bueno Veg Tan Dome Satchel - Tan
397072 Stone Mountain Westport Satchel - Black
399875 Bueno Color Block Dome Satchel - Red
396347 D'Margeaux Lambskin Satchel - Black
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Satchel Handbags

Fashion meets function in our Satchel Handbags Shop, with a ton of different colors, prints, and materials. With so many colors and patterns to choose from, it might be tough to choose just one – but with our everyday low prices, you don’t have to!

The modern satchel handbag has come a long way since its predecessor. The original satchel looked like a mix between a book bag and briefcase, typically used by students and young professionals decades ago to store books, files, and other important items. A long strap, worn across the body, made it a convenient tool.

Today’s satchel purses have certainly evolved, and can have handles, a strap, or both. They are usually rigid in structure with a flatter bottom. While traditional satchels are typically made of leather in neutral shades, today’s satchel bags come in just about every color combination and pattern under the sun. You’ll always find something to love at Boscov’s Department Stores online.