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460558 B.O.C. Gunnerton Tote - White
468236 Cul-De-Sac Mint Paisley Quilt Cinch Tote
468235 Cul-De-Sac Watercolor Quilt Cinch Tote
458659 Bueno Croco Straw Tote - Periwinkle
458663 Bueno Croco Straw Tote - Cream
458667 Bueno Croco Straw Tote - Coral
460591 B.O.C. Primavera Tote - Floral
468210 Cul-De-Sac Quilted Mint Paisley Tote
468205 Cul-De-Sac Watercolor Quilted Tote
458694 Bueno Canvas Zip Top Tote - Black
458702 Bueno Canvas Zip Top Tote - Black/White
458699 Bueno Canvas Zip Top Tote - Pink
458679 Bueno Straw Bow Tote - White
458681 Bueno Straw Bow Tote - Red
458686 Bueno Straw Bow Tote - Black
459164 Kenneth Cole Zoom Tote - Black
458489 Kenneth Cole Zoom Tote - Milk
458640 Bueno Canvas Tote - Natural
458649 Bueno Canvas Tote - Denim
413115 Adrienne Landau Striped Tote - Black
413029 Adrienne Landau Zip Top Tote - Brown
413026 Adrienne Landau Zip Top Tote - Black
413019 Adrienne Landau Oversized Tote - Grey
412962 Adrienne Landau Metro Bowery Tote - Black
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Tote Bags

Shop our great selection of tote bags for women and save big on your favorite styles and brands. The beauty of this handbag is that it allows you to do exactly what the name implies – tote around your everyday essentials in one cute and stylish bag! Typically designed with shoulder straps to keep the purse tucked closer to your body, most totes have a lot of room inside to fit larger items, like an iPad, a notebook, etc.

From a simple way to carry things from point A to point B, to an iconic fashion statement, tote bags have become an accessory high on the list of must-haves for most fashion lovers. A tote purse helps you make a statement about your own unique style, whether you prefer to be bold and brash with a tote that completely stands out from the rest of your outfit, or trendy and sophisticated with a tote that highlights or accents your outfit. Whatever your style preferences, you’ll find something to love when you shop Boscov’s Department Store online.