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392049 Godinger Dublin Salad Bowl
314878 Godinger Windows 9.75in. Vase
405203 Inspirational Vases - Set Of 3
259959 Lenox Elegant Crystal Vase
259674 Lenox Eternal Leaf Small China Bowl
153602 Lenox Flutter Small Porcelain China Bowl
259503 Lenox Ivory Rose Large Porcelain China Vase
262866 Lenox Organics Blue Hue Ruffle Crystal Vase
260077 Lenox Organics Crystal Vase - Ameythst
368843 Lenox Organics Green Hue Low Bowl
368822 Lenox Organics Ruffle Green Crystal Vase
259379 Lenox Pearl Bead China Vase Medium
153668 Lenox Ruffle Crystal Vase - Turquoise
368856 Lenox Seaview Art Glass Tortoise Urn Vase
262843 Lenox Seaview Ombre Ruffle Crystal Vase
5.0 stars(1 review)
258479 Lenox Seaview Swirl Blue Art Glass Platter
258492 Lenox Seaview Swirl Glass Bottle Vase
394918 Lifetime Baby Blue Flower Urn Vase
288035 Mikasa Ruby Ribbon Small Vase
5.0 stars(2 reviews)
366519 Ohio Wholesale Mermaid Candle Vase
366528 Ohio Wholesale Sealife Candle Vase
3.0 stars(1 review)
373704 Oleg Cassini Tiara Vase
392001 Studio Silversmiths Crystal Candy Dish
32686 Godinger Dublin Crystal Footed Trifle Bowl
5.0 stars(1 review)

Decorative Vases & Bowls

Looking to add a new design element to a living room or bedroom? Engage with the potential of using decorative vases or bowls to bring together the style of a room. Whether you fill the decorative bowls with fruit or put flowers in the vase, a full or empty bowl or vase can be a cohesive component of room design.

When you’re looking for decorative vases or decorative bowls, shop with us online to make a great gift or decoration at Boscov’s Department Store!