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316993 10.5in. Boston Colonial Candle
317959 10in. Newtown Brass Window Candle
316965 11in. Colonial Brass Electric Window Candle
1.0 stars(1 review)
317001 12in. Dixie LED Brass Battery Window Candle
5.0 stars(1 review)
316984 12in. Pewter Colonial Window Candle
117506 2 Pack Safety Candle Holder
310550 3 Lights Brass Plated Electric Window Candolier
5.0 stars(1 review)
316991 9in. Brass Electric Colonial Window Candle
316980 9in. Pewter Colonial Window Candle
405576 Angel Fiber Optic LED Nightlight
343185 Bluebird Nightlight
409947 Brass Non-Sensor Candle
308987 Bubble Lites Let It Snow Snowman Nightlight
5.0 stars(1 review)
343197 Butterfly Nightlight
405588 Cardinal Nightlight
343180 Cat Nightlight
405580 Double Candle Shimmer Nightlight
343183 Duck Nightlight
376766 FineLife Mini Star Nightlight
343195 Frog Nightlight
405585 Gingerbread Night Light
405568 Glittered Snowflake Nighlight
343191 Ladybug Nightlight
386418 Lantern Flicker Nightlight
405538 Multi Function Brass Candle
343196 Noah's Ark Nightlight
343166 Owl Nightlight
343198 Purple Dino Nightlight
343179 Race Car Nightlight
343175 Rocket Nightlight
343182 Rooster Nightlight
343173 Sailboat Nightlight
405582 Santa & Tree Nightlight
405583 Santa Bobble Head Nightlight
343164 Sensor Nickel Plated Candle Lamp
408617 Shamrock Nightlight
343190 Sheep Nightlight
343169 Shell Nightlight
405572 Smores Snowman With Snowflake Nightlight
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Window Candles & Nightlights

Window candles and nightlights are a wonderful way to add ambience to your home, as well as provide some basic lighting at night for safety. Boscov’s provides a wide selection of window candles, both electric and battery operated, to bring beauty and warmth to your home, on the inside and out. Especially beautiful around the holidays, traditional window candles can spark nostalgia for a simpler time, bringing smiles to anyone who passes by, including your family and neighbors.

We also offer a selection of nightlights in a variety of styles, including kids’ nightlights, for when you need just an extra little something to light your way. Take advantage of great deals on a variety of window candles and night lights when you shop at Boscov’s Department Store online.