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Bionaire® Permatech Mini Tower Air Cleaner
(1 review)

The Bionaire® permatech mini tower air cleaner is here to help keep your home's air cleaner. This featuers a permanent filter, optional ionizer, three cleaning settings, washable pre-filter, and quiet operation. This also helps remove up to 99% of airborne pollutants and ragweed, pollen, pet…

Bionaire Air Purifier

This Bionaire air purifier filters and reconditions the air for maximum comfort and freshness. Pollutants are eliminated from air passing through the filter and replaced with breaths of nourishing air. The renewing effects of cleaner air become more present in your surroundings. With Bionaire®…

Honeywell Tower Air Purifier

Designed to purify air in small and medium size rooms up to 186 square feet, the Honeywell Tower air purifier offers two stage cleaning for healthier lungs and tidier rooms. The permanent, washable pre filter catches larger particles that would otherwise clog the IFD filter for persistent small…

Honeywell QuietCare Air Purifier

This Honeywell QuietCare air purifier is certified 99.97% efficient at removing common household airborne particles. It features the intelli check filter monitor and quiet care sound reducing features help reduce noise.

Holmes AER1 Odor Eliminator

The Holmes AER1 odor eliminator helps to purify the air by reducing odors from pets, tobacco smoke, cooking fumes and other unpleasant household odors. Infused with ARM & HAMMER * baking soda, carbon and Zeolite for advanced odor-eliminating power.

Holmes Filter for Odor Grabber
(2 reviews)

The Holmes filter for Odor Grabber removes unpleasant odors and airborne allergens from indoor air. Plus this is enhanced with Arm & Hammer baking soda to remove odors that come from pets, garbage, nursery, kitchen, and bathrooms. This filter works with Holmes Odor Grabber Air Purifier. Dimensions:…

Honeywell Single Air Purifier Pre-Filter for HHT-145

The Honeywell single air purifier pre-filter for HHT-145 captures larger particles such as lint and fibers, pet hair and fur, and dust. This also helps absorb household odors and fumes such as household gases from cleaning products, pain, and furnishings, mildew odors, and odors from bathrooms,…

Honeywell Replacement Air Purifier Filter for HHT-145

The Honeywell replacement air purifier filter for HHT-145 helps capture up to 95% of particles 2 microns and larger while reducing unpleasant odors such as those from pets, cooking, and smoke. Recommended to replace every 6 months.