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Animal Planet™ Cat Tree Animal Planet™ Cat Tree Animal Planet™ Cat Tree
(3 reviews)

The Animal Planet™ cat tree is a versatile playground for your cats. The raised platform and mini-perch are perfect for climbing and jumping. Plus the four durable woven rope posts naturally inspire scratching. Dimensions: 15 x 15 x 30.

Animal Planet™ Foam Animal Stairs
(1 review)

The Animal Planet Foam Animal Stairs helps your pet as they get older and simple things like jumping onto furniture or climbing into a car can put a strain on aging joints. Small dogs and puppies may also have a hard time reaching those cozy spaces. These lightweight steps are ideal for small,…

Animal Planet Wooden Animal Steps

Provide a safe pathway for your pet with the Animal Planet Wooden Animal Steps. This durable pet stair lets your pet reach their favorite spots easily and safely. Each step has fabric-lined material for extra grip and durability. Perfect for older and smaller pets who need a little extra help.