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Asher's Raspberry Jelly 1 lb.
(2 reviews)

Asher's ripe raspberries picked at their peak are cooked into the jell that is drenched in your choice of creamy milk or rich dark chocolate. Size: 1 pound.

Asher's Dark Chocolate Nonpareils

These delicious Asher's dark chocolate nonpareils with white sprinkles make a lovely gift or a tasty way to treat yourself. Size: 6.1 ounces.

Asher's Sugar Free 8oz. Assortment
(1 review)

Your tastebuds will be in for a treat when you start digging into this Asher's sugar free assortment. This assortment contains the most delectable milk and dark chocolate; you wouldn't even know it's sugar free. Size: 8 ounce.

Asher's Chocolates Foiled Cherries 4.05 oz.

Asher's chocolates foiled cherries are filled with a juicy cherry in clear liquid and covered in rich dark or milk chocolate. Size: 4.05 oz. box.

Asher's Cordial Cherries 1 lb.

Asher's sweet plump cordial cherries are smothered in milk or dark chocolate and filled with a liquid center.

Asher's Milk Chocolate 2lb. Pretzel Pieces Tub

Asher's milk chocolate 2 pound pretzel pieces tub make a lovely gift or a tasty way to treat yourself.

Asher's  7.8oz. Milk Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels
(2 reviews)

These candies are great for anyone with a salty-sweet tooth! The rich vanilla caramel is covered in milk chocolate and topped with sea salt. Size: 7.8 ounce.

Asher's Milk Chocolate Gourmet Pretzels with M&M's 1lb.

Get double the treat with these colorful Asher's milk chocolate gourmet pretzels covered in M&M's. 1lb.

Asher's Wilbur Buds Milk Chocolate 1lb.
(1 review)

Wilbur buds chocolate. These poppable milk chocolates make a great treat anytime! 1lb.

Asher's Dark Chocolate Caramel 1lb.

Asher's dark chocolate caramel are a delicious treat that melts in your mouth. 1lb.

Asher's 7.8oz. Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels

The Asher's 7.8oz. Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels are so good they are an Asher's staff favorite! Chewy vanilla caramels are dipped in dark chocolate then finished off with a sprinkle of sea salk to fulfill everyone's salty-sweet tooth. We dare you to try just one!

Asher's Dark Chocolate Pretzels 1lb.
(1 review)

When you're looking for that classic chocolate snack, make Asher's dark chocolate pretzels your go-to treat. 1lb. White and milk chocolate not included.

Asher's Sugar Free Almond Bark 1 lb.

Asher's Sugar Free Almond Bark. Choose from milk or dark chocolate make a lovely gift or a tasty way to treat yourself.

Asher's Dark Chocolate Orange Cream 1 lb.
(1 review)

The combination of Juicy Oranges and Rich Dark chocolate combine to keep them coming back for more. Size: 1 pound.

Asher's Chocolate Vanilla Buttercreams 1 lb.

Asher's Chocolate Vanilla Buttercreams with a white chocolate string on top. A smooth, delicious vanilla buttercream covered with chocolate! Size: 1 pound.

Asher's Milk Chocolate Peanut Smoothies
(2 reviews)

Peanut butter and milk chocolate come together to make the perfect pair for these Asher's milk chocolate peanut smoothies. There are creamy peanut butter and delicious chocolate in every bite. Size: 4.5 oz. box.

Asher's Milk Chocolate Boxed Nonpareils - 6.1oz.

These Asher's milk chocolate boxed nonpareils are made with a creamy milk chocolate and multicolored sprinkles on top. Size: 6.1 oz.

Asher's 2lb. Dark Chocolate Pretzel Tub

These Asher's pretzels are great for parties or get togethers, 2 pounds of 1 or 2 ring pretzels drenched in Ashers Dark Chocolate.

Asher's Chocolate Butter Cream 1lb.

The Asher's chocolate butter cream features a chocolate butter cream center smothered in chocolate.

Asher's Jumbo Vanilla Marshmallows 1 lb.

Asher's jumbo vanilla marshmallows come in your choice of milk chocolate or dark chocolate. Size: 1 pound.

Asher's Jordan Crackers 1 lb.
(2 reviews)

Asher's Jordan Crackers is a real favorite that is available in milk chocolate and dark chocolate in a 1 pound box.

Asher's Sponge - Molasses Flavor 1 lb.
(3 reviews)

Asher's sweet molasses honeycomb smothered in your choice of scrumptious milk or dark chocolate. An old time favorite! Size: 1 pound.

Asher's Milk Chocolate Nonpareils 1 lb.
(2 reviews)

These Nonpareils will delight your mouth as silky smooth Asher's milk chocolate morsels will take you to to your happy place. Perfect to share with that special someone or keep as a treat for yourself! Size: 1 pound.

Asher's Dark Chocolate Chocolate Buttercreams

The Asher's dark chocolate chocolate buttercreams make a perfect choice for any chocolate lovers! Rich dark chocolate is perfectly coating the soft and luxurious chocolate buttercream! Makes a great gift or treat for yourself!

Asher's Figaro 1lb.

Asher's Figaro features layers of dark and milk chocolate blended with hazelnuts. 1lb.

Asher's Dark Chocolate Wilbur Buds 1lb.

Asher's 1lb. dark chocolate Wilbur Buds are fun poppable chocolates surely to make your day and give you a quick chocolate fix.

Asher's Coconut Cluster 1 lb.
(1 review)

Coconut clusters coated in milk or dark chocolate make a lovely gift or a tasty way to treat yourself. Size: 1 pound.

Asher's Pecan Caramel Patty in Dark Chocolate 1lb.

Your mouth will be in heaven once you try one of Asher's pecan caramel patty in dark chocolate. These candies are made of rich dark chocolate, creamy caramel, and crunchy pecan nuts that will make you say, Yum! 1lb.

Asher's Dark Chocolate Cashew Caramel Pattie 1lb.

The Asher's dark chocolate cashew caramel pattie is made of crushed cashews mixed with a creamy caramel giving you an overall scrumptious taste that curbs your sweet and salty craving. 1lb.

Asher's Strawberry Cream Milk Chocolates 1lb.

Asher's strawberry cream milk chocolates. 1lb.

Asher's Chocolate-Covered Mini Pretzel 1 lb.
(1 review)

Asher's miniature pretzels covered in your choice of Rich milk, dark, or white chocolate make a lovely gift or a tasty way to treat yourself. Size: 1 pound.

Asher's Vanilla Caramels 1 lb.

Asher's vanilla caramels are available in one pound of your favorite milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or white chocolate.

Asher's Gourmet Pretzels with Nonpareils 1lb.

If you love chocolate pretzels and nonpareils, you're in for a treat when you get your hand on these Asher's gourmet pretzels with nonpareils. Go for the crunchiness of a salty pretzel with the taste of nonpareils when you have your next chocolate craving. 1lb.

Asher's Dark Chocolate Truffle Candy 1lb.

Sink your teeth into these Asher's dark chocolate truffle candy. They're the perfect candy to cure any sweet tooth. 1lb.

Asher's Sugar Free Vanilla Caramels w/Sea Salt 1lb.

These beautifully decadent Asher's sugar free vanilla caramels with sea salt are a hit with anyone! Plus they are sugar free, so you can soothe your sweet tooth without the worry! These are dipped in milk chocolate and sprinkled with sea salt and sure to cure any salty-sweet tooth. 1lb.

Asher's White Chocolate Nonpareils with Rainbow Seed 1lb.

Asher's white chocolate nonpareils with rainbow seeds make them the perfect time treat. Size: 1 Pound.

Asher's Milk Chocolate Orange Jelly 1lb.
(1 review)

You're in for a tasty treat when you have a bite of the Asher's orange jelly milk chocolate.

Asher's Dark Chocolate Orange Peel 1 lb.
(1 review)

Made in the Old World tradition, it's the perfect gift for chocolate connoisseurs. Dark chocolate drenched orange peel. A perfect indulgent treat! Size: 1 pound.

Asher's Almond Bark 1 lb.
(1 review)

Asher's almond bark comes in one pound of delicious milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or white chocolate. Size: 1 pound.

Asher's Milk Chocolate Graham Crackers 1lb.

Asher's milk chocolate graham crackers are covered in the finest milk chocolate and make a simple yet decadent snack. Just add some marshmallows and a little heat to make shortcut s mores! Sweet, crispy and addictive, you wont be able to eat just a few!

Asher's Milk Chocolate Vanilla Buttercream 1lb.
(2 reviews)

Asher's milk chocolate vanilla buttercream with sea salt.

Asher's Sugar Free Pecan Caramel Pattie 1lb.

No one will ever guess these candies are sugar free. Ashers Sugar Free Pecan Caramel Patties are creamy chocolate filled with pecans and gooey vanilla caramel goodness. With each order youll receive a 3 oz bag of candy; get them today and store them away until you need a special treat.

Asher's Dark Chocolate Thin Mints 1lb.

Asher's Dark Chocolate Thin Mints. A white creamy mint covered with delicious dark chocolate offers a cool refreshing treat for your taste buds!! 1lb.

Asher's Almond Buttercrunch 1 lb.

Asher's almond buttercrunch makes a lovely gift or a tasty way to treat yourself. Size: 1 pound.

Asher's Sugar Free Cashew Caramel Pattie 1 lb.

Asher's Sugar Free Cashew Caramel Pattie with milk chocolate coating makes a lovely gift or a tasty way to treat yourself. Size: 1 pound.

Asher's Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Bolster 1 lb.

Asher's bolster your spirits with these Milk chocolate-covered peanut butter Bolsters. Size: 1 pound.

Asher's Cashew Butter Crunch 1 lb.

Asher's Cashew Buttercrunch makes a lovely gift or a tasty way to treat yourself. 1lb.