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AS SEEN ON TV! Handi Shield
(1 review)

Protect permits and parking passes with this AS SEEN ON TV! Handi Shield. This placard protector guards against wear and damage and features a built-in hook that can hang from your rear view mirror. Includes 2 protectors. Plastic. Size: 11.5 x 4.75.

AS SEEN ON TV! Auto Front Seat Organizer

Add extra storage space with this handy AS SEEN ON TV! Auto Front Seat Organizer. This organizer fits between the center console and car seat and features an extra pocket for phones and more plus two cup holders! Plastic. Size: 7.5 x 10 x 4.

AS SEEN ON TV! 2pc. Blind Spot Mirrors

The AS SEEN ON TV! 2 pack of blind spot mirrors is a great addition to any car or truck! They allow you to see 3 times more than standard mirrors! This allows you to see cars in your blind spot on either side of your car. Plus these attach to any mirror.

AS SEEN ON TV! Wipe New Headlight Restorer
(2 reviews)

AS SEEN ON TV! Crystal clear headlights in seconds! Includes: 1 precision Wipe-It infused with wipe new, 1 professional polishing pad, 1 pair of nitrite gloves and 1 microfiber towel.

AS SEEN ON TV! Motor Up Paint Restorer

AS SEEN ON TV! Motor Up intense paint color restorer can cure it one wipe and restore your car's paint job to a factory finish. Your swirl marks will disappear. It will protect your car for up to one year. Applicator enclosed.

AS SEEN ON TV! Rustoleum Wipe New Auto Trim

This AS SEEN ON TV! Rustoleum Wipe New auto trim restore protects from sun damage, oxidation, and fading. This product restores and renews dashboards, door panels, vinyl & leather trim & seats, bumpers, faded plastic, mirror housing and exterior trim. Simply apply once and the shine lasts for…

FineLife 7pc. Car Care Kit

FineLife's 7 Piece Car Care Kit includes essential cleaning tools for your vehicle. This kit is comprised of the following: window cleaner, dust mitt, 6 inch sponge, windshield cover, 12 inch duster, 13 x 13.5 cloth, and a storage tote in which to keep it all.

Blizzard Basics All Season Windshield Cover Blizzard Basics All Season Windshield Cover Blizzard Basics All Season Windshield Cover

Keep your car cool in the summer and protect your windshield from the elements in the winter with this Blizzard Basics All Season windshield cover. This will securely cover the entire front windshield with 7 stay-put magnets and anti-theft flaps that lock inside the car doors. In winter, this cover…

AS SEEN ON TV! Motor Up Tire Restorer

AS SEEN ON TV! Motor Up tire restorer can give your tires an intense shine in one wipe with no silicone. Just spray on and walk away. Spray and applicator enclosed. It will last up to 60 days.

AS SEEN ON TV! Erase A Scratch Car Repair Pen

The AS SEEN ON TV! Erase a scratch car scratch repair pen works on any color automobile for light clear coat scratches. This pen offers application that is safe, odorless, and non-toxic, and its clear, water resistant finish hardens quickly in sunlight.

AS SEEN ON TV! Wipe New Headlight Restore

With this AS SEEN ON TV! Wipe New Headlight Restore By Rustoleum, you can get crystal clear results in two easy steps! This headlight kit offers long-lasting protection that improves illumination by restoring worn, foggy headlights and guarantees they will pass inspection for the life of your car!

AS SEEN ON TV! Flex Seal - Brite

AS SEEN ON TV! flex seal bright is a great addition to your home! You can fix any leaks with this rubberized coating spray. You can fix leaks on skylights, gutters, downspouts, flashings, windowsills, roof leaks, chimneys, duct work, foundations, awnings, vent pipes, AC drip pans, and much more!

25 Piece Tool Kit and Flashlight

This 25 Piece Tool Kit and Flashlight features 25 pieces including screwdrivers, ratchet bits, and more! You can close the kit and use the handy flashlight the runs on four AA batteries (not included). Tool kit measures 7.75 inches.

Totes Electronic Talking Tire Gauge

Putting air in your tire has never been this easy, the electronic tire gauge is announced and displayed on a digital LCD screen, measures up to 99 psi, and includes an on/off switch for longer battery life.

Reflective Car Magnets

Set of 10 reflective Lightbulb car magnets.

AS SEEN ON TV! Aqua Stretch Expandable Hose

The AS SEEN ON TV! Aqua Stretch Expandable Hose extends up to 50 feet in legth and shrinks in size for easy storage. Cover: Polypropylene. Inner tube: Latex. Ends: Aluminum.

Portable Air Compressor With Light

Portable air compressor with light features 12 volts, inflates car tire in 8 minutes, quick connect power source and air hose and storage compartment keeps cord in place.

Digital Tire Gauge

You will never be stuck with a flat tire again with the digital tire gauge. The LCD display and multiple measurement modes allow you to check anytime what your tire pressure is. The modes feature PSI, BAR, KPA, and Kg/cm. Size: 5.5 x 1.5.

Totes Auto USB Charger

Totes auto USB charger has 2 high speed usb charging ports, adds extra 12v DC power ports, and works with most electronic devices.

FineLife 7 Piece Tool Set Storage Case

The FineLife 7 Piece Tool Set in Storage Case features a handy selection of tools that will be helpful to have in a variety of circumstances. This set includes one each of the following: hammer, screwdriver, Philips screwdriver, tweezer, long nose pliers, 3 foot measuring tape and protective case.…

AS SEEN ON TV! Wipe New Tires

AS SEEN ON TV! A tire dressing that protects 6 months with one application! No greasy residue, overspray or sling! Protects for over 100 car washes.

Totes 8 Piece Micro Fiber Auto Detailing Kit

Eight piece auto detailing kit features soft micro fiber material and includes: a cleaning sponge, a wash mot, 3 small towels that measure 16 by 11 1/4 inches, 2 applicator pads, and a large towel that measures 36 by 25 1/5 inches. 100% Polyester. Machine wash.

Reindeer Car Costume

Reindeer car costume includes 2 antlers and red nose.

Rico® Brooklyn Nets Laser Frame - Black

Rico® Brooklyn Nets Laser Frame features a chrome license plate frame with laser-cut acrylic insert showing your team. Easy to mount around just about any license.

Totes Portable Air Compressor

Pumping tires has never been so easy, with this Totes portable air compressor that features a powerful 12 volt compressor, a storage compartment for cords, and a bright LED light. Adapters are included.