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Petal Fresh Anti-Frizz Lavender Shampoo

The nourishing properties of organic lavender provide strength and moisture balance to the hair. Petal Fresh anti-frizz lavender shampoo has soothing properties help restore dry, brittle hair.The Benefits:Nourishes hair with intense moistureSoothes hair to help eliminate dryness &…

Petal Fresh Superfoods For Hair Get Drenched Shampoo

Hydration, hydration, hydration! Coconut milk, vitamin E, and almond oil combine forces to provide the ultimate dryness-fighting team. Brittle, dull hair doesnt stand a chance against the natural moisturizing properties of these thirst-quenching ingredients!

Petal Fresh Superfoods For Hair Damage Control Shampoo

Petal Fresh Superfoods For Hair damage control shampoo features kale... it's not just for eating! Combined with the restorative power of omega-3 fatty acids and the shine-enhancing protein keratin, kale extract fights off free radicals to naturally repair and strengthen damaged hair. This powerful…

Petal Fresh Volumizing Rosemary & Mint Shampoo

Petal Fresh volumizing organic rosemary utilizes essential extracts to strengthen hair and help condition scalp. Babassu oil and chamomile gently moisturize and help fine hair look fuller and healthier.The Benefits:Helps provide volume and body to the hairFor luscious, bouncy locksInfused with…

Petal Fresh Superfoods For Hair Smooth Shampoo

Petal Fresh Superfoods For Hair smooth shampoo guarantees a good hair day! The dynamic duo of Shea Butter and Argan Oil harnesses the power of antioxidants to smooth and soften. Vitamin B6 nourishes hair strands and promotes growth and renewal. All aboard the train to silky tresses!

Petal Fresh Superfoods For Hair Color Shield Shampoo

Have your color and show it off too! Antioxidant-loaded Color Shield Shampoo combines Acai Extract, Vitamin C, and Macadamia Oil to fight off free radicals and other chemicals and pollutants that strip your hair and dull your color. Acai and Vitamin C stop damage in its tracks while Macadamia Oil…

Petal Fresh Softening Rose & Honeysuckle Shampoo

Clarify and purify the hair with Petal Fresh deep cleansing properties while relaxing the mind with a subtle, fragrant bouquet of Rose and Honeysuckle extracts. Rose extract is high in vitamins, while Honeysuckle is calming and soothing. Over-styled, damaged hair is restored to its natural soft and…