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Reed & Barton® Sweet Dream™ Sleepy Moon Musical Water Globe

This Reed & Barton® Sweet Dream™ sleepy moon musical water globe features a child peacefully sleeping on a crescent moon. Waves of shooting stars fly around the silver plated base as Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star softly plays.

Reed & Barton® Specialties™ Twinkle, Twinkle Tooth Fairy Box

This Reed & Barton® Specialties™ twinkle, twinkle tooth fairy box features a gentle moon and shining stars on the silver plated circular tooth box. Perfect for keeping a little one's tooth safe and sound.

Reed & Barton® Abbey™ Cross Box
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This Reed & Barton® Abbey™ cross box features an intricate cross on its lid, encompassed by beautiful beading. Makes for a wonderful keepsake.

Reed & Barton® Abbey™ Baptismal Shell

This Reed & Barton® Abbey™ baptismal shell has tiny delicate beading around an intricate cross with gentle ridges along the shell itself. A truly awe inspiring gift.

Reed & Barton Musical Happy Birthday Water Globe

The Reed & Barton Happy Birthday water globe is from the lets celebrate collection. This fun piece showcases a fun color enameled cupcake with candles that plays the cheerful tune of Happy birthday to you. It sits on top of a base. Elegantly packaged.

Reed & Barton® Jungle Parade™ Animal Carousel

This Reed & Barton® Jungle Parade™ animal carousel features a parade of cute animals circling around a palm tree as the tune of Beautiful Dreamer plays. Makes for an amazing gift for any child.

Reed & Barton® Jungle Parade™ Water Globe
(1 review)

This Reed & Barton® Jungle Parade™ water globe features cute animals relaxing under a shady palm tree as the tune of Toy Symphony plays. The silver plated exterior showcases more animals marching along to their own beat. Makes for an amazing gift for any child.

Reed & Barton® Jungle Parade™ Turtle Tooth Fairy Box Reed & Barton® Jungle Parade™ Turtle Tooth Fairy Box

This cute Reed & Barton® Jungle Parade™ turtle tooth fairy box helps keep a childs tooth safe and sound for the arrival for the Tooth Fairy. Features a lift lid and a lovely green silver plated shell. Children will sleep soundly knowing their precious little tooth is guarded with care.

Reed & Barton® Jungle Parade™ Musical Elephant

This Reed & Barton® Jungle Parade™ musical elephant features an adorable little elephant with its trunk happily in the air as it plays Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.

Reed & Barton® Zoom Zoom™ Flying Plane Water Globe

This Reed & Barton® Zoom Zoom™ flying plane water globe features a tiny plane soaring amongst the stars and clouds. The shinning silver plated base is stamped with even more stars and clouds creating the most pleasant scene as Beautiful Dreamer lulls baby to sleep.