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Weight Watchers® Conair® Glass Lithium Scale #WW39
(21 reviews)

Extra large 1.5 LCD display. 12.2x13.5 platform. Glass/silver finish. 330-lb. capacity. Lifetime lithium battery. Limited ten-year warranty.

Vivitar® Body Pro Digital Bath Scale Vivitar® Body Pro Digital Bath Scale
More Colors Available

The Vivitar® Body Pro digital bath scale is stylish and useful. It features an instant read once you step on, 2.6 LCD readout, and a tempered glass design. This also can hold up to 400lbs.

Weight Watchers® Conair® Scale #WW11
(6 reviews)

Large, non-slip platform. 330 pound capacity. Oversized easy to read 1.3 digital display in 1/2 pound readout. Tap to turn on. 11 x 11 with handle.

Glass Lithium Bath Scale
(4 reviews)

Lithium bath scale with 400lb. weight capacity, Automatic zero reset, tempered glass, and 1.2 LED readout.

Lithium Glass Bathroom Scale #OM200
(7 reviews)

This lithium low-profile glass scale has a 400lb capacity and features a long lasting lithium battery, extra large display (2.1x3.6) and ready to weigh -no tapping- feature. Available in Black. Size 11.8x11.8.

Vivitar® Analog Bath Scale

Vivitar® analog bath scale is a great way to keep up on your weight and goals. This scale has a large easy to real dial, slip resistant rubber surface, and measures up to 300 pounds. Plastic. Dimensions: 11 x 11.

Conair® Weight Watchers® Body Analysis Glass Scale
(8 reviews)

The Weight Watchers® Body Analysis Glass Scale from Conair® measures bone mass, body water, body fat, BMI, and weight. This scale also features tempered, impact resistant safety glass, a large 1.5 inch display, a 400 lb. measuring capacity in 0.1 pound increments and 4-user memory. Lithium battery included.

Taylor Lithium Digital Scale

This Taylor lithium digital scale features state of the art technology with highly accurate strain gauge mechanisms. Features of this scale include a large, 1.5 readout, an extra long life lithium battery (included), and high capacity measurement that is accurate up to 350 lbs. in 0.2 lb measurements.

Bally Body Analysis Scale

The Bally body analysis scale is stylish and the perfect addition to any home. This measures weight, body fat, hydration levels, bone mass, muscle mass, calories, and body mass index. It also features step-on technology that provides instant readings, easy to read 4 LCD display, and high precision…

Peachtree Mechanical Scale
(2 reviews)

The traditional, mechanical design of this Peachtree scale is an excellent and reliable way to monitor your health at home. It features 1 lb graduated display of weight up to 275 lbs, a magnified viewing window, a zero adjustment dial, and displays body mass index with the use of a height select…

Love Yourself Glass Scale

Bold and stylish, the love yourself glass scale reminds you to always love yourself! This features high-precision strain gauge sensors for accurate and consistent weight measurement. Plus it has an auto on/off and low battery notification. Glass. Size: 11.89W x 10.45D.

Weight Watchers® by Conair® Body Analysis/Weight

Tracks weight change for 10 users. Recalls 5 weights for each user. Large 1.5 display. 350-lb. capacity. Displays weight in 0.2 lb. increments. Spacious 15.25 x 12.25 wide platform. Measures body fat, body water, and bone mass. Long-life lithium battery (included). Limited ten-year warranty.

Bamboo Bath Scale

Eco-friendly Bamboo wood platform bathroom scale with large back-lit easy-to-read LCD display. Ready to weigh - no tapping! Features: 330-lb. capacity - Perfect for monitoring personal weight from the comfort of your home; 0.2-lb. Readability - Uses four precision load cells for accurate and…

Bathroom Scale with Talking Feature
(1 review)

Scale has tempered glass platform (11.8x13) with large 17 display and four precision load cells. 330 lb. capacity. Ready to weigh - no tapping! Talking feature announces weight in clear English or Spanish. The talking feature can be disabled for silent operation. Requires 3 AAA batteries (included).

Lithium Glass Scale

Low profile tempered glass platform bathroom scale with extra large easy-to-read 1.3 LCD display. Ready to weigh - no tapping! Features: 330-lb. capacity - Perfect for monitoring personal weight from the comfort of your home; 0.2-lb. Readability - Uses four precision load cells for accurate and…

Sharper Image® Glass Scale
(1 review)

The Sharper Image® glass scale is bold and stylish. It is a lovely addition to any home. This scale features 4 precision sensors, tap-on/auto-off energy saving function, battery operated, and has a LCD display. Glass. Dimensions: 1.44H x 13W x 13D.

Vivitar® Marbleized Glass Scale

The Vivitar® marbleized glass scale is beautiful and regal. This adds elegance to your home with ease. This scale features instant Step-On technology, precision sensors for accurate readings, large display, 6mm tempered glass, and up to 400 pound capacity. Glass. Dimensions: 13.5 x 13.5.

Bally Lithium Glass Scale

The Bally lithium glass scale is stylish and modern. This features step-on technology that proves instant readings, easy to read 3.1 LCD display, tempered glass will hold up to 400lbs, and has high precision sensors that give precise weight. Glass. Dimensions: 13.5 x 13.5.

Omron Full Body Sensor with Scale

The Full Body Sensor body fat and composition monitor and scale is a breakthrough device to measure your body composition at home. It measures 5 fitness indicators including body fat %, BMI, weight and more! The innovative full body sensor is the only at home body composition monitor that…

Vivitar® Body Lithium Analog Scale

The Vivitar® Body Lithium analog scale is a modern styled scale that is perfect for keeping your weight in check and this also does a body analysis. This measures body fat, hydration levels, bone mass, muscle mass, calories and weight. This also features instant step-on technology, large platform…