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Boscov's Homemade Fudge 1lb.
(67 reviews)

Enjoy our homemade fudge made fresh with no preservatives. This box of fudge is perfect for gifting. Size: 1 pound.

Boscov's 2lb. Assorted Chocolates Gift Box
(34 reviews)

If you love all kinds of chocolate, the Boscov's deluxe gourmet assorted chocolates gift box is for any chocolate lover. Containing both milk and dark chocolates with assorted centers, there is something for everyone. Size: 2 pounds.

Boscov's Toad Alley Snax Moon & Stars Cookies
(2 reviews)

The Boscov's Toad Alley Snax moon & stars cookies are a fun treat for any time! Each cookie is shaped either as a crescent moon or star. Plus each shortbread cookie is coated in chocolate and sprinkled with edible pearls. Size: 20 ounce.

Boscov's Chocolate Covered Pretzels 14oz. Bag
(4 reviews)

Boscov's chocolate flavor coated pretzels. Size: 14 oz.

Boscov's Mixed Chocolate Covered Pretzels 14oz.
(1 review)

When you're looking for the perfect sweet and salty snack, look no further than the Boscov's bag of mixed chocolate covered pretzels. Features milk & white chocolate coated pretzels. Size: 14 oz.

Boscov's 1lb. Box of Deluxe Assorted Chocolates Boscov's 1lb. Box of Deluxe Assorted Chocolates
(2 reviews)

This milk and dark chocolate assortment box includes time honored classics like buttercreams, chocolate dipped nuts, toffees, chocolate covered fruit purees and decadent chocolate truffles. Size: 1 pound.

Boscov's 8oz. Honey Roasted Sesame Sticks

With the delicious flavors of roasted sesame and honey, these Boscov's 8 ounce honey roasted sesame sticks are a wonderful blend of salty and sweet, with the same crisp crunch as original sesame sticks. Take a bag with you for a not-too-sweet afternoon snack.

Boscov's 8oz. Pumpkin Seed Salted Kernels

Classic light flavor and crunchy-meets-creamy texture team up in this Boscov's 8 ounce pumpkin seed salted kernels. Lightly salted and roasted to perfection, get your bag of pumpkin seeds and let yourself enjoy them by the handful!

Boscov's 10oz. Trail Mix

When you need a little sweet treat to get through the afternoon, turn to the Boscov's 10 ounce trail mix. This snack has everything that you love, from the salty peanuts and almonds to the sweet raisins and chocolates.

Boscov's 10oz. Bag Unsalted Cashew Splits

The Boscov's 10 ounce bag unsalted cashew splits are a delicious dry roasted and lightly salted nut. A real treat with no added oils! These salted dry roasted cashews are some of the best cashews you can find anywhere.

Boscov's 8oz. Salted Sesame Sticks

The Boscov's 8 ounce salted sesame sticks are the perfect choice when you're looking for something crunchy, savory, and delicious for all-day munching. With a classic roasted sesame flavor, these are great on their own or as a crunchy addition to your favorite snack mix.

Boscov's 8oz. Sweet & Savory Party Mix

The roasted almonds and peanuts are mixed with crunchy salty pretzels, along with a delicious sweet glaze, giving this Boscov's 8 ounce sweet and savory party mix a sweet and salty taste that is unsurpassed. This will become a great snack item for your pantry.

Boscov's 10oz. Bag Pineapple Bits

The Boscov's 10 ounce bag pineapple bits are perfectly-sized for snacking or for whipping up all kinds of dishes. There is just so much you can do with these dried pineapple pieces. Include them in cookies, scones, or muffins, toss them in a fruit salad, or dip them in yogurt for a creamy treat…

Boscov's 14.6oz. Chocolate Covered Pretzels
(7 reviews)

Boscov's chocolate covered pretzels are the perfect combination of tastes featuring both milk and dark chocolate. These make a great snack anytime! Size: 14.6 oz.