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Boscov's Homemade Fudge 1lb.
(53 reviews)

Enjoy our homemade fudge made fresh with no preservatives. This box of fudge is perfect for gifting. Size: 1 pound.

Boscov's 2lb. Assorted Chocolates Gift Box
(31 reviews)

If you love all kinds of chocolate, the Boscov's deluxe gourmet assorted chocolates gift box is for any chocolate lover. Containing both milk and dark chocolates with assorted centers, there is something for everyone. Size: 2 pounds.

Boscov's 14.4oz. Chocolate Covered Pretzels
(6 reviews)

Boscov's chocolate covered pretzels are the perfect combination of tastes featuring both milk and dark chocolate. These make a great snack anytime! Size: 14.4 oz.

Godiva Candy Bars 1.5 oz.

Godiva Candy Bars. Something for everyone. And every one intensely chocolate. All with the intensity, silkiness and richness of Godiva chocolate. Treat yourself or give as a gift. Choose from Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Milk with Caramel, Milk with Almond and Dark Raspberry. Size: 1.5 oz.

Boscov's Chocolate Covered Pretzels 14oz. Bag
(3 reviews)

Boscov's chocolate flavor coated pretzels. Size: 14 oz.

Chocolate Covered Pretzels Tin

Chocolate covered pretzels tin. Size: 7oz.

Guylian Master Selections 30pc. Artisan Belgian Chocolate
(1 review)

The Guylian master selections 30 piece artisan belgian chocolate brings a premium assortment of Belgian mini pralines filled with a variety of exotic flavours and topped off with fine ingredients. Each beautiful gift box collects thirty mini pralines in 10 delectable flavours. Discover adventurous…

Boscov's Mixed Chocolate Covered Pretzels 14oz.
(1 review)

When you're looking for the perfect sweet and salty snack, look no further than the Boscov's bag of mixed chocolate covered pretzels. Features milk & white chocolate coated pretzels. Size: 14 oz.

Russell Stover 11oz. Holiday Assorted Chocolates

Give the gift of decadent chocolate this year with the Russell Stover 11 ounce Holiday assorted chocolates. This has 11 ounces of milk and dark chocolate assortments featuring nuts, caramels, chews, and smooth centers.

Plantation Candies 8oz. Clear Toy Candy

Plantation Old Fashion Clear candy toys. The sweetest, tastiest toys under the tree, clear toy candy is a clear Christmas winner! A nostalgic Christmas candy favorite that is a traditional treat for many, the subtle sweetness of sugar candy is easy to enjoy, and impossible to duplicate. It includes…

Boscov's 1lb. Box of Deluxe Assorted Chocolates Boscov's 1lb. Box of Deluxe Assorted Chocolates
(2 reviews)

This milk and dark chocolate assortment box includes time honored classics like buttercreams, chocolate dipped nuts, toffees, chocolate covered fruit purees and decadent chocolate truffles. Size: 1 pound.

Russell Stover 11oz. Milk Chocolate Pecan Delights

The Russell Stover 11 ounce pecan delights will brighten your day. Pecans and caramel covered in milk chocolate is the perfect treat for any sweet tooth. Size: 11oz.

Budweiser & Bud Light Bucket

The Budweiser and Bud Light bucket is a wonderful gift to any bud fans! This bucket is stock full of beer glasses, beer bottle openers, pretzels and potatoe chips! Perfect for under the trea!

Harry & David® 24oz. Moose Munch® Popcorn Drum

The Harry & David® 24 ounce Moose Munch® popcorn drum is packed and ready for gifting! The Moose Munch® popcorn is coated in buttery caramel, mixed with fresh nuts and drizzeled in chocolate for an scrumptious snack. This festive drum tin is filled to the brim with three exciting flavors of Moose…

Large Chocolate Platter

Give the gift of rich, sweet treats with the large chocolate platter. This platter includes milk chocolate covered raisins, rainbow non-pareils, milk chocolate covered peanuts, and dark chocolate white non pareils. Size: 1lb 7oz.

Smores Camper Gift Set

The Smores camper set is festive and jolly. This makes a great gift to anyone who loves hot chocolate or camping. The gift set incudes 2 ceramic mugs, milk chocolate bar, graham crackers, hot cocoa mix, and marshmallows.

Large Gourmet Nut Platter

Give the gift of salty and sweet treats with the large gourmet nut platter. This platter includes salted pistachios, salted peanuts, honey peanuts, and salted mixed nuts. Size: 1lb 2oz.

Harry & David® 10oz. Moose Munch® Caramel

The Harry & David® 10oz. Moose Munch® caramel is perfect for any time! The mix contains popcorn, almonds, and cashews that are covered in caramel. Size: 10 ounce.

Harry & David® Tower of Sweet Treats

The Harry & David® Tower of Sweet Treats is the perfect gift or every occasion, with exclusively designed gift boxes and a hand-tied bow. This delicious tower of treats features Moose Munch® Popcorn, and silky chocolate truffles.

Asher's Dark Chocolate Nonpareils

These delicious Asher's dark chocolate nonpareils with white sprinkles make a lovely gift or a tasty way to treat yourself. Size: 6.1 ounces.

Guylian 18pc. Seashells Luxe Cube Belgium Chocolate with Bow

The Guylian 18 piece seashells luxe cube belgium chocolate with bow makes a great gift. It is filled with 18 of our Finest Belgian Chocolates with Hazelnut Praline Filling.

Lindt Santa Sleigh

Add some holiday cheer to your home this holiday season with the Lindt Santa sleigh. This festive sleigh is filled with your favorite Lindt treats including white and milk chocolate Lindor chocolates, biscotti, ad carmel corn!

Plantation 22 oz. Chocolate Straws
(2 reviews)

The Plantation chocolate straws are a wonderful candy for your candy dish this holiday season! Each straw is brightly colored and packed with a creamy smooth chocolate. Size: 22 ounce.

Asher's Raspberry Jelly 1 lb.
(2 reviews)

Asher's ripe raspberries picked at their peak are cooked into the jell that is drenched in your choice of creamy milk or rich dark chocolate. Size: 1 pound.

Asher's Sugar Free 8oz. Assortment
(1 review)

Your tastebuds will be in for a treat when you start digging into this Asher's sugar free assortment. This assortment contains the most delectable milk and dark chocolate; you wouldn't even know it's sugar free. Size: 8 ounce.

Campbells Bowl with Spoon & Soup Gift Set

The Campbells bowl with spoon and soup gift set is a lovely gift set for any soup lover or as a get well soon gift. The set includes a soup bowl, Campbells tomato soup, spoon, and oyster crackers.

Harry & David® 26oz. Holiday Confections Gift Box

Add some sweet treats to your holiday with the Harry & David® 26 ounce Holiday Confections gift box. This gift box is full of milk chocolate moose munch, milk chocolate truffles, milk chocolate cherries, and milk chocolate malt balls. Size: 26oz.

Harry & David® 12 Days of Christmas Moose Munch® Popcorn

Celebrating the 12 days of Christmas has never been so delicious with the Harry & David® 12 days of Christmas Moose Munch® popcorn. This arrives filled with a dozen of the most popular flavors of Moose Munch® Premium Popcorn. The flavors include dark chocolate peppermint candy cane, butterscotch,…

Russell Stover 11oz. Milk Chocolates

Surprise a loved one with this Russell Stover 11 ounce milk chocolates. This 11 oz Russell Stover all milk chocolates pack features two layers of the most popular varieties from strawberry cream, raspberry caramel to chewy and crispy centers. They are suitable to enjoy on any occasion. This makes a…

Harry & David® Deluxe Berry Breakfast Box

Every treat inside of the Harry & David® deluxe berry breakfast box is filled with delicious fruit flavors! In this gourmet breakfast assortment you will find all three sizes of English muffins, plus tangy preserves. Also included is a generous sampling of bakery pastries such as fruity scones,…

Harry & David® Classic Christmas Gift Basket

The Harry & David® classic Christmas gift basket features a festive wooden crate brimming with sweet treats. This keepsake crate arrives packed with juicy Royal Riviera Pears from our orchards, along with goodies from our candy kitchen, such as irresistible milk chocolate Moose Munch Premium…

Harry & David® Merry Mix-Up Gift Box

The Harry & David® Merry Mix-up gift box set is a great gift! This set includes 6 Royal Riviera® pears (2 lbs. 11 oz.), white cheddar cheese, (4 oz.), and mixed nuts including almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, pecans, and walnuts (4 oz.). Its perfectly balanced flavors makes it a simple but elegant gift…

Harry & David® Holiday Signature Tower of Treats

The Harry & David® holiday signature tower of treats features beautiful boxes filled with delights such as Royal Riviera Pears, milk chocolate Moose Munch Premium Popcorn, as well as sweet chocolate-covered cherries and indulgent signature truffles. There are even more snacks in this delightful…

Harry & David® 8oz. Dark Chocolate Truffles

There's nothing quite like biting into the creamy center of a rich, Harry & David® 8 ounce dark chocolate truffles. Made in their Southern Oregon candy kitchen using a proprietary blend of chocolate, these exquisite treats are crafted using a recipe they've been perfecting for over 30 years. Size: 8oz.

Asher's Small Vanilla Marshmallow 1 lb.

Small vanilla marshmallows covered in your choice of milk chocolate or dark chocolate. Size: 1 pound.

Guylian Temptations Individually Wrapped Seahorse Truffles

Discover a new chocolate experience with the Guylian temptations individually wrapped seahorse truffles. Each Sea Horse chocolate has an award-winning filling that is created in-house to brighten your home. Size: 4.37oz.

Harry & David® 8oz. Milk Chocolate Truffles

The Harry & David® 8oz. milk chocolate truffles has a creamy center of a gourmet milk chocolate. Made in the Southern Oregon candy kitchen using a proprietary blend of chocolate, these exquisite treats are crafted using a recipe they've been perfecting for over 30 years. Size: 8oz.

Russell Stover 12oz. Assorted Boxed Chocolate

The Russell Stover 12 ounce assorted boxed chocolate features an assortment of your favorite chocolates. This has sweet creams, smooth caramels, nougats, and crunch nut clusters. This box has more than 15 flavors and each piece is covered in rich milk or dark chocolate. Size: 12oz.

Harry & David® 24oz. Snack Mix Collection

Whether you need salty, cheesy, or crunch; the Harry & David® 24 ounce snack mix collection has you covered. This fun collection includes a cheddar mix, sesame stix, and super part mix. Size: 24oz.

Harry & David® 10oz. Dark Chocolate Moose Munch®

The Harry & David® 10oz. dark chocolate Moose Munch® is perfect for any time! The mix contains popcorn, almonds, and cashews that are covered in caramel and dark chocolate. Size: 10 ounce

Russell Stover Milk Chocolate 12oz. Assortment Box

The Russell Stover milk chocolate 12 ounce assortment box features an assortment of your favorite chocolates. This has sweet creams, smooth caramels, nougats, and crunch nut clusters. This box has more than 15 flavors and each piece is covered in rich milk chocolate. Size: 12oz.

Big Earl Backyard Barbeque Sauce & Rib Kit

Get summer started with the Big Earl backyard barbecue sauce and rib kit. It makes a great gift to anyone who considers them a pit master even if it's just in the back yard. This kit includes Memphis BBQ sauce, Cajun BBQ sauce, Texas BBQ sauce, and a BBQ rub.

Plantation Candies 12oz. Golden Crunchies

The Plantation Candies 12 ounce golden crunchies has creamy peanut butter nestled in a crisp molasses pillow. Size: 12oz.

Lindt Cup

Bold and festive; the Lindt cup makes a cheerful gift to anyone who loves white chocolate. This festive mug is perfect for your favorite tea or hot choolate, and it is filled with your favorite white chocolate treats from Lindt.

Harry & David® Sweet and Salty Gift Box

This Harry & David® Sweet and Salty Gift Box is a care package filled with a heavenly selection of premium gourmet treats. Carefully hand-packed with sweet and savory delights, this gift box features sweet raspberry galettes, classic caramel Moose Munch® Gourmet Popcorn, peanut butter pretzels,…

Harry & David® Deluxe Meat and Cheese Gift Box

Designed for the meat and cheese aficionado, the Harry & David® deluxe meat and cheese gift box is rich with savory delights. Featuring three varieties of jack cheese, two kinds of sausage, and our zesty honey hot mustard, this gift offers all you need to create fabulous appetizers. This meat and…

Harry & David® Holiday House of Sweet Treats

The Harry & David® deluxe holiday house of sweet treats features a whimsical box filled with crunchy Moose Munch Premium Popcorn, milk chocolate truffles from our candy kitchen, along with buttery citrus shortbread cookies. These treats are just the start of a fabulous array of sweet delights that…

Guylian Snowman Individually Wrapped Seahorse Truffles

The Guylian snowman shaped box contains individually wrapped seahorse truffles and features an assortment of six of our most popular flavors. Includes Crunchy Biscuit, Dark Praline, Caramel, Latte Macchiato, Milk Truffle and Original Praline. Size: 4.76oz.

Harry & David’s Candy and Chocolate Baskets

Looking for the perfect gift to get your loved ones with a sweet tooth this holiday season? Well, look no further than Boscov’s online candy and chocolate department! Our wide selection of Harry & David’s candy, chocolate, and treats will make the perfect gift for any occasion. Order online or, purchase in store today!

Types of Candy and Chocolate Packages We Offer

We offer a variety of Harry & David’s candy, chocolate, and other treats packages to match any preference. Spread joy this holiday season through sweets with our amazing selection that includes:

Find The Perfect Harry & David’s Candy & Chocolate Baskets This Holiday Season!

Our large selection will make the perfect and sweetest gift for the holiday season. Whether it’s for Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or Valentines Day, these will make the best gift.
Need assistance finding the perfect candy and chocolate baskets? Contact us today and a member of our team will be with you shortly.