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Lenox® 2018 Holiday Snowman Christmas Gifts

Bring home this adorable Lenox® 2018 holiday snowman Christmas gifts this holiday season. This festive snowman is ready for the holidays with a snappy outfit and presents in both arms. Porcelain. Size: 6.3.

Lemax New Majestic Christmas Tree

Bold and bright, the Lemax new majestic christmas tree lights up with either flashing lights or steady lights. Plastic. Dimensions: 13.27H x 6.30W x 6.06D.

Lemax Mrs. Claus Kitchen

The Lemax Mrs. Claus kitchen is known for all the scrumptious treats! This features elves that move in and out of the building, the elf moves backward and forwards pulling bread out of the oven, cakes and cookies rotate in the window displays, and gingerbread figures on top sways to the music.…

Lemax Village Skating Pond
(1 review)

The Lemax Village Skating Pond shows everyone enjoying the cold weather and spending time at the skate rink. Eight merry skaters glide across ice surface to the sound of music. Resin. Size: 3.6 X 2.8 X 1.

Lemax Cozy Christmas Eve Lemax Cozy Christmas Eve

The Lemax cozy Christmas Eve shows how sweet and cozy a night at home during the holidays can be. The house is covered with snow and decorated completely for the upcoming holidays. The windows light up to create a soft glow. Resin. Dimensions: 6.3H x 6.93W x 5.31D.

Lemax Cocoa Cups
(1 review)

The Lemax Cocoa Cups brings the joy of a carnival and the holidays season and merge it into one! The tea cups spin on the revolving floor, the sign board lights up, and the lights around the base flash on and off. Porcelain/Resin blend. Lights up and makes sounds. Size: 11.4 x 6 x 11.

Lemax Holiday Open House Lemax Holiday Open House

The Lemax holiday open house is the perfect place to enjoy the holidays. Everyone in the neighborhood comes to sing carols, eat cookies, and make merriment. Resin. Lights up. Dimensions: 6.14H x 6.38W x 4.96D.

Lemax High Rock Lake Trailer Lemax High Rock Lake Trailer

The Lemax high rock lake trailer is perfect for anyone who loves camping! And the holidays are everywhere even if you are away from everything while camping! The windows light up to create a soft glow. Resin. Dimensions: 4.05H x 6.97W x 4.96D.

Lemax North Pole Railway

The Lemax North Pole railway brings the beauty of the season to your home. As the train rolls on the tracks, the Christmas tree in the Snow Globe car rotates. Resin. Size: 5.94H x 44.49W x 26.18D.

Lemax The Grand Carousel

The Lemax the grand carousel is regal and bold. It features lights, sound, and motion. As the carousel revolves the horses rise and fall. This also features volume control and power switch for all functions. Dimensions: 9.49H x 9.84W x 9.84D.

Lemax The Sky Swing

The Lemax the sky swing is bold and bright. The riders swing around and the lights on the edge/roof of the swing and on the platform flash on and off. Resin. Dimensions: 10.63H x 8.66W x 10.16D.

Lemax River Moor's Christmas Street Festival

The Lemax river moor's christmas street festival features lighted building facades make a delightful addition to any room in your home. Each building facade includes interior lighting, decorative exterior lights, and three dimensional window scenes. Our Essex Street building facades can be…

Lemax East Junction Station Lemax East Junction Station

The Lemax East Junction Station adds color and style to your little town. This features a ticket booth and eager travelers. Resin. Lights up. Dimensions: 7.28H x 9.17W x 5.63D.

Lemax Set of 3 Snow Display Platform

Lemax set of 3 snow display platform. Resin. Dimensions: 2H x 13.75W x 35D.

Lemax Santa Seesaws

The Lemax Santa Seesaws showcases that even Santa can have fun while he is delivering gifts to all the good boys and girls. Santa and the kids sitting on the seesaw move up and down. Resin. Size: 6.6 x 3.8 x 4.

Lenox® Holiday Lit Tree Figurine
(10 reviews)

Lenox® holiday lit tree figurine makes a lovely centerpiece for any holiday decor. This actually lights up and makes a statement in any decor or as a table decor. Hand-painted porcelain. Dimensions: 11.5H.

Lemax Reindeer Hot Air Balloon

You can take in the sites of the town with the Lemax reindeer hot air balloon. Battery operated. Dimensions: 14.95H x 8.46W x 4.72D.

Department 56 Sightseeing Snowbabies

The Department 56 sightseeing snowbabies is ready to take a trip! A hand-knit cap keeps Snowbaby warm as she captures the sights on her vacation. The tourists luggage is marked with flags and tags from her many trips around the world. Frequent travelers will love this. Hand painted. Porcelain.…

Lemax Christmas Candy Works
(1 review)

The Lemax Christmas Candy Works is bright and cheerful. This has spinning lollipops and mint candies on both side of the rooftop, gingerbread figures on the balcony sway to the music, and gummy bears and candies revolve around the first and second levels of the factory. Porcelain/Resin blend.…

Annalee 6in. Wanna Be A Christmas Tree

This Annalee 6 inch wanna be a christmas tree brings the style and colors of the holidays to any home decor. This amber mouse is dressed like a Christmas tree. The main body of the tree is tapered just like a normal tree would be. A strand of decorative Christmas bulbs is wrapped around the body of…

Jim Shore Nutcracker Minnie

Who would be better to play the Sugar Plum Fairy than the Jim Shore nutcracker Minnie? She is hand-painted in sweet candy colors, the handcrafted ballerina design features whimsical folk art details and a traditional nutcracker mechanism. Resin. Size: 7H.

Lemax Ye Olde Cobblestone Road

The Lemax ye olde cobblestone road features lighted building facades make a delightful addition to any room in your home. Each building facade includes interior lighting, decorative exterior lights, and three dimensional window scenes. Our Essex Street building facades can be displayed individually…

Lemax Set of 2 Under The Mistletoe

Who else would you want to see under the mistletoe than Santa and Mrs. Clause in the Lemax set of 2 under the mistletoe. Santa knows how to keep the spark alive with his sweetie. Resin. Dimensions: 2.72H x 2.56W X 1.38D.

Lemax Large Blue Spruce Tree

The Lemax Large Blue Spruce Tree makes your town feel wintery and festive. The tree is softly dusted with snow to add dimension to your town. Size: 11.8 x 3 x 5.9.

Lemax Countdown Clock Tower Lemax Countdown Clock Tower Lemax Countdown Clock Tower

The Lemax countdown clock tower is the perfect centerpiece to any town! Who else loves counting down to Christmas? Resin. Dimensions: 10.74H x 5.5W x 4.8D.

Department 56 Brookshire Cottage

The Department 56 brookshire cottage is a quaint little cottage that features shutters, window box, and thatched roof trimmed with garland. The adorable couple in front of the house is welcoming a new puppy for the holidays! Ceramic. Size: 5.25H.

Lemax Snowflake Bundt Cakes Lemax Snowflake Bundt Cakes

Who doesn't love the scrumptious cakes, cookies, and pies that are made in the Lemax snowflake bundt cakes establishment? This features light up windows that make the yummy cakes and pies even more inviting. Resin. Dimensions: 6.89H x 5.83W x 5.31D.

Lemax Multi Light Evergreen Tree

The Lemax Multi Light Evergreen Tree will make any part of your holiday town cheerful. This features colorful lights and a light up star. Size: 2.8 x 7.1 x 2.

Department 56 Snow Village North Pole Candy Striper

The Department 56 Snow Village North Pole candy striper is where all the candy cane stripes are made; in case you ever wondered! this whimsical factory at the North Pole reveals the trade secrets. The tiny stool in front offers industrious elves the chance to add creative stripes to a freshly made…

Pavilion Friends Forever Figurine

The Pavilion friends forever figurine is a lovely addition to any pet lovers home or as a gift. This snowman is ready to celebrate the holidays with his best friend with a new bone. The words Friends Forever decorates the snowman. Resin. Size: 4.5H.

Department 56 Baby's Got New Clothes Snowbaby

The Department 56 baby's got new clothes snowbaby shows this Snowbaby's new outfit. She will be the center of attention at the Christmas party. Hand painted. Porcelain. Size: 4.2H.

Lemax Sally's Salt Water Taffy Lemax Sally's Salt Water Taffy

The Lemax Sally's salt water taffy makes a sweet addition to any town. This taffy stand is in a group of yummy stands. Who doesn't like stopping for salt water taffy and trying some samples? Rein. Dimensions: 7.32H x 7.05W x 4.69D.

Lemax Small Blue Spruce Tree
(1 review)

Lemax small blue spruce tree has snow covered branches.

Lemax Firework Soundbox

Lemax firework soundbox. Battery operated. Dimensions: 1.46H x 4.92W x 2.2D.

Lemax Large Multi Light Evergreen Tree

The Lemax Large Multi Light Evergreen Tree will make any part of your holiday town cheerful. This features colorful lights and a light up star. Size: 4.1 x 10 x 4.1.

Department 56 Possible Dreams Wastin' Away Again

The Department 56 Possible Dreams Wastin' Away Again shows that Santa's vacation is in full swing. A small tropical oasis plays music to the tune of Margaritaville while Santa and his parrot contemplate their newfound shaker of salt! Ceramic. Battery operated. Size: 12H.

Department 56 Jim Shore Santa

The Department 56 Jim Shore Santa is known for his intricate and stunning wood carvings of our favorite characters! This one of Santa is absolutely breathtaking! From the wonderful curls in his beard, to the detailing along the line of his coat, there's so much to see. Santa holds a bag of toys and…

Byers' Choice Snow Tree - 12 In.

The Snow Tree is the perfect addition to your winter Caroler displays. Size 12 inches tall.

Department 56 Possible Dreams Santa Chocolatier Figurine

The Department 56 possible dreams Santa chocolatier figurine brings a sweet and bright Santa to your holiday decor. Who doesn't want to try one of Santa's chocolates? Resin. Size: 12H.

Department 56 Snow Village The Griswald Holiday House

The Department 56 Snow Village the Griswald holiday house is the house in that classic holiday movie. It features over 60 LED lights that create the beautiful light effect. This has so many details it almost identical to the real house! A switch on the back allows the exterior lights to be on, off,…

Lenox® Holiday Floral & Pearl Angel Figurine

Beautiful and detailed, the Lenox® holiday floral and pearl angel figurine adds style to any home. This makes a lovely centerpiece to your holiday decor and bring the serenity of the season. This is crafted of gold accented ivory porcelain and accented with faux pearls. Lights up. Dimensions: 10.5H.

Jim Shore Christmas Pageant Figurine

The characters from Peanuts help set the state in this Jim Shore Christmas Pageant figurine. Charlie Brown is Joseph, Lucy as Mary, Sally as the angel, Snoopy as the shepherd, and Woodstock as the baby Jesus. Hand painted. Stone resin. Size: 7.5H x 5.5W.

Department 56 One Horse Open Sleigh

The Department 56 one horse open sleigh is the perfect addition to any holiday decor. Santa and Mrs. Clause are ready to get the deliveries done on Christmas Eve. Size: 11H.

Lemax Seaside Christmas

The Lemax Seaside Christmas is bright and cheerful. They are welcoming the cold weather and holidays. The whole town lights up and becomes welcoming. Resin. Lights up. Size: 10 x 10.8 x 4.

Lemax North Pole Observatory
(1 review)

Santa keeps an eye on all the boys and girls with the Lemax North Pole Observatory. The dome rotates 360 degrees and the elves move in and out of the second level. Resin. Lights up and makes sound. Size: 5.5 X 8.5.

Jim Shore Christmas Time Story Jim Shore Christmas Time Story

The Jim Shore Christmas time story Charlie Brown and the whole Peanuts gang welcome Christmas with a classic night of caroling. This handcrafted storybook scene is meticulously sculpted from stone resin and hand-painted with colorful folk art motifs for a festive finish. Resin. Size: 7.5H.

Department 56 Snow Village The Toy Shop 5pc. Set

The Department 56 Snow Village the toy shop 5 piece set showcases the theme of the neighborhood The Toy House. It is over the top decorations, inspires visitors to leave a gift for the local toy drive. Tinsel garland, shiny balls, and over-sized yard decor complete the house. Lights up. Porcelain.…

Department 56 St. Nicholas Chapel

The Department 56 St. Nicholas chapel features beautiful stained glass looking windows, designed in a poinsettia theme are the highlight of this beautiful new church at North Pole. Before taking a well-deserved break, Santa, Mrs. Claus, and all the elves attend Christmas day service. Ceramic. Size: 8.25H.