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Westclox Tech AM/FM Alarm Clock Radio
(2 reviews)

This plasma design clock radio. Large 1.8-inch LED display. Sleep to music. Wake to buzzer or radio. Repeat 9-minute snooze. Features audio input for digital music players.

SXE LED Clock Radio with USB

The SXE LED clock radio with USB is a classic clock that has been upgraded for your convenience. This features the option for dual alarms, AM/FM digital radio with memory for 20 presets, sleep & wake to radio, and a battery backup option. This also features a USB charging port for your portable…

Rhythm Concerto Entertainer Ii Clock
(1 review)

The Rhythm Concerto Entertainer Ii clock is a beautiful addition to your home. The figures on the pendulum sings to one of the 30 melodies while the wheel at the bottom rotates. The LED lights are synchronized to the music. Dimensions: 19H. x 11.75W x 4D.

Westclox Baby Ben Classic Clock

The Westclox Baby Ben classic clock is perfect for any bedroom. The alarm clock features a loud bell alarm, metal bezel, base and hands, and has quartz accuracy. Plus this is battery operated so you don't have to worry about if the power goes out! Size: 4 x 3.5.

Westclox Large Display Alarm Clock
(3 reviews)

Large display alarm clock. Digits are full 2 tall. Clock dimensions: 3.5H x 6.5L. 9 min. snooze. 9V battery backup (battery not included).

Westclox Digital LCD Alarm Clock
(3 reviews)

Westclox digital LCD alarm clock with large 1 LCD display, ultra bright blue backlight on demand, and an ascending alarm with snooze.

Westclox Bluetooth Clock Radio

The Westclox bluetooth clock radio makes sure you wake up on time! You can wake up to your favorite radio station or stream music from any Bluetooth device. This features a larger sized LED display and is easy to read in the dark. Dimensions: 5.75W x 6D x 2H in.

Rope Trim Wall Clock

The rope trim wall clock adds a nautical style and theme to any decor. This is perfect for any home that loves the beach. Plus this is perfect for a backyard oasis or home bar. Jute. Size: 12.

iPlush Scenery Motion Lamp with LED Clock

The iPlush scenery motion lamp with LED clock features the option for the lamp, clock and motion scenery to work simultaneously or individually. This is easy to install as a wall mount or a desk base. Materials: Plastic. Dimensions: 10.25H x 16.5W x 3D.

Rhythm Joyful Nostalgia Oak Clock

The Rhythm Joyful Nostalgia oak clock brings a beauty to your home that is undeniable joyful! This clock plays Hymns while the golden face opens into three sections. It features 18 different melodies. Every hour a beautiful melody plays as the clock dial separates to reveal a wheel beneath with…

Westclox Woodgrain Classic Wall Clock 73004P
(1 review)

Woodgrain classic clock with gold bezel. Size 15.5-inches.

Westclox Digital LCD Display Clock
(1 review)

Perfect for home or travel use, this Westclox digital LCD display clock features an easy to read display of time (as well as month, date, and day), slim, folding travel case, blue backlight on-demand, and snooze function. Includes one CR2032 battery. Size: 3 inches (open)

Rhythm Precious Angels Wall Clock
(2 reviews)

The serene, heavenly theme to this clock gives this model its name...Precious Angels. Encased in a beautiful wooden frame, the clock has a crystal pendulum accented by 2 angelic figures. The clock plays 18 melodies, 6 being Hymns. A 'precious' clock that you will surely cherish. Clock is battery…

Westclox LCD Super Loud Alarm Clock
(1 review)

Wake up easy with the Westclox LCD super loud alarm clock. The super-loud alarm will be sure to make you not miss your alarm. Plus the 6 in. display makes it easy to read the time, even in the dark.

Rhythm Joyful Snowflake Wall Clock
(2 reviews)

The Rhythm joyful snowflake wall clock is a beautiful addition to your home this winter season. The golden bells on top add a beautiful touch as does the crystal pendulum. This also playes differnet songs such as: Amazing Grace, In The Garden, Jesus Loves Me, Canon, Dance of the Blessed Spirits,…

Westclox Folding Travel Alarm Clock

This Westclox folding travel alarm clock is perfect for when you're on the go. This features a simple and easy to read analog clock with glowing hands. This also features a travel case, and ascending alarm. Battery operated. Plastic. Size: 2.5 x 4 x 3.

Westclox Simplicity Round Wall Clock

Because sometimes you just want something simple, this basic Westclox hanging wall clock features black numbers with a black dial on a white face to make reading time easy. Diameter is 8.5 inches. Requires one AA battery (not included)

Westclox Digital LED Alarm Clock
(1 review)

This handy Westclox Digital LED Alarm Clock is pre-programmed with the correct time & date and will set itself instantly when you plug it in! This clock also adjusts automatically for daylight savings time and features a 9 minute snooze function. Requires one 9 Volt battery (not included) for…

Conair® Soothing Sounds Clock Radio
(3 reviews)

The Conair Sound Therapy and Relaxation Clock Radio features ten sounds, including soothing sounds designed especially for infants. Additional features include AM/FM radio, dual alarm, snooze button, timer, and AC adapter or battery option.

Westclox 0.9in. LED Alarm Clock with USB

The Westclox LED alarm clock with USB is the perfect clock for any bedroom. It features a digital LED display and a USB charging port, so you can have your phone nearby! Snooze feature. Plastic. Dimensions: 5.4W x 3.5D x 4.75H in.

Patton 12in. Antique Butterfly Wall Clock
(1 review)

This beautiful 12-inch Butterfly Clock from Patton will bring a lovely accent to any room in which it is placed.

SXE Sunrise Alarm Clock with Nightlight

Wake up for the day with the soft glow of a sunrise with the SXE sunrise alarm clock with nightlight. Slowly awaken with gradually increasing intensity light. Take advantage of the USB connection to charge other devices. Also functions as night light.

Westclox Retro Classic Alarm Clock

Retro classic chrome trim alarm clock. Size: 5-inch.

Westclox LCD Alarm Clock
(1 review)

Features a large, easy-to-read LCD display, with a backlight that automatically turns on in the dark! No more groping for buttons or knocking the clock over while trying to see what time it is! Constant Alarm Time and Date display, and of course, snooze. Battery operated, uses 3 AAA batteries, not…

Westclox LCD Wall Clock

The Westclox LCD wall clock makes sure you stay on time! It features an easy to read LCD digital display and features the month, day, and temperature. Plastic. Dimensions: 9W x 1.5D x 7H in.

Seiko Marion Carriage Mantel Clock

This Seiko Marion Carriage Chime Mantel Clock features a dark brown solid oak case, metal accents, glass crystal, pendulum, ornamental dial, Westminster/Whittington quarter-hour chime, hourly strikes, and a nighttime chime silencer.

Wall Clock with Roman Numerals

Are you looking for a classic, stately clock to add statement to your decor; well this Westclox Wall clock with roman numerals is the perfect choice! This clock has a rich presence in any decor. The marbled case has raised details to add depth, an elegant distressed cream dial and Roman numerals.

Bulova Cranbrook Wall Clock
(1 review)

Solid wood and wood veneer case, Old World walnut finish. Decorative carved accents. Metal dial. Westminster melody on the hour. H: 19 W: 9 D: 3.75

Westclox Quartz Loud Bell Alarm Clock
(2 reviews)

a loud bell alarm, quartz accuracy, snooze feature, light on demand, and luminous hands. Battery operated (batteries not included).

Westclox 8.5'' Round Wall Clock Westclox 8.5'' Round Wall Clock
(2 reviews)

8.5 Round wall clock. Clock has a plastic case with a white face, black numerals and black hands. Requires one AA size battery (not included). Available in Green, Burgundy.

Westclox Quartz Alarm Clock Metal Case

This 1952 Big Ben classic alarm clock features a metal case with brushed nickel finish, classic Big Ben dial, alarm, and glass lens.

Rhythm Joyful Crystal Bells Clock

The Rhythm joyful crystal bells clock is stylish and classic. It plays 12 melodies; one every hour from two different melody selections. The selections include Group 1: 1) Amazing Grace; 2) In The Garden; 3) Ave Maria; 4) How Great Thou Art; 5) Jesus Loves Me; 6) What A Friend We Have In Jesus…

Westclox Simplicity Round Wall Clock - Black
(2 reviews)

Westclox simplicity round wall clock with a metallic painted bezel, glass lens, and a classic dial.

Stratton Home Decor Allie Table Clock Stratton Home Decor Allie Table Clock Stratton Home Decor Allie Table Clock Stratton Home Decor Allie Table Clock

This Stratton Home Decor Allie table clock is a great piece to dress up your dresser, mantel, or desk! It is handcrafted in a white distressed metal with a metal oval frame that surrounds Roman numerals.

Bulova Whittingham Decorative Wall Clock

This Bulova Whittingham decorative wall clock features an animated antique dial with a fruit style pattern and gun metal clock hands. To clean wipe with a clean cloth. This piece is laminated. Dimensions: 18H x 1.5W.

Westclox 1950's Retro Wall Clock
(2 reviews)

1950's Retro 9.5 inch round Quartz wall clock. Requires 2 AA batteries, not included.

Westclox Filagree Clock

You will always be on time with the Westclox filagree clock. This features a wrought iron look and a convex glass lense. the details add style and sophistication to any room. This has large black numbers with an hour and minute hand. Metal. Size: 12 Round.

Westclox 12 Inch Love Laugh Wall Clock

Round wall clock with inspirational wording. Size: 12 inches.

Westclox 12in. Indoor & Outdoor Clock

Make a statement with this Westclox 12 inch indoor and outdoor clock. The weather-resistant design makes it great for gardens, outdoor patios, and more. This features a thermometer and humidity gauges.

Citizen® Gallery Blue Angels Indoor/Outdoor Wall Clock Citizen® Gallery Blue Angels Indoor/Outdoor Wall Clock

This Citizen® gallery Blue Angels indoor/outdoor iconic wall clock features a blue and yellow accented dial. It has a working hygrometer and thermometer, with luminescent dial accents and a sweep second hand. Dimensions: 13.78H x 13.78W x 2.17D.

Bulova Chadbourne Mantle Clock

This Bulova Chadbourne mantle clock comes in a stunning solid hardwood and wood veneer case with an old world brass finish. It features a diamond cut metal bezel, a two-tone metal dial, and raised numerals with a harmonic 2 triple-chime movement that plays the choice of Westminster, Ave Maria, or…

Westclox 18in. Kaleidoscope Wall Clock

This wall clock features beautiful separate number framed colored panels and glass lens.

Citizen® Deck Clock

This Citizen® deck clock will be the perfect touch for any space in your home or workspace! It is a beige genuine leather clock with circular rose gold tone frame and hour markers with a custom engravable plaque and mirror. The clock can also be used as a phone stand to charge phone (USB cable not…

Westclox Live Love Laugh Wall Clock

Add some style to your home with this Westclox Live love laugh wall clock. Live, Love, Laugh is the inspirational message called out on a classic frame. Anyone looking at the clock will be sure to have an upbeat mood!

Stratton Home Décor Antique Black Oval Wall Clock Stratton Home Décor Antique Black Oval Wall Clock Stratton Home Décor Antique Black Oval Wall Clock

This simple elegant Stratton Home Decor Antique Black Oval wall clock features a metal base with a silver face with vintage paper. The center clock measures 7.5 x 6 and the design features vintage roman numerals and accents for an elegant look. You can place it in any room for instant personality…

Patton Rustic Clock

Add an element of classic beauty anywhere with this Patton Rustic Clock. Size: 10 x 12.

National Tree 34in. Christmas Countdown Digital Clock

This National Tree 34 inch Christmas Countdown Clock features Santa standing on one side of the clock wall with a snow sprinkled evergreen tree on the other while. LED light accents shine throughout, while this piece also plays holiday music. A timer is included to operate the light and music functions.

SXE Blue LED Alarm Clock

The SXE Blue LED alarm clock with 2 USB cables is a great addition to any bedroom. This alarm clock features a 1 digital LED blue display, ascending alarm, and a 9 minute snooze. This also features a fast-charge USB port. Plastic. Size: 1 inch.


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