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Lenox® 2018 Holiday Snowman Christmas Gifts
(1 review)

Bring home this adorable Lenox® 2018 holiday snowman Christmas gifts this holiday season. This festive snowman is ready for the holidays with a snappy outfit and presents in both arms. Porcelain. Size: 6.3.

Lemax Mrs. Claus Kitchen
(2 reviews)

The Lemax Mrs. Claus kitchen is known for all the scrumptious treats! This features elves that move in and out of the building, the elf moves backward and forwards pulling bread out of the oven, cakes and cookies rotate in the window displays, and gingerbread figures on top sways to the music.…

Lemax Village Collection A Christmas Carol Play

This porcelain Lemax Village Collection A Christmas Carol Play features a portion of a Victorian village that has audiences moving in and out as the carolers stand at the front and pivot left and right. The lights, sound of caroling, and continuous motion bring this display to life, making it the…

Lemax The Grand Carousel

The Lemax the grand carousel is regal and bold. It features lights, sound, and motion. As the carousel revolves the horses rise and fall. This also features volume control and power switch for all functions. Dimensions: 9.49H x 9.84W x 9.84D.

Lemax Multi Light Evergreen Tree

The Lemax Multi Light Evergreen Tree will make any part of your holiday town cheerful. This features colorful lights and a light up star. Size: 2.8 x 7.1 x 2.

Lemax Countdown Clock Tower Lemax Countdown Clock Tower Lemax Countdown Clock Tower

The Lemax countdown clock tower is the perfect centerpiece to any town! Who else loves counting down to Christmas? Resin. Dimensions: 10.74H x 5.5W x 4.8D.

Lemax The Sky Swing

The Lemax the sky swing is bold and bright. The riders swing around and the lights on the edge/roof of the swing and on the platform flash on and off. Resin. Dimensions: 10.63H x 8.66W x 10.16D.

Lemax Vintage Grind Coffee
(3 reviews)

The Lemax Vintage Grind Coffee is the perfect addition to any coffee lovers town. This has trays of coffee bean on the conveyor belt move, gears in front revolve, and bags of coffee beans move in and out of the factory. Porcelain/Resin blend. Lights up and makes sounds. Size: 9.3 x 9.6 x 7.

Jim Shore Golden Garland Snowman

Festive with a touch of timeless elegance, the Jim Shore golden garland snowman. features intricate floral designs and burnished metallic detail. Wearing a holly-adorned top hat and winter scarf, he holds a cheerful cardinal friend. Resin. Size: 9.5.

Lemax New Hope Parish Church Lemax New Hope Parish Church

The Lemax New Hope Parish church is classic and colorful. The church features stained glass windows and decorated for the season. This also features working lights that make the windows glow. Resin. Size: 7.36H x 7.36W x 4.72D.

Lemax Swing Boats

Your town will be full of fun and laughter with the Lemax Swing Boats. The kids enjoy the winter weather on swing boats as they sway back and forth. Resin. Size: 11.8 x 3 x 5.9.

Lemax North Pole Observatory
(1 review)

Santa keeps an eye on all the boys and girls with the Lemax North Pole Observatory. The dome rotates 360 degrees and the elves move in and out of the second level. Resin. Lights up and makes sound. Size: 5.5 X 8.5.

Lemax Old British Pub Lemax Old British Pub

The Lemax old British pub is a wonderful addition to your Lemax town. It features rustic building and exposed wood elements. Plus the pub is decorated for the holidays! Lights up. Resin. Dimensions:9.37H x 6.5W x 5.12D.

Willow Tree Nativity - Set of 6

As enduring as the story it portrays, the six-piece Nativity is as loved today as when it was originally introduced in 2000. Its simplicity and form has made it a timeless classic. As a Christmas gift, wedding gift or self-purchase, the Willow Tree Nativity continues on as a family tradition.…

Lemax Reindeer Hot Air Balloon

You can take in the sites of the town with the Lemax reindeer hot air balloon. Battery operated. Dimensions: 14.95H x 8.46W x 4.72D.

Spirit of the Season Angel Wreath

The Spirit of the season angel wreath is a lovely addition to any holiday decor. This angel holds a wreath and is decorated with the words May the Spirit of the Season bring you peace. Resin. Size: 4H.

Pavilion Snowman Sisters Holding Snowflake
(1 review)

The Pavilion snowman sisters holding snowflake features two adorable snowmen that are decorated with snowflakes and festive winter decor. The snowmen are holding a large snowflake that features the words Special Sisters. Resin. Dimensions: 4.5.

Pavilion Snowman with Broom Swept Away Figurine

The Pavilion snowman with broom swept away figurine is cheerful and a lovely addition to any holiday decor. The snowman is decorated with a stylish top hat and the words Swept away with the joy of Christmas. Resin. Size: 6.25.

Annalee 6in. Christmas Shopping Boy Mouse

This Annalee 6 inch Christmas shopping boy mouse has been shopping for someone special! He is festive by wearing a Santa hat, rustic yuletide shirt, black pants and a green felt scarf with patches. Hes carrying a old-fashioned brown paper shopping bag. Size: 6H.

Department 56 Jim Shore Santa

The Department 56 Jim Shore Santa is known for his intricate and stunning wood carvings of our favorite characters! This one of Santa is absolutely breathtaking! From the wonderful curls in his beard, to the detailing along the line of his coat, there's so much to see. Santa holds a bag of toys and…

Lemax 21pc. Assorted Trees

The Lemax 21 Piece Assorted trees gives you options of different sized trees to fill your town with. There is a tree that will fit perfectly in every scene. 3.4 x 8.9 x 3.

Lenox® Holiday Lit Tree Figurine
(11 reviews)

Lenox® holiday lit tree figurine makes a lovely centerpiece for any holiday decor. This actually lights up and makes a statement in any decor or as a table decor. Hand-painted porcelain. Dimensions: 11.5H.

Lemax Set of 2 Under The Mistletoe

Who else would you want to see under the mistletoe than Santa and Mrs. Clause in the Lemax set of 2 under the mistletoe. Santa knows how to keep the spark alive with his sweetie. Resin. Dimensions: 2.72H x 2.56W X 1.38D.

Lemax Stony Brook Windmill
(1 review)

The Lemax Stony Brook Windmill is bright and cheerful. The unique windmill is decorated with wreaths and holiday decorations. Porcelain. Lights up and makes sounds. Size: 22.3 x 30.

Pavilion Snowman Family Holding Poinsettia

Add some holiday cheer to your decor with the Pavilion snowman family holding poinsettia. This festive snowman is holding a bright red poinsettia and is decorated with the words Family is the heart of Christmas. Makes a great gift for any family members! Resin. Size: 6.5.

Jim Shore Christmas Pageant Figurine

The characters from Peanuts help set the state in this Jim Shore Christmas Pageant figurine. Charlie Brown is Joseph, Lucy as Mary, Sally as the angel, Snoopy as the shepherd, and Woodstock as the baby Jesus. Hand painted. Stone resin. Size: 7.5H x 5.5W.

Department 56 Snow Village The Griswald Holiday House

The Department 56 Snow Village the Griswald holiday house is the house in that classic holiday movie. It features over 60 LED lights that create the beautiful light effect. This has so many details it almost identical to the real house! A switch on the back allows the exterior lights to be on, off,…

Willow Tree Bright Star Angel Musical

The Willow Tree bright star angel musical can be for a new graduate or teacher, or a congratulatory gift to a friend or child; she can be a sparkly angel for the Nativity at Christmas time. Her star can reflect the shining personality or inner beauty of the receiver. Sentiment: Reflecting a light…

Department 56 Dash Away All

The Department 56 dash away all is the perfect depiction of Santa taking off on his yearly flight on Christmas eve. His reindeer are decorated with gold pain and glitter making them shine in the night sky. Santa is sitting inside his ornate sleigh and holding a detailed list of all the good girls…

Lemax Sledding with Santa

Even the one in charge needs some fun; and you can see that in the Lemax sledding with Santa. Santa and his top elves take to the hills on a snowy day! Resin. Dimensions: 2.36H x 1.65W x 3.07D.

Department 56 Snow Village Cousin Eddies RV

The Department 56 Snow Village cousin Eddies RV completes your Christmas Vacation scene. This is hand crafted and has a built in battery pack to illuminate the interior and strands of twinkle lights. Plus this wouldn't be Cousin Eddie's RV without some dirt and bumps! Ceramic. Dimensions: 3.54in H…

Lemax Victorian Park Gazebo Lemax Victorian Park Gazebo

The Lemax victorian park gazebo makes a lovely addition to any town. Resin. Dimensions: 6.5H x 5.71W x 5.71D.

Jim Shore White Woodland Snowman Jim Shore White Woodland Snowman
(1 review)

The Jim Shore white woodland snowman is decorated with his woodland friends and makes a wonderful centerpiece. The muted colors add style and sophistication to any decor. Resin. Hand painted. Dimensions: 17.5 H x 9.5 W x 12 L.

Lemax 6pc. Stone Wall Set

Lemax 6 Piece Stone Wall Set. Plastic. Size: 11.8 3 x 5.9.

Willow Tree The Three Wisemen for the Nativity

The Three Wisemen were created to accompany the classic six-piece Nativity. Sentiment: They followed a star and found the Light of the World. Resin, metal. Measurements: Tallest 8.5H.

Byers' Choice Boscovs Chalkboard Woman
(1 review)

The Byers' Choice Boscovs chalkboard woman is here spread the holiday cheer. She is carrying a sign that says We wish you a merry Christmas and Happy New year 2018. Size: 13.

Department 56 Chubby Chipmunk Cocoa

Why not get a hot cup of cocoa from a cute Snow baby in the Department 56 chubby chipmunk cocoa. This adds a sweet element to any holiday decor. Hand crafted. Resin. Size: 3.94H x 9.17W x 5.5D.

Willow Tree Crèche for the Nativity

While simple in architectural detail, the Creche has meaning built into its very design. The piece has a regal, stately appearance, yet is constructed from humble materials of barn wood and nails. The structures proportions also suggest the size and shape of the cross, while its rusty nails…

Jim Shore White Woodland Santa with Skates Jim Shore White Woodland Santa with Skates Jim Shore White Woodland Santa with Skates

The Jim Shore white woodland Santa with skates is ready to enjoy the winter beauty. This Santa features a scene of deer in a snow-covered forest decorating his coat. Resin. Hand painted. Dimensions: 5.5 H x 3.5 W x 3.25 L.

Lemax Set of 10 Needle Pine Trees

Lemax set of 10 needle pine trees.

Lemax Firework Soundbox

Lemax firework soundbox. Battery operated. Dimensions: 1.46H x 4.92W x 2.2D.

Lemax Set of 2 Dad's Snowman

Lemax set of 2 dad's snowman. The heart of any hometown is the villagers who live there, whether humans or animals! Each charming figurine brings a display to life, and offers endless possibilities for creating an interesting and engaging tableau. Resin. Size: 7.

Lemax Prancing Reindeer

What's more fun on a cold winter night than seeing the Lemax prancing reindeer. These reindeer are enjoying the fresh snow before the big day. Resin. Dimensions: 3.03H x 4.65W x 1.57D.

Lemax Park Bench

Lemax Park Bench. Metal. Size: 3.5 x 1.4 x 1.

Jim Shore Grinch Figure

Full of love and devotion, Max embodies the true spirit of Christmas in the Jim Shore grinch figure. This handcrafted design by Jim Shore captures the pup's winsome spirit, sculpted from stone resin and hand-painted in fine detail. Resin. Size: 4.

Lemax Multi Color Fireworks

The Lemax Multi Color Fireworks are bright and cheerful. They add color to any town. Plastic. Light up. Size: 4.9 x 11 x 1.2.

Jim Shore Musical Lighted Nativity Angel

The Jim Shore musical lighted nativity angel tells the story of the First Christmas with the artistry and attention to detail that is unmistakably Jim Shore. The Bethlehem star lights, and this heirloom holiday centerpiece plays 'Away In A Manger' at a touch. Resin. Size: 10.5.

Annalee 9in. Jingle Bell Santa

The Annalee 9 inch jingle bell Santa is dressed in traditional colors of red and green. His pants, vest and hat are done in red corduroy. His is wearing his vest over a green shirt and the vest has gold jingle bells down the front with green fabric accents for the pockets. Plus his hat is trimmed…