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Christmas Eve Fiber Optic Wall Decor
(1 review)

Add a stunning holiday look with the Christmas Eve fiber optic wall decor. The sparkling fiber optic lights gracefully brighten up a lovely winter scene creating a stunning visual effect.

Colonial Candle Sweet Pea 5oz. Jar Candle

The Colonial Candle sweet pea 5 ounce jar candle is full of the refreshing scent of sweet spring time blooms. Perfect for any room of your home.

Colonial Candle Green Tea & Ginger 5oz. Jar Candle

Rejuvenate your home with the help of the Colonial Candle green tea and ginger 5 ounce jar candle. This calming blend of green tea and ginger is great to relax after a long day.

Colonial Candle Moroccan Electric Candle Warmer

The Colonial Candle moroccan electric candle warmer is sleek and modern and makes a great addition to any decor. This warmer is perfect for melting your favorite wax melts, or can be used as a candle warmer when the warmer dish is removed from the warming plate.

Colonial Candle French Lavender 9oz. Oval Smooth Candle
(1 review)

Find yourself whisked away to fields of French lavender when you burn this Colonial Candle french lavender 9 ounce oval smooth candle. With a soft but soothing scent, you can burn this candle on a daily basis to improve your mood and freshen your home.

Colonial Candle Star Gazer 5oz. Jar Candle

Fill your home with the fragrances that refreshing summer scent of the Colonial Candle stargazer 5 ounce jar candle. With the scents of golden amber, spicy yet sweet magnolia blossoms, and the citrus notes of Argentina Lemons, this summer candle is the perfect refreshing treat!

Colonial Candle Pink Cherry Blossom 9oz. Oval Smooth Candle

An all time favorite; the Colonial Candle pink cherry blossom 9 ounce oval smooth candle fills the room with the scent of fresh raspberry and crisp apple mix with soft florals on a rich cherry wood background.

Colonial Candle Coconut Palm 16oz. Jar Candle
(1 review)

Sweet and inviting; makes the Colonial Candle Coconut Palm jar candle a wonderful addition to any home. The coconut scent makes you feel as though you are in the tropics and revitalize your mind. Size: 16 ounce.

Colonial Candle Warm Driftwood 5oz. Candle

A refreshingly clean and fresh scent; the Colonial Candle warm driftwood 5 ounce candle will awaken any part of your home. The scent contains hints of coconut and clean cotton.

Colonial Candle Almond Cookie 12oz. Candle
(1 review)

The Colonial Candle almond cookie 12 ounce candle brings the scent of warm almond cookies right out of the oven. It makes your home warm and welcoming.

Colonial Candle Dragon Fruit 8oz. Candle
(1 review)

This Colonial Candle dragon fruit 8 ounce candle is sure to be a beautiful accessory for any home.

Colonial Candle Filled Ceramic Cranberry Spice 10 oz. Candle

The Colonial Candle filled ceramic cranberry spice 10oz. candle is filled with a crisp and refreshing cranberry infused with rich, spicy notes of crushed ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg. When you burn this candle in your home, you will be whisked away to a rich and warm evening meal on a cold winters…

Colonial Candle Apothecary Coastal Blossoms 16oz. Jar Candle
(1 review)

The Colonial Candle apothecary Coastal Blossoms jar candle is a bold and bright scent. It will take your home away to a tropical paradise; the blossoms brighten any home. Size: 16 ounce.

Colonial Candle Ceramic Winter Woods Candle 10oz.

Do you love the cool and fragrant smell of a wintry pine tree? If so, this Colonial Candle Ceramic Winter Woods Candle 10oz. is just right for you. Place a few throughout your home and keep your space smelling clean and fresh. With the woods brought right into your home, you will feel like the…

Colonial Candle Coastal Blossoms 3 Wick 15oz. Candle

Colonial Candle Coastal Blossoms 3 wick candle. Size: 15 ounce.

Colonial Candle Apothecary Azure Sands Candle
(1 review)

The Colonial Candle apothecary Azure Sands candle will take you away to a tropical island. the scent of the tropics will make your home more relaxing and revitalize you. Size: 16 ounce.