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Cra-Z-Art PJ Mask 3 in 1 Easel
(1 review)

Put this Cra-Z-Art PJ Mask 3 in 1 easel in your kids' bedroom and watch them creatively express themselves through drawings and doodles. They can stick the PJ Masks magnets over their artwork to add some superhero charm to it.

Cra-Z-Art™ Disney Frozen© II Slushy Maker

Simply add ice, shave ice, and then mix with any juice for flavor with the Cra-Z-Art™ Disney Frozen(c) II slushy maker. It has two drink holder dispensers for juice so that you can choose one flavor or mix the two together!

Cra-Z-Art™ Real Ultimate Make Up Designer

The Cra-Z-Art™ real ultimate make up designer lets you create your own look and style! You can choose your own style with the style cards; you can choose natural, sporty, cute, or party glam! The set includes 21 eye shadows, 8 shimmering cheek colors, 11 lip sparkling colors, 1 mini applicator, 1…

Cra-Z-Art™ Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine

The Cra-Z-Art™ Snoopy sno-cone machine lets you make a tasty treat with ice cubes and flavor packs. It is a lot of fun for all ages 6 and up and makes it easy to cool off during the hot Summer months. This snow cone maker kit includes a padded clamp for stability, a Snoopy ice pusher, syrup bottle,…

Omni Wooden Toys 30pc. Sign Language ABC Wooden Learning Blocks

Introduce young, eager hands to the Omni Wooden Toys 30 piece sign language ABC wooden learning blocks. Learn math and ABC's, recognize objects and small animals, learn about the body parts with Cowboy Bob, and learn sign language!

Omni Wooden Toys 101pc. Wooden Blocks Set with Ball

The Omni Wooden Toys 101 piece wooden blocks set with ball is a blast! Build things and knock them down! This helps build eye/hand coordination. Compatible with other leading brands.

Cra-Z-Art™ Shimmer 'n Sparkle Make Your Own Bubble Bars Bombs

Make your own moldable soaps with the Cra-Z-Art™ Shimmer 'n Sparkle make your own bubble bars bombs. Mix and shape, create and color sudsy bath time fun!

Cra-Z-Art™ Timeless Creations Paint Pour Ocean Suns

The Cra-Z-Art™ Timeless Creations paint pour ocean suns features a painting technique that combines acrylic paint with a pouring medium to create amazing abstract art designs. Explore how the colors interact by layering and watching the paint flow.

Cra-Z-Art™ Nickelodeon Slime Wild & Wacky Kit

The Cra-Z-Art™ Nickelodeon slime wild & wacky kit brings you only the wackiest slime trends! eyeballs, rubber duckies, loom bands, and bells. Almost too wild to believe, but who says you can't put it in slime!.

Cra-Z-Art™ Nickelodeon Slime Super Shiny Kit

Mix and make super shiny slime with the Cra-Z-Art™ Nickelodeon slime super shiny kit. This incredible kit includes Super shiny colorants and sparkly glitter, use them both to make the coolest pearlescent, glossy, and holographic slime!

Cra-Z-Art™ Frozen© II Snow Globes

Make an Anna, Elsa and Olaf Glitter Globe with the Cra-Z-Art™ Frozen(c) II snow globes. Just add water to snow and watch it grow! Sprinkle glitter to see the magic come to life!

Mighty Wheels 16in. Dump Truck

Your child will love this Mighty Wheels 16 inch dump truck. With freewheeling action, heavy-duty tin metal and durable plastic parts, the moveable dump truck is more fun than ever.

Cra-Z-Art® Shimmer N Sparkle Spa Time Face Mask

Make your own spa-tacular face masks with the Cra-Z-Art® Shimmer N Sparkle spa time face mask. Just soak and sent and then place and wear! The set includes 6 printed face mask sheets, 2 bottles of scents, 1 bottle of gentle face cleanser, 1 sponge, 1 mixing spoon, 1 dropper, 1 tray, 6 bags, 1…

Cra-Z-Art™ Timeless Creations Paint Pour Rainbow Set

The Cra-Z-Art™ Timeless Creations paint pour rainbow set features a painting technique that combines acrylic paint with a pouring medium to create amazing abstract art designs. Explore how the colors interact by layering and watching the paint flow.

Cra-Z-Art™ Shimmer 'N Sparkle Sweet Lips Treats

With the Cra-Z-Art™ shimmer 'n sparkle sweet lips treats you can make lip gloss with sweet and fruity flavors. Flavors: cherry, grape, berry, and more! Ages 8 and up.

Cra-Z-Art™ Frozen© II Magical Snow Castle Play Set

Create the ultimate Frozen(c) II castle wonderland with this awesomely, magical Cra-Z-Art™ Frozen II(c) magical snow castle playset. The incredibly cool, super-absorbent powder instantly works to look like real snow! Simply add water to the powder and watch it magically grow.

Cra-Z-Art® Shimmer N Sparkle Mystical Nail & Body

Now you can create your own cool tattoo jewelry with the Cra-Z-Art® Shimmer N Sparkle mystical nail & body. This set includes 4 x 5ml polish, 3 packets x 2g sequins, 2 sheets of nail stickers (5.08cm x 7.62cm), 1 sheet of foil tattoos (10.2cm x 18.4cm), 1 sheet of foil tattoos (8.2cm x 18.4cm) and…

Cra-Z-Art Shimmer and Sparkle Texting Gloves

The Cra-Z-Art Shimmer and Sparkle Texting Gloves lets you design and knit fabulous fashions. Everything you need is included in the kit; includes loom, yarn, hook, and needle. Age: 8+

Cra-Z-Art™ Shimmer 'n Sparkle Metallic Rock Art

The New Trendy Rock Art is here with the Cra-Z-Art™ Shimmer 'n Sparkle metallic rock art. The Shimmer 'n Sparkle Metallic Mania Rock Art allows for Awesome Metallic Rock Art Creations! Design Super Swirled comes with this rock painting Kit! This Kit comes complete with 8 rocks and paint!

Cra-Z-Art™ Spiral Art

Cra-Z-Art™ spiral art set is a set with wheels and frames that together create endless spiral designs. Use the 3 gel pens to make the designs colorful.

Cra-Z-Art™ Shimmer and Sparkle Make Your Own Bath Bombs

Cra-Z-Art™ shimmer and sparkle make your own scented bath bombs have arrived! Make your own Amazing Bath Bombs! Super-Scented, Colorful fun shapes! This kit allows you to make 12 Super Cute Bath Fizzies! For Fantastic Fizzing Fun, Mix & Mold, Layer & Swirl! A total Bath Blast!

Cra-Z-Art™ Trendy Charm Bracelets
(1 review)

The Cra-Z-Art™ trendy charm bracelets allows you to make each bracelet reflect your personal style. You can mix and match charms to your personality. This includes 8 assorted metal charms, 4 assorted gem charms, 4 adjustable metal loop bracelets, 8 bead stoppers, 4 inspiration cards, and easy to…

Cra-Z-Art™ Shimmer 'n Sparkle Lite Up Fashion Design Studio

Have a fashion blast with the Cra-Z-Art™ Shimmer 'n Sparkle lite up fashion design studio. Double the designing fun; trace it, color it, light it up! Add glitter, sequins, stickers and more! Use these to create extra awesome color combinations.

Cra-Z-Art™ My Look Pixie Dust Treasure Charms

The Cra-Z-Art™ my look pixie dust treasure charms lets your child make their own jewelry to wear and share! This charm bracelet kit includes vials for glittery pixie dust, three metal bangles, a necklace chain and an assortment of sparkling charms and gems for completely personalized pieces. Your…

Cra-Z-Art 52pc. Magcreator 12 in 1 Vehicle Set

The Cra-Z-Art 52 piece magcreator 12 in 1 vehicle set is for fun and learning! Create super-cool vehicle designs with geometric-shaped magnetic pieces. Pieces magically stick together to build rescue vehicles, construction vehicles, action vehicles, and more! This awesome set includes rubber…

Cra-Z-Art 26pc. Magcreator 7 in 1 Vehicle Set

Get ready for Mega magnetic power with the Cra-Z-Art 26 piece magcreator 7 in 1 vehicle set. Imagine and create with science and math - teaches critical STEM ( Science, technology, engineering and math) skills. Design and create your own awesome car! Comes with light, rubber wheels, bumpers and more!

Cra-Z-Art 56pc. Magcreator 2 in 1 Dino Mags Set

The Cra-Z-Art 56 piece magcreator 2 in 1 dino mags set lets you build and learn with 3D magnetic construction. Build and T-Rex or Triceratops with magnetic geometric shapes and special-shaped parts that snap onto 35912 to give it a realistic look. Sets are compatible with all other magcreator…

Cra-Z-Art™ Shimmer 'n Sparkle Paint Your Own Magical Unicorn

The Cra-Z-Art™ Shimmer 'n Sparkle paint your own magical unicorn is a fun piece of art any young creator. Paint your design and ad sparkly stickers.

Cra-Z-Art™ Shimmer 'n Sparkle Glitter Dome Kit

Create your own 3D clay fun land inside a Sparklin Glitter globe with the Cra-Z-Art™ Shimmer 'n Sparkle Glitter Dome Kit. You can make 2 glitter globes! Imagine, create and display! Create your own 3D clay fun land. It allows children to express their creativity. Just squish the clay up, shape it…