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Play-Doh® Disney Frozen© II Olaf Sleigh Ride

Olaf the Snowman is ready for adventures in his sleigh! Frozen(c) II toy for kids 3 years and up has lots of fun Play-Doh activities for kids to recreate their own Disney Frozen(c) moments. Press the Olaf toy's head to grow silly Play-Doh hair for him. Attach the stampers to his hands and press his…

Play-Doh® Noodle Makin Mania Play-Doh® Noodle Makin Mania

If you love noodles, then you will love the Play-Doh® noodle makin mania. You can create oodles of noodles again and again! The interchangeable noodle discs makes it easy to change the shape of the noodle! Just press the handle to squeeze different types of pretend spaghetti, make-believe rigatoni,…

Play-Doh® Pizza Party Play-Doh® Pizza Party

It's time for a Play-Doh® pizza party! Do you like lots of toppings or just a few? You can make your favorite toppings and the silliest pizza pies you can imagine with all kinds of fun tools and squishy Play-Doh compound. Roll some imaginary pizza dough in the pan with the roller, grate a pile of…

Play-Doh® Disney Jr. Mickey Mouse Magical Playhouse Play-Doh® Disney Jr. Mickey Mouse Magical Playhouse

Come inside, it's fun inside with the Play-Doh® Disney Jr. Mickey Mouse magical playhouse. Create fun Play-Doh versions of Minnie Mouse, Donald and Daisy Duck, Goofy, and Pluto with the different stampers. Imagine the adventures they will have alongside the sculpted Mickey figure, who also stamps…

Play-Doh® Sizzlin Stovetop Activity Play-Doh® Sizzlin Stovetop Activity

The Play-Doh® sizzlin stovetop activity lets your little ones become little chefs! The stovetop even makes sizzling sounds once the skillet is placed on top. This lets your child create meals and pretend to cook. This includes: 1 stovetop, 4 stampers, 1 tongs, 1 spatula, 1 knife, 2 plates, and 5…

Play-Doh® Shape & Learn Shape A Story Play-Doh® Shape & Learn Shape A Story

The Play-Doh® Shape & Learn shape a story lets you create your own story! You can create characters and objects and place them on the playmats to play out different scenes and scenarios. Encourage early language and literacy skills with Play-Doh activities.Ages 2 and up.

Play-Doh® Kitchen Creations Spinning Treats Mixer Play-Doh® Kitchen Creations Spinning Treats Mixer

The Play-Doh® kitchen creations spinning treats mixer lets any junior baker make the most creative pretend treats ever! To start, choose a cookie or cupcake stamp attachment, add some Play-Doh compound, press the handle, and voila! The bowl spins and stamps 2 pretend cookies or cupcakes. Now it's…

Play-Doh® Super Monsters Moonlight Magic Play-Doh® Super Monsters Moonlight Magic

Its time to monster up with the Play-Doh® super monsters moonlight magic toolset. Based on Netflixs original preschool series, these fun tools inspire kids ages 3 and up to practice their magical powers of creativity with their favorite Super Monsters friends. Re-create each character's unique…

Play-Doh® Cranky The Octopus Play-Doh® Cranky The Octopus

It's time to go treasuring hunting with the Play-Doh® cranky the octopus. To get ready, just load him up with some Play-Doh compound and turn the crank to grow long, silly legs! Open the clamshell and treasure chests to reveal molds that can make pearl rings and gold doubloons. There are also lots…

Play-Doh® Shape and Style Play-Doh® Shape and Style

The Play-Doh® shape and style lets you create characters that will come to life! To start, simply download the Play-Doh Touch app, shape a Play-Doh creation and place it on the scan card, then scan it into the app with your smart device. The creation will come to life on screen ready to play!…

Play-Doh® Wavy The Whale Play-Doh® Wavy The Whale

With the Play-Doh® wavy the whale you can dive into some crazy fun! To start the fun just equip Wavy with some Play-Doh compound, press down on the tail, and see Play-Doh water rise from the whale's spout. The rail slides on top of the spout to change the shape of the pretend water as it comes out.…

Play-Doh® Kitchen Creations Frozen Treats Play-Doh® Kitchen Creations Frozen Treats

The Play-Doh® kitchen creations frozen treats lets you make the coolest treats! Make crazy ice cream cones, silly snow cones, and more with these fun tools. With 2 cookie molds and a textured roller, ice cream makers can create stacks of Play-Doh ice cream sandwiches. With a variety of ice pop…