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FAO Schwarz® Music Mat DJ Mixer

Mix your own beats with the FAO Schwarz® music mat DJ mixer. Two players mixing fun. 6 built-in music tracks - EDM, Pop, Hip Hop, Rock, and Latin. Includes percussion pads, sound effects, scratching, piano, beats, and more!

FAO Schwarz® Toy Piano Dance Mat

Learn, play, record. This FAO Schwarz® toy piano dance mat teaches you how to play five different songs with your feet. You'll be able to perform these classic tunes simply by stepping on the piano keys. You can also record your own songs with up to 38 different notes. Step on the playback button…

FAO Schwarz® Musical Bluetooth Microphone

Get into the groove with the FAO Schwarz® musical bluetooth microphone. The Vintage Microphone connects via wireless Bluetooth® technology to any of your smart devices. The built in audio speaker and special echo control is designed to enhance your vocals! Both the USB charging cable and an…