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FAO Schwarz® 75pc. Wood Castle Blocks

The FAO Schwarz® 75pc. Wood Castle Blocks lets you set your imagination free to build a magical fairy tale castle and display it on a tabletop.

FAO Schwarz® DIY Henna Kit

Discover the art of henna! This FAO Schwarz® DIY henna kit makes it easy to design your own henna body art. Use the included stencil stickers to perfect your design, color it in with the henna pens and add details like shimmers and adhesive gems. When you need to remove it, just use soap and water!…

FAO Schwarz Play Set with Carrier Race Track

The FAO Schwarz playset with carrier race track comes with 28 pieces for the ultimate customizable raceway. Boys, girls and all kids ages 3+ will have hours of fun with this complete kit. Stash away all the pieces in the speedway garage and carry it with you. When youre ready to play, open it up…

FAO Schwarz® 24pc. Spiral Art Set

Your children will enjoy endless hours of drawing and coloring fun! This FAO Schwarz® 24 piece spiral art set is designed to offer your children the chance to unleash their imagination and creativity and start discovering their talents while having fun! And the best part? It includes 53 different…

FAO Schwarz 25pc. DIY Bath Bomb

Design and craft your own bath bombs! Theres no better way to relax. The fizzy bubbles. Pleasing aroma. Fun sparkles. This kit comes with everything you need to make real, high-quality bath bombs. Plus, it even comes with gift bags, tags, and twine to make gifting your creations easy.

FAO Schwarz® Salon Set

Paint your nails and style your hair with this complete FAO Schwarz® salon set. With five different polishing pens, you can use your creativity to come up with unique and memorable looks. Want to change it up? Try out the thirty different presson nails to mix and match various designs. Carry around…

FAO Schwarz® 24pc. Magic Set

Become a master magician with this FAO Schwarz® 24 piece magic set. Perform 275+ different tricks. You can become a master magician with this ultimate magic set and create your own show.

X-Shot Fury 4 with 8 Darts

The X-Shot Fury 4 with 8 darts allows you to blast 4 darts in quick succession thanks to its rotating barrel! Hit targets from up to 27 meters / 90 feet with total accuracy! The Fury 4's barrel automatically rotates when primed, giving you the absolute best firing rate!

FAO Schwarz® 60pc. Wooden Building Set

Build with your imagination and encourage hands-on learning with the FAO Schwarz® 60 piece wooden building set. The set brings a unique take on standard building block sets and is an effective and fun way to combine education and playtime.

FAO Schwarz® Jewelry Kit with Carry Case

Create your own jewelry with the FAO Schwarz® jewelry kit with carrying case. Showcase all the amazing styles on your special FAO jewelry holder or wear them out. Features an integrated jewelry holder to display your beautiful creations. With 56 styles of beads, you are sure to get the creativity going!

FAO Schwarz® Musical Bluetooth Microphone

Get into the groove with the FAO Schwarz® musical bluetooth microphone. The Vintage Microphone connects via wireless Bluetooth® technology to any of your smart devices. The built in audio speaker and special echo control is designed to enhance your vocals! Both the USB charging cable and an…

FAO Schwarz® Music Mat DJ Mixer Mat FAO Schwarz® Music Mat DJ Mixer Mat

Mix your own beats with the FAO Schwarz® music mat DJ mixer. Two players mixing fun. 6 built-in music tracks - EDM, Pop, Hip Hop, Rock, and Latin. Includes percussion pads, sound effects, scratching, piano, beats, and more!

FAO Schwarz® Toy Piano Dance Mat

Learn, play, record. This FAO Schwarz® toy piano dance mat teaches you how to play five different songs with your feet. You'll be able to perform these classic tunes simply by stepping on the piano keys. You can also record your own songs with up to 38 different notes. Step on the playback button…

FAO Schwarz® Fashion Plates Designer

Create the next hot trend in fashion with the FAO Schwarz® Fashion Designer Activity Set. Using a sheet of paper and some pencils or crayons, you can trace new designs over the figures on the plates. Mix and match the patterns in the tablet to discover eclectic new outfits. A sleek, natural wooden…

FAO Schwarz® Gummy Maker Set

Create custom gummies in your favorite shapes and flavors with the FAO Schwarz® gummy maker set. Make gummy bears, worms, and rings. Even make a giant gummy bear! Includes 4 tray molds (bears, worms, rings), 1 jumbo bear mold, 4 interlocking trays, 1 heating base, and 2 heating pots. Gelatin pot…

FAO Schwarz® Loom Multi Craft

Weave bigger, more extravagant designs with the FAO Schwarz Deluxe Craft Weaving Loom. This genuine wood loom is easy to use and includes 3 wood shuttles and 4 bundles of colored string. Learn how to make beautiful scarves and so much more!

FAO Schwarz® Crystal Growing Kit

Grow your own unique crystals with the FAO Schwarz® Crystal Growing Kit. Create awesome shapes and then display them on cool bases. You can even make them sine with color-changing LED light!

FAO Schwarz® Cake Pop Maker

No baking required! Use the FAO Schwarz® cake pop maker with your favorite cake batter recipe for endless fun. Easy to assemble. Set includes 1 large bowl, 1 small bowl, 2 stencil trays, 1 cake pop mold, 1 measuring spoon, 8 sticks, 1 spatula, 1 cake pop maker, 4 cellophane wrappers, 4 decorative…

X-Shot Excel Double Shot Blaster with 6 Cans

The X-Shot Excel Double Shot blaster with 6 cans packs a serious punch in an easy-to-carry design. This bold dart gun is powerful enough to hit targets up to 90' away, kicks back when fired, and boasts dart storage at the bottom for quick action.

X-Shot Double Micro Blaster with Target Cans

The X-Shot Double Micro Blaster with target cans is the perfect small blaster that packs enough power to take on targets 24 meters / 80 feet away! Take on any enemies with this toy!

FAO Schwarz® Spin Art 3D LED

Use the FAO Schwarz® Spin art 3D LED to create 3D works of art! Each set includes: neon glow paints, glow in the dark cards, black cards, and 3D glasses to view your finished piece!

FAO Schwarz® 10in. Plush Puppy

What a happy pup! This FAO Schwarz® 10 inch plush puppy is perfect to add to your zoo of animals.

FAO Schwarz® 10in. Plush Beagle

Bring on the cuddles with FAO Schwarzs stuffed animal beagle plush! Enliven your childs imagination with make-believe play or create a wildlife-themed display. Children will love cuddling the beagle's soft, plush fur!The beagles super sturdy, high-quality construction was made just for children…

X-Shot Xcess Blaster with 12 Darts

The X-Shot Xcess blaster with 12 darts packs double the power with its dual-rotating barrels of 6 darts capacity each. Ran out of darts with one? Simply switch barrels and you are ready for another round!

FAO Schwarz® 10in. Plush Llama

Your little one will adore snuggling with this FAO Schwarz® 10 inch plush llama.

FAO Schwarz® 10in. Plush Puppy

This soft, cuddly FAO Schwarz® 10 inch plush puppy is what you need for cuddle time! A fan favorite, the labrador is sure to please!

X-Shot Blaster with 8 Darts

The X-Shot blaster with 8 darts uses rotating barrel technology to fire 3 darts in quick succession. The MK-3 is the ultimate blaster for attacks requiring speed and agility. A pull to prime firing mechanism blast your darts up to 80ft!

FAO Schwarz® Baby Doll with Accessories

Each doll comes dressed in adorable color-coordinated outfits in the FAO Schwarz® baby doll with accessories. Sized perfectly for young children, the doll help simulate fun and nurturing play.

FAO Schwarz® 12in. Cheetah Cub Plush

Soft and cuddly stylized FAO Schwarz® 12 inch cheetah cub plush. Stands beautifully at 12 inches tall.