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Fizz & Bubble Buttercream Large Bath Fizzy

Fizz & Bubble large fizzer buttercream bubble bath. Delightfully simple and infused with a sugary, creamy scent, our Buttercream Bath Fizzy satisfies more than just your secret sweet tooth! Let this Fizzy simmer and bubble in your tub and allow your skin to soak up this dessert-inspired burst of magic!

Fizz & Bubble Rainbow Sherbet Lip Scrub

Few things can improve a scoop of rainbow sherbet ice cream, but this dessert-tasting lip scrub does so much more than just bring those eye-popping flavors and sugary delight to your smile! Infused with several natural healing oils, Fizz & Bubble Rainbow Sherbet Lip Scrub is a must-have for more…

Fizz & Bubble Hawaii Lei Cupcake Fizzer

The Fizz & Bubble Hawaiian Lei Bath Fizzy Cupcake is your ticket to tropical sunny rays and calming waves, all in the comfort of your bath! Natural oils work to enhance and soften the skin and bring out your inner island goddess.

Fizz & Bubble Buttercream Bath Fizzy Cupcake

Fizz & Bubble cupcake buttercream, as the main flavorful stuffing and fuel for your favorite pastries, buttercream is just one of many sugary additions to the most sinful of treats. But with our Buttercream Cupcake Bath Fizzy, you can allow yourself to be swept up in those dreams of creamy, and,…

Fizz & Bubble Lavender Fields Mini Bath Fizzies

Fizz & Bubble 5 piece Mini Fizzer Lavender Fields bubble bath. These may be smaller, but these Lavender Fields Mini Bath Fizzies exude all of the benefits expected from our larger Bath Fizzies, and more.

Fizz & Bubble Birthday Cake Rich Body Cream

Fizz & Bubble rich body cream birthday cake. This bold and luscious Birthday Cake Body Cream contains all-natural healing oils and exfoliating ingredients that work perfectly with damp skin. Dont be afraid to add this extra treat to your evening, even after a deliciously fragrant Fizz & Bubble bath!

Fizz & Bubble Watermelon Lip Scrub

A burst of sunshine captured in a simple little jar, this Fizz & Bubble Watermelon Lip Scrub is a beautifying gloss that will make your lips pop with summery, fruity bliss! Boosted with essential healing oils, richly formulated and purely fun!

Fizz & Bubble Lavender Fields Bath Fizzy Milkshake

Fizz & Bubble milkshake lavender fields fizzy bubbles. There are many different ways of accumulating the lavender experience into your leisure time, but no one has done it like this! Once you remove the domed top of this Lavender Fields Bath Fizzy Milkshake, you're suddenly swept into an aromatic…

Fizz & Bubble Coconut Cream Bath Fizzy Milkshake

Fizz & Bubble Milkshake Coconut. An absolute classic amongst flavors and scents of all kinds, just mentioning the word vanilla should strike up images of visiting the ice cream truck, or inhaling from an expensive wax candle that you, unfortunately, couldn't eat, or even arguing with your siblings…

Fizz & Bubble Sandlewood Vanilla Large Bath Fizzy

Fizz & Bubble large fizzer Sandlewood Vanilla fizzy bubble bath. An amazingly simple but seductive fusion of exotic sandalwood and caramel that also has notes of vanilla, juniper, and warm vanilla. This fizzy will delight your senses and wrap you in aromatic bliss. Sit back and enjoy.

Fizz & Bubble Oatmeal Milk & Honey Bath Fizzy

Fizz & Bubble large fizzer Oatmeal Milk Honey fizzy bubble bath. Like a fresh batch of oatmeal cookies straight from the oven, this combination of scents balance out the sweet silkiness of honey and milk in a nostalgic dream. With our Oatmeal, Milk & Honey Bath Fizzy, experiencing this fresh take…

Fizz & Bubble Birthday Cake Bath Fizzy Cupcake

Fizz & Bubble cupcake birthday cake fizzy bubble bath. Everyone likes birthdays! Well, as kids we certainly did. Besides the inevitable presents and being surrounded by your adoring posse of grade-school friends, it wasn't a true party until your parents came out of the kitchen with the true reason…

Fizz & Bubble Sandalwood Vanilla Mini Bath Fizzies

Fizz & Bubble 5 piece mini fizzer sandalwood vanilla bath bubbles. Dreamy vanilla and rustic sandalwood deliver comfort in these small sandalwood vanilla mini bath fizzies! Just like their larger counterpart, these fizzies are designed to soften your skin and quell your anxieties with natural oils…

Fizz & Bubble Rainbow Sherbet Bath Fizzy Milkshake

Fizz & Bubble milkshake rainbow sherbet fizzy bubble bath. It would be a terrible crime for an ice cream parlor to not have this iconic flavor in their selection. Rainbow sherbet is an absolute classic, ranging all the way across its tangy, semi sweet flavor, and the fun, princessy shades of pink,…

Fizz & Bubble Large Cucumber Melon Fizzer

Fizz & Bubble cucumber melon scented large bath fizzer. Lean back and breathe in a scent so natural and mystifying, it will leave you spellbound in seconds. The faint scent of melon and fresh cucumbers come together in a pairing meant to make you smile and glow, while the fizzy releases the…

Fizz & Bubble Tropical Mango Mini Bath Fizzies

Fizz & Bubble 5 piece mini fizzer tropical mango bubble bath. Like dropping citrusy, summery gems in your tub, these Tropical Mango Mini Bath Fizzies are the perfect fun-sized treats for a bath paradise!

Fizz & Bubble Rainbow Sherbet Large Bath Fizzy

Fizz & Bubble large fizzer Rainbow Sherbet bubble bath. Who doesnt love ice cream? This classic Rainbow Sherbet Bath Fizzy is a blissful escape to creaminess and sugary, fruity sweetness that does wonders in softening the skin and adds some flavorful fun to your bubble bath!

Fizz & Bubble Coconut Cream Bubble Cake

Sweet, misty trails of coconut and cream bubble up into life as soon as you drop this Coconut Cream Bubble Cake into your tub! Allow yourself an escape by using this creative method to turn your normal cleansing bath into a sky-high, soothing dream.

Fizz & Bubble White Tea & Ginger Mini Bath Fizzies

Fizz & Bubble 5 pack mini fizzer white tea and ginger bubble bath. Looking to pamper yourself the right way? Well, just dropping one (or five!) of these beautifully crafted White Tea & Ginger Mini Bath Fizzies will transform your tub into a skin-healing oasis, rich with subtle hints of fierce…

Fizz & Bubble Rainbow Sherbert Bubble Bath & Body Wash

Fizz & Bubble rainbow sherbet bubble bath and body wash treats the body as a moisturizing lather and a fragrant bubble bath! Size: 16 oz.