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Gourmet Home 10pc. Glass Set with Locking Lids
(4 reviews)

The Gourmet Home glass set with locking lids is perfect for storage, leftovers, food prep, and more. Features a snap-tight plastic lid. Glass/plastic. Dishwasher and freezer safe. Microwave and oven safe without lid. The set includes 11.2oz, 13oz, 22.5oz, 28.1oz, 36.6oz containers with matching lids.

Home Basics 10pc. Stainless Steel Storage Containers
(3 reviews)

The Home Basics 10 piece stainless steel storage containers. Food storage containers help keep the content separated and fresh for longer and are a great choice when you want to take food on the go. Stainless steel. Hand wash. Size: 4 x 1.5, 4.75 x 1.5, 5.5 x 2, 6.25 x 2, and 7 x 2.4.

AS SEEN ON TV! 2-Pack Press Dome & Recipe Book

AS SEEN ON TV! 2-Pack Press Dome & Recipe Book - spill-proof and easy to transport. Want to save that perfect dinner and enjoy it for lunch tomorrow? Just pop these durable plate covers right on your food's serving dishes! BPA free. 10 diameter with a date dial. Vacuum seal bowls, plates or skillet…

Sterilite White Cake Saver with Handle
(2 reviews)

The Sterilite white cake saver with handle is a convenient way to store, transport and serve cakes and desserts. Tight clasping latches makes sure the lid stays securely attached to the base, and handle ensures easy portability. BPA-free plastic. Dishwasher safe. Holds one 12 inch cake.

Libra 18pc. Embellished Glass Storage Set

The Libra 18 piece embellished glass storage set makes putting leftovers or food stuffs away super easy! The glass is microwave and oven safe and will not warp or stain. These pieces are perfect for baking, re-heating, serving, and storing. Glass. Dishwasher safe. Set includes: one 11 cup…

Anchor Hocking 4pc. Canister Set
(1 review)

The Anchor Hocking 4 piece canister set is perfect for organizing your pantry or cupboards. The set includes stainless steel spoons for easy measuring. Ceramic. Hand wash. Size: 25oz, 33oz, 40oz, and 45oz.

Home Essentials Chalkboard Canisters -Set of 3 Home Essentials Chalkboard Canisters -Set of 3 Home Essentials Chalkboard Canisters -Set of 3
(1 review)

The Home Essentials chalkboard canisters are perfect for organizing your kitchen or pantry. This canisters are perfect for storing sugar, flour, and more! Plus the chalkboard label lets you write what is inside for easy locating! Ceramic. Hand wash. Set of 3. Sizes: 67oz, 83oz, and 125oz.

Lenox® Hollydays Snowman Cookie Jar
(1 review)

Perfect for storing holiday sweets, the Lenox® hollydays snowman cookie jar will bring a festive touch to any kitchen counter. Porcelain. Hand wash. Size: 9.

Home Essentials Set of 3 Basket Weave Embellished Canister

The Home Essentials set of 3 basket weave embellished canister are perfect for organizing your kitchen or pantry. These canisters are perfect for storing pasta, flour, coffee, sugar, and more! The classic white color and basket weave design adds sophistication to any decor. Ceramic. Hand wash.…

Lenox® Holiday Heather Carved Treat Jar
(4 reviews)

Elegant and festive, the Lenox® Holiday heather carved treat jar is perfect for storing cookies, candy, or even tiny presents. The popular Holiday dinnerware motif and elegant gold decorate this lovely jar. The carved style gives the jar an extra richness. Makes a wonderful gift. Size: 6.

Bella Locking Lid Box
(4 reviews)

Bella locking lid box is the perfect way to stay organized and keep small items out of the way. Plastic. Size: 5 quarts.

Circleware 3pc. Rooster Canister Set

The Circleware 3 piece rooster canister set is a unique piece for any kitchen. The honeycomb design within the glass features a rooster emblem in the center. The set includes three canisters with lids in these sizes: 33oz, 47oz, and 55oz. Glass. Hand wash.

Kitchen Classics 16pc. Round Food Storage with Green Lids Kitchen Classics 16pc. Round Food Storage with Green Lids

You will never run out of storage with the Kitchen Classics 16 piece round food storage with green lids. This 16pc set features green tight-sealing lids for easy storage of your favorite foods. Plus the round design is perfect for any type of storage from dry goods to soup! The set includes (1) 7…

K&K Interiors Santa Face Ceramic Cookie Jar
(1 review)

The K&K Interiors Santa face ceramic cookie jar is the perfect place to store your cookies! Just lift off Santa's hat and you have full access to all the sweets! Ceramic. Hand wash. Dimensions: 8H x 7Dia.

Rubbermaid 40pc Storage Set

Rubbermaid 40 piece storage set features a wide variety of containers and lids that are sure to come in handy! The included lids also snap to the container's bases and other lids to make them easy to find. BPA-free plastic. Freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe. Set includes (5) 0.5 Cup, (5) 1.25…

Home Essentials Fiddle & Fern 3pc. Glass Canister Set & Tray

When you want to have your herbs handy; the Home Essentials Fiddle and Fern 3 piece square glass canisters on tray help with that! These canisters are perfect for storing herbs, condiments, and more! Plus the galvanized tray keeps them organized and in place! Glass. Metal. Hand wash. Dimensions:…

KitchenAid® Set of 4 Prep Bowls - White

The KitchenAid® set of 4 prep bowls - white is perfect for prepping and storing all your ingredients before you begin cooking. This set of four prep bowls includes 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-cup sizes. Plus these bowls feature clear plastic covers to easily identify contents and are constructed of durable,…

Farberware® Set of 4 Prep Bowls

When you're ready to start cooking the Farberware® set of 4 prep bowls will come in very handy. These are perfect for holding spices, cheese, chopped veggies, and more! Plastic. Hand wash. Set includes 1 cup, 2 cup, 3 cup, and 4 cups.

1.5 Gallon Round Jar Montana Canister
(2 reviews)

The Gallon Round Jar Montana Canister s perfect for storing cookies, dry pasta, flour and more. While the vibrant silver lids fits tightly to keep items fresh it is attractive enough to leave on your counter tops, this jar is sure to be used every day. Glass. Metal. Hand wash. Capacity: 1.5 gallon.

Anchor Hocking Gallon Lidded Heritage Jar

The Anchor Hocking gallon lidded heritage jar is a great addition to any kitchen or pantry. The classic style adds a sophisctation to your home while keeping you organized. This is perfect for storing cookies, flour, sugar, or pastas! Glass. Hand wash. Size: 1 gallon.

Sedona 101oz. Lidded Canister

Sedona 101 ounce canister with lid is perfect for storing snacks, pasta, and more! Plus the clear style allows you to keep inventory of what is in your pantry. Glass. Hand wash. Size: 101oz.

Rubbermaid 24pc. Food Storage Set

The Rubbermaid 24 piece food storage set is the perfect addition to any kitchen. This features a clear base to better see contents, bases and lids nest inside each other, lids snap to bases and other lids, and one lid fits under multiple bases. This set includes two .5 cups containers, two 1.25 cup…

Snapware® Snap & Stack® Food Storage Eggtainer
(48 reviews)

Snap 'N Stack food storage eggtainer Includes: 2 Removable Egg Holders. Great for Deviled or Whole Eggs. Perfect for: Potlucks, Picnics & Parties! Dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe. BPA free polypropylene container and lid. Lifetime warranty. Dimensions: 10 inch x 6.5 inch x 5.25 inch.

Rubbermaid 20pc. Storage Set
(2 reviews)

This Rubbermaid Storage Set features a wide variety of containers and lids that are sure to come in handy! The included ids also snap to the container's bases and other lids to make them easy to find. This set includes containers in the following quantities/sizes: three 0.5 cup, three 1.25 cup, two…

Paula Deen Food Storage Canister Set - 3pc. Paula Deen Food Storage Canister Set - 3pc. Paula Deen Food Storage Canister Set - 3pc. Paula Deen Food Storage Canister Set - 3pc.

The Paula Deen food storage canister set brings a down home charm to the kitchen. This 3 piece set of food storage canisters showcases a quality steel construction to help resist dents and dings. The Garden Rooster pattern shows a proud papa rooster, mother hen, and an adorable family of baby…

Lenox® Santa Train Cookie Jar

The Lenox® santa train cookie jar brings a whimsical touch to any kitchen or counter. Porcelain. Dishwasher safe. Size: 8.3.

Home Essentials 3pc. Galvanized Canister Set

Bold and stylish, the Home Essentials 3 piece galvanized canister set make a statement in any decor setting. The galvanized steel look is perfect for any rustic style or even a modern twist. Metal. Set of 3.

Mikasa Italian Countryside Collection
(2 reviews)
Godinger Dublin Crystal Biscuit Box
(5 reviews)

The Dublin crystal biscuit barrel. Features classic dublin pineapple cuts, by Shannon Crystal, is a perfect house warming or wedding gift. It blends well with any stem pattern, especially the famous Dublin stem and barware suite. Crafted of quality crystal material. Available in Clear. Size 4.5…

Anchor Hocking 2.5 Gallon Barrel Jar with Silver Lid
(1 review)

Keep your kitchen and pantry organized with the Anchor Hocking 2.5 gallon barrel jar with silver lid. Glass. Hand wash. Size: 2.5 gallon.

Sterilite Covered 8pc. Bowl Set
(3 reviews)

There will be no end to the usefulness of this Sterilite covered 8 piece bowl set in your kitchen! This set includes 1.5 quart, 2.5 quart, 4 quart, and 5.5 quart bowls, each with its own lid. BPA-free Plastic. Dishwasher safe.

Lenox® Holiday Tree Cookie Jar

Classic and stylish, the Lenox® holiday tree cookie jar brings the beauty of the season into your home. Your family and guests will love sneaking cookies out of this festive holiday tree cookie jar. Earthenware. Hand wash. Dimensions: 11.

Home Home Essentials Snowman Canister

The Home Essentials snowman canister is a fun addition to any kitchen this winter. Keep your holiday cookies fresh and put away with this fun snowman canister. Glass. Hand wash. Size: 4.2 liter.

Home Basics Glass Cookie Jar

The Home Basics glass cookie jar with a metal top adds a dash of cafe charm to your countertops. Made with heavy duty glass and a stainless steel lid, it's perfect for storing freshly baked cookies, brownies, and other delicious snacks or desserts! The front of the base has the word cookies printed…

14pc. Rectangle Nesting Storage Set

The 14 piece rectangle nesting storage set is a perfect addition to any kitchen. Keep leftovers stored in colorful containers or these are great for packed lunches. Plastic. Hand wash.

Home Essentials Casserole Carrier - Red/White Petal

You can now take casseroles to any event and keep them warm with this Home Essentials 16 inch casserole dish carrier in red/white petals. The insulated tote is great for keeping food warm for outdoor parties or tailgating! Wipe with a damp cloth. Dimensions: 17 x 11 x 4.

Mikasa® Italian Countryside 4pc. Canister Set
(3 reviews)

Mikasa® Italian Countryside 4 piece canister set. Microwave, oven and dishwasher safe. Small Canister (15 oz.) is 5-1/2 x 4 inches, Medium Canister (30 oz.) is 7-1/2 x 5 inches, Large Canister (54 oz) is 8-1/2 x 5-1/2 inches & Extra Large Canister (80 oz) is 9-1/2 x 6-1/2 inches.

SmartPlanet Pure Bento Glass Micro Oven 2 Portion Container

Keep your meal fresh longer with the SmartPlanet Pure Bento glass micro oven 2 portion container. This features two portions for taking larger lunches or sides! Leak proof. Glass. Plastic. Dishwasher and freezer safe. Size: 52 ounces.

Rubbermaid 40pc. Food Storage Container Set with Red Lids

Rubbermaid 40 piece food storage container set with red lids. Plastic. Dishwasher safe. Set includes: 5 (0.5 Cup), 5 (1.25 Cup), 4 (2 Cup), 2 (3 Cup), 2 (5 Cup), 2 (7 Cup); Lids included.

Rubbermaid 6pc. 14 Cup Storage Set

The Rubbermaid 6 piece 14 cup storage set is perfect for organizing your kitchen and for leftovers. This set features easy find lids that snap into each other. The set includes 3 containers and 3 matching lids. Plastic. Microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe. BPA free. Size: 14 cups.

Lenox® Vintage Station Wagon Cookie Jar
(6 reviews)

Fun and stylish, the Lenox® vintage station wagon cookie jar is a wonderful addition to any holiday decor. This whimsical addition will bring smiles to any family or guest this holiday season. Porcelain. Hand wash only. Dimensions: 10.25H.

Teal Tote 4pc. Set

The teal tote 4 piece set is perfect for the holidays or parties! You can easily take a casserole or baked goods along with ease! This set includes a 9x13 inch glass dish with lid and an insulated tote with handles. Glass. Plastic. Microwave and oven safe.

Ayesha Curry 4x4 Bacon Grease Can

Make cleaning up bacon grease easy with this durable and charming Ayesha Curry 4x4 bacon grease can. It's crafted of enamel on durable steel for long lasting performance and is heat safe to 450F to resist warping and to handle burning hot bacon grease right from the pan. Hand wash. Dimensions: 4H x…

OXO Butter Dish

The ultimate Butter Dish is here, courtesy of OXO's Good Grips line. Features of this butter dish include: a clear lid that rests on the dish without sliding off, tablespoon markings that work for all 4 oz. sticks of butter, and stoppers at either end that will hold your butter in place.

SmartPlanet Pure Bento Glass Micro Salad Bowl Container

The SmartPlanet Pure Bento glass micro salad bowl container is perfect for taking a crisp fresh salad on the go! Keep your food fresh for longer! Glass. Plastic. Leak proof. Dishwasher safe. Size: 32.75 oz.

Circleware 3pc. Cafe Contemporary Canister Set

The Circleware 3 piece cafe contemporary canister set is a lovely addition to any kitchen. The set includes three canisters with lids in these sizes: 29 oz., 34 oz., and 51 oz. Copper and glass. Hand wash.

OXO POP Container - Square 4 Quart Capacity
(1 review)

Easily keep dry foods fresh and the kitchen organized with this airtight, space-efficient storage container. Offering a 4-quart capacity, it works great for a 5-pound bag of flour or sugar. The container provides a square shape for maximum space efficiency, and its corners make for convenient…

Lenox® French Perle 3pc. Canister Set
(1 review)

The Lenox® French Perle 3 piece canister set showcases a charming design with an intricate raised beading motif that looks like fine hand embroidery. Stoneware. Dishwasher safe.