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Grandkids Frame - 2x3

The Grandkids frame is a great way to share pictures of your family. The frame is decorated with sweet words describing your grandchildren. Metal. Glass. Holds a 2x3 photo.

Malden Family Rules Eight Picture Collage Frame.
(1 review)

Family Rules collage frame features eight openings for photos and a list of Family Rules.

Brushed Gold Fleur Frame - 5x7

The Brushed gold fleur frame adds style and texture to any home. This is the perfect way to share your favorite memories in style. The design makes a statement in any decor. Holds a 5x7 photo.

Lenox Jubilee Pearl Collection
(3 reviews)
Mazel Memories Sentiment Frame - 4x6

Show off your favorite memories with the Mazel memories sentiment frame. The frame is decorated with the word memories. Glass. Holds 4x6 photo.

Live Laugh Love Frame - 4x6
(1 review)

The Live, Laugh, Love frame is stylish and perfect for any home. The frame features the words Live every moment..., Laugh every day..., Love beyond words. Wood. Size: 4x6.

Grandchildren Brag Book

Grandchildren brag book holds 4x6 photos.

Wood Grain Walnut Frame - 5x7

Simple and stylish; the wood grain walnut frame makes a lovely addition in any home. The frame is perfect for your home or office and holds your favorite pictures. Holds a 5x7 photo.

Malden Babys First Year Frame - 2x3
(2 reviews)

Babys first year frame holds a picture in the center oval. The overall measurements are 7.4 x 9.9. 13 openings for a full year of baby photographs. Holds 2x3 photo.

Baby Unisex Malden My First Year Frame
(2 reviews)

Baby Unisex Malden My First Year frame featuring 13 openings and a center opening for a 3.5x4 photo.

Malden 8 Opening Happy Marriage Collage Frame

Malden's 8 openings, Happy Marriage collage frame outlines the recipe for a long and joyful union, and offers room for six 4x6 photos and two 4x4 photos.

Malden Great Grandma Two-Step Storyboard Frame-4x6

If you are lucky enough to have a Great Grandmother in your family, she has certainly earned, and will be guaranteed to appreciate, this wonderful picture frame gift.The message reads Happiness is having a Great-Grandma to Love.This frame holds a horizontal photo, and can be displayed on a shelf,…

Malden Woof 4 Opening Memory Stick - 4x6

The Malden woof 4 opening memory stick is the perfect way to share off your favorite pictures of your best friend! This features the words Woof, Let the Dog In and Let the Dog Out. Wood. Holds 4x6 photos.

Merkury Clear Mini Clip Photo LED String Lights

The Merkury clear mini clip photo LED string lights lets you hang pictures, notes, artwork and more all while lighting up your room! Each photo clip contains an LED that emits a warm white light. Photo clips open and close and the LED's stay cool to keep attached items safe. Battery operated…

Lenox® Traditional Christmas Tree Frame - 4x6

The Lenox® traditional Christmas Tree frame - 4x6 is the perfect addition to your home. Plus it is just right for a picture of Baby's first Christmas. Porcelain. Holds a 4x6 photo.

Malden  Diamond Silver Hearts Frame - 5x7
(1 review)

Diamond silver hearts picture frame with filigree border. Holds one 5x7 photo. Overall size: 8.00x1.00x9.50.

Malden 8 Opening Cherish Every Moment Frame

The Malden 8 opening cherish every moment frame allows you to showcase your favorite photos and memories in one frame. This gray frame fits in with any decor. Wood. Holds 7 photos.

Mazel Family Sentiment Frame - 4x6

The Mazel family sentiment frame is simple and stylish. Perfect for simple photos. Glass. Holds 4x6 photo.

Malden I Do Wedding Frame w/Pierced Silver Charms

I Do wedding frame features pierced silver charms and black back with easel only. Dimensions: 4x6.

New View Our 1st Christmas Holiday Frame

The New View Our 1st Christmas holiday frame is cheerful and festive. This frame is perfect for new parents or newlyweds celebrating their first Christmas together. Wood. Dimensions: 12.75 x 6.75.

Malden 6-Opening Berkeley Matted Panel - 4x6
(1 review)

Black wood 6-opening white matted picture frame. Holds 6 - 4x6 pictures. 26.8H x 8.6W x 1.1D.

Malden  Two Tone Silver Bead Frame - 8x10

Two tone silver bead picture frame. Holds one 8x10 photo. Overall size: 10.00x1.00x11.75.

Malden 2-UP Family Tree Kraft Photo Album - 6x4

Celebrate all the memories that you and your family make with the Malden 2-UP family tree kraft photo album. Holds 160 6x4 photo.

Mikasa® Love Story Invitation Frame
(4 reviews)

The Mikasa® Love Story invitation frame lets you celebrate your true lover. This features glass picture coverings and felt backing, features a delicate heart and ribbon swirl accent that is the perfect setting for framing your memory of that special day. This lovely frame is perfect for any home…

Malden Sweet Baby Expressions Frame-6x4

The Malden sweet baby expressions frame holds the dearest picture of your little one. This allows for your special snapshot to be the center of attention with it's black frame and silver lettering. This features a glare resistant glass, ease backing for tabletop displays, and wall hooks for…

Malden ''Sisters'' Pewter Metal Frame - 4x6

Malden Sisters pewter metal frame. Holds 4x6 photo.

Malden Wide White Textured Frame-4x6

The Malden wide white textured frame adds style and sophistication to any decor. This allows you to showcase your favorite memories with ease. Wood. Holds a 4x6 photo.

New View Our Baby Memory Book

The New View Our Baby Memory Book offers room for plenty of 4x6 photos as well as the opportunity to personalize it with a photo of your little one on the front cover. Album size: 9x8.

New View Grandkids Plank Holiday Frame

Add some holiday color to your home this season with the New View Grandkids plank holiday frame. Celebrate another holiday season with those your love with this festive frame. Wood. Dimensions: 9 x 7.75.

K&K Interiors Friends Four Leaf Clover Frame

The K&K Interiors friends four leaf clover frame is a fun addition to any decor. This is perfect for any St. Patrick's day fans. The frame features the words A Friend is like a Four leaf clover, Hard to find and Lucky to have. Wood.

Malden Me & Big Sister Picture Frame - 4x6

This Me and Big Sister picture frame is made of wood, ceramic, and metal, with a masonite backing. It has an easel back or can be hung on the wall. Holds 4x6 photo.

Malden 4 Opening Barnside Black Collage Frame - 6x4

The Malden 4 opening barnside black collage frame is modern and stylish. It fits in any decor. The collage displays four (4) 4x6 prints in a circular pattern.Frame comes with wall mounts for easy vertical wall hanging. Holds 4 6x4 photos.

Malden Santa & Me Matted Frame

Celebrate with beauty and style as your child meets Santa for the first time with the Malden Santa & me matted frame. Wood. Holds a 4x6 and 5x7 photos.

Malden Daddy's Girl Storyboard - 4x6
(1 review)

Daddy's Girl Storyboard picture frame. All good photos deserve a frame. The beauty of any photo can be accented by a stylish frame or dynamic border around an image. Surround the precious moments in your life with a photo frame by Malden International Designs and rejoice in your treasured memories…

Malden Mr. & Mrs. Album

This Malden Mr. & Mrs Album provides a beautiful way to store and treasure memories from your special day.

Malden White Adirondack Chair Frame - 4x6

Perfect for a summer time photo of your loved ones, this White Adirondack chair frame holds a 4x6 photo.

Mazel Family Sentiment Glass Frame - 4x6

The Mazel Family frame adds color and style to any decor. It is the perfect way to share those wonderful memories. Glass. Holds 4x6 photo.

Malden Puzzle 9 Opening Black Collage Frame - 5x7
(2 reviews)

The Malden puzzle nine opening black collage frame is a beautiful addition to your home. You can now share all of your favorite photos in one frame! This holds nine 5x7 photos. Dimensions: 21 x 21.

Malden Grey Distressed Manhattan Frame-Assortment

This Manhattan wall hanging wood frame features a distressed-look and a Masonite backing. Size: 8x10 or 11x14.

Malden Puzzle 9 Opening Grey Collage Frame

The Malden puzzle nine opening grey collage frame is a beautiful addition to your home. You can now share all of your favorite photos in one frame! This holds nine 5x7 photos. Dimensions: 21 x 21.

Malden Diamond Ring Frame

Diamond ring frame. A perfect gift for an engagement or wedding.

Dublin Revolving Photo Cube

The Dublin revolving photo cube allows you to display four of your favorite pictures on a desk or coffee table. It features a revolving base so everyone can admire your photos. Makes a great gift to family and friends! Crystal. Dimensions: 4.70L X 4.70W X 6.88H.

Sisters Sentiment Glass Frame

Celebrate your unique relationship with your sister with the sisters sentiment glass frame. It is a great way to remember your favorite memories. Glass. Holds a 4x6.

Malden The Beach Is My Happy Place Frame - 4x6

A pastel painted wood picture frame with a weathered, summertime beach theme is the Malden the beach is my happy place frame. This brightens any office or home. Wood. Holds 4 by 6 photo.

Malden 1-Up I Do Wedding Album -  4x6

The I Do Wedding Album holds 4 x 6 inch pictures of your special day. Album size: 7.5 x 2.25 x 6.60 inches.

Malden Two Tone Silver Bead Metal Frame - 4x6

Two tone silver bead picture metal frame. Holds one 4x6 photo. Overall size: 6.00 x 1 x 8.00.

Malden 50th Anniversary Flip Album
(1 review)

50th Anniversary flip album. Holds (40) 4x6 photos.

Malden Puzzle 4 Opening White Collage Frame - 4x6
(1 review)

The Malden puzzle four opening collage is prefect for showing off a grouping of photos! The puzzle design makes it a unique addition to your home. Holds four 4x6 photos. Size: 11.5 x 11.5.