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Malden 2 Opening Mr. & Mrs. Corinthian Album

The Malden 2 Opening Mr. & Mrs. corinthian album is the perfect place to store those wonderful memories from the big day. The front of the album features the words Mr. & Mrs.. Holds 160 4x6 photos.

Baby Unisex Malden My First Year Frame
(3 reviews)

Baby Unisex Malden My First Year frame featuring 13 openings and a center opening for a 3.5x4 photo.

Malden Our Wedding Collage Metal Photo Frame
(1 review)

Our Wedding collage. 5 openings.

Malden Sweet Baby Girl Photo Album - 4x6

The Malden sweet baby girl photo album is perfect for keeping those first precious moments for all time. The book will hold 40 4x6 photos. Plus the small size allows you to keep it with you to share the memories anytime!

Malden 25th Anniversary Frame - 4x6
(1 review)

25th anniversary frame. Holds 4x6 photo.

Malden Great Grandma Two-Step Storyboard Frame-4x6

If you are lucky enough to have a Great Grandmother in your family, she has certainly earned, and will be guaranteed to appreciate, this wonderful picture frame gift.The message reads Happiness is having a Great-Grandma to Love.This frame holds a horizontal photo, and can be displayed on a shelf,…

Malden 2-UP Family Tree Kraft Photo Album - 6x4

Celebrate all the memories that you and your family make with the Malden 2-UP family tree kraft photo album. Holds 160 6x4 photo.

Malden 8 Opening Happy Marriage Collage Frame

Malden's 8 openings, Happy Marriage collage frame outlines the recipe for a long and joyful union, and offers room for six 4x6 photos and two 4x4 photos.

Malden Four Generations  Frame - 4x6

Four generations frame is a perfect for displaying a family snapshot. Holds 4x6 photo.

Malden 1-Up I Do Wedding Album -  4x6

The I Do Wedding Album holds 4 x 6 inch pictures of your special day. Album size: 7.5 x 2.25 x 6.60 inches.

Malden We're Engaged Ceramic Frame - 4x6

Ceramic frame reads: We're Engaged! Holds one 4x6 photo. Overall size: 9.25x1.00x8.00.

Malden Soulmates Script Frame - 5x7

The Malden Soulmates script frame is a beautiful piece for any newlyweds. The words Clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience. Above all, clothe yourselves in love. Holds a 5x7 photo.

Malden Daddy's Girl Storyboard - 4x6
(1 review)

Daddy's Girl Storyboard picture frame. All good photos deserve a frame. The beauty of any photo can be accented by a stylish frame or dynamic border around an image. Surround the precious moments in your life with a photo frame by Malden International Designs and rejoice in your treasured memories…

Malden Family Rules Eight Picture Collage Frame.
(1 review)

Family Rules collage frame features eight openings for photos and a list of Family Rules.

Malden 50th Anniversary Frame - 4x6

Malden 50th Anniversary Photo Frame. All good photos deserve a frame. The beauty of any photo can be accented by a stylish frame or dynamic border around an image. Surround the precious moments in your life with a photo frame by Malden International Designs and rejoice in your treasured memories…

Malden 6-Opening Berkeley Matted Panel - 4x6
(1 review)

Black wood 6-opening white matted picture frame. Holds 6 - 4x6 pictures. 26.8H x 8.6W x 1.1D.

Malden My Sweet Baby Sonogram Frame
(1 review)

The My Sweet Baby sonogram frame from Malden features an opening for a 3x3 sonogram photo as well as one for a 4x6 photo. Frame size: 7.75 x 7.63.

Malden 2 Opening Family Craft Paper Album

The Malden 2 opening family craft paper album is a fun way to store your favorite memories. The craft paper binding allows you to customize this to your personal style. The words When you have Family, You have Everything decorates the front cover. Holds up to 160 4x6 photos.

Malden Mr. & Mrs. Seashells Frame - 4x6

The Malden Mr. and Mrs. seashells frame makes a lovely gift for any newlyweds who had a beach themed wedding. The frame says Mr. & Mrs. Seashells & Wedding Bells. Wood. Holds 4 by 6 photo.

Malden Mr. & Mrs. Frosted Glass Wall Frame - 8x10
(1 review)

Mr. & Mrs. frosted glass wall frame. Size: 8x10.

Malden Williamsburg Blue Linear Frame
More Colors Available

The Malden Williamsburg blue linear frame is a handsome driftwood-style hardwood frame that is perfect as a decorator frame that keeps your eyes on the photo. Wood.

Malden Celebration of Love Wedding Album

Store and treasure special moments and images from your big day in this beautiful Malden Celebration of Love Wedding Album.

Malden Gold Bead Wood Picture Frame - 5x7
(1 review)

Gold color bead detail wooden picture frame. Size: 5x 7.

Malden 2-Opening Champagne Glasses Frame

Champagne glasses Two Hearts Become One picture frame with 2 openings.

Malden First Peek Baby Photo Frame

Memorialize two photos of your bundle of joy with this unique Malden First Peek baby photo frame. This frame features openings for 3x4 sonogram photo as well as a 4x6 photo of your newborn.

Malden Black Wash Frame - 4x6

Add a statement maker to your desk or home decor with the Malden black wash frame. This bold black frame embodies the wood grain that makes any picture standout. Holds 4x6 photo.

Malden Seafoam Blue Rough Linear Frame - 4x6

A rustic beach style is the Malden Seafoam Blue Rough Linear Frame. This frame is perfect for holding any photo but especially those from your last beach trip! Wood. Holds a 4x6 photo.

Malden Wood Frame w/Silver Beads - 5x7

Wood frame with silver beads. Holds 5 x 7 photo.

Malden  Manhattan Black Wood Wall Frame - 11x14

Black Manhattan wood wall picture frame. Holds one 11x14 photo. Overall size: 23.43x0.83x19.45.

Malden Wedding Double Frame  - 5x7

Malden wedding double frame. Holds (2) 5x7 photos.

Malden 9 Opening Puzzle Collage-4x6

The Malden 9 opening puzzle collage lets you show your favorite photos and memories all in one spot. This adds color and style to any home or office. Wood. Holds 4x6 photos.

Malden Grey Distressed Manhatten Frame - 16x20

The Grey Distressed Manhatten Frame from Malden allows you to display a favorite moment by hanging either vertically or horizontally. Holds: 16x20 photo.

Malden Godfather Glass Frame - 4x6

Malden glass Godfather glass frame. Holds 4x6 photo.

Malden Puzzle 9 Opening Black Collage Frame - 5x7
(2 reviews)

The Malden puzzle nine opening black collage frame is a beautiful addition to your home. You can now share all of your favorite photos in one frame! This holds nine 5x7 photos. Dimensions: 21 x 21.

Malden Two Tone Silver Bead Metal Frame - 4x6

Two tone silver bead picture metal frame. Holds one 4x6 photo. Overall size: 6.00 x 1 x 8.00.

Malden Love White Script Frame - 4x6

Add sweetness and love to your home with the Malden Love White Script frame - 4x6. This frame is perfect for newlyweds and couples. The frame features the words Love... bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things... Love never ends.. Wood. Holds a 4x6 photo.

Malden Dad Sun Washed Words Frame - 4x6

Dad sun washed words black frame. Size: Holds 4x6 photo. Tabletop display with easel back. Dimensions: H 9.13 x W 9.13 x D 1.

Malden 50th Anniversary Metal Frame- 4x6
(1 review)

Malden 50th anniversary metal frame is 7x7 and features an embossed 50th Anniversary Our Love is more precious than Gold design. Holds a 4X6 photo.

Malden Our Wedding 2-UP Photo Album
(1 review)

Our wedding 2-up photo album. Holds 4x6 photographs.

Malden Love My Grandkids Matted Frame - 4x6

The Malden love my grandkids matted frame is the perfect place to share pictures of your grandchildren. The frame has the words I (heart) my Grandkids. Wood. Holds 4 x 6 photo and 5 x 7 photo.

Malden Puzzle 4 Opening Grey Collage Frame - 4x6
(1 review)

Malden puzzle four opening collage frame. is prefect for showing off a grouping of photos! The puzzle design makes it a unique addition to your home. Holds four 4 x 6 photos. Size: 11.5 x 11.5.

Malden Mr. & Mrs. Corinthian Script Frame - 5x7

Memorialize a photo of your special day with this lovely Malden Mr. & Mrs. Corinthian Script Frame. Holds one 5 x 7 photo.

Malden The Boys Distressed Expressions Frame-4x6

The Malden The Boys distressed expressions frame is perfect for remembering those wonderful times with the boys! The frame is as soft gray wood and has a the words The Boys in metal that accentuates the frame. Wood. Holds a 4x6 photo.

Malden Grandkids 4-Opening  Collage Frame -4x6

Grandkids 4-opening wood collage frame. Black finish. Holds (4) 4x6 photos.

Malden 3 Opening Mr. & Mrs. Linen Mat Frame

The Malden 3 opening Mr. & Mrs. linen mat frame is a beautiful and regal way to show off your favorite photos from your special day. This frame features 3 openings; two 5x7 photos and one 4x4. This also includes the words Mr. & Mrs. and You will forever be my always. Wood. Linen. Dimensions: 18 x 11.

Malden Mr. & Mrs. Metal Wedding Frame - 8x10

Mr. & Mrs. metal wedding sentiment frame. Holds 8x10 photo. Silver finish. Overall size 11.63 x 1 x 13.50.

Malden My Christening Frame - 4x6

Treasure the memory of a special moment in your child's life with this lovely Malden My Christening frame. Holds 4x6 photo.

Malden 4-Opening Heart Collage Frame with Sentiment

Celebrate special moments with the Malden 4-opening heart collage frame with sentiment. The frame features the words The best things in Life are the people we LOVE and the Memories we've made along the Way. Plus it displays photos in a free-form design. Add your special snapshots and you have made…