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Hasbro Disney Aladdin Feature Genie Lamp

Ask a question, rub the Hasbro Disney Aladdin feature Genie lamp and get ready to laugh! The Aladdin Magic Genie Lamp is a hilarious way to get to know the Genie as he answers all of your questions. Once you ask a question and rub the lamp, the Aladdin Magic Genie Lamp shakes, and lights up…

Kidz Concepts Baby Doll & Wagon Playset

The Kidz Concepts baby doll and wagon playset features a baby doll in a red wagon with her puppy. The set includes: a comb, mirror and a small bag. Materials: Plastic, Polyester. Dimensions: 12H x 12.5W x 7.25D.

Kidz Concepts My First Playground

The Kidz Concepts my first playground features a 2-in-1 play set. Bring the fun of the playground home for hours of play. The swing can easily convert to a slide for your baby doll. Materials: Plastic, Polyester. Dimensions: 11.25H x 6.26W x 8.25D.

Hasbro Disney Aladdin Feature Jewelry Box

Celebrate the magical moment where Jasmine and Aladdin fly over Agrabah together with the Hasbro Disney Aladdin feature jewelry box. The jewelry box plays A Whole New World as the story scene changes behind a soaring Aladdin and Jasmine on their moving magic carpet. The jewelry box also feature a…

Hasbro Disney Aladdin Jasmine Accessory Set

The Hasbro Disney Aladdin Jasmine accessory set is an absolutely stunning set inspired by Jasmine's accessories from the film. This set will complete any Jasmine dress up moment. Finished with beautiful teal and gold colored details, this set includes a complete set of head to toe accessories.

Hasbro Disney Aladdin Arabian Tea Set

The Hasbro Disney Aladdin Arabian tea set is stunning just like Agrabah. A mix of gold and teal colors, this tea set features beautiful details that make it one of a kind. Invite a friend over for a cup of tea and create your very own Agrabah adventure.