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Cra-Z-Art™ Shimmer N Sparkle Magic Manicure Set

The Cra-Z-Art™ Shimmer N Sparkle magic manicure set lets you create trendy nail art with fashion polishes and super-styling nail stickers! Be your own nail artist and create original designs! Plus the nail dryer really lights up! Ages 8 and up.

Cra-Z-Art™ Trendy Charm Bracelets
(1 review)

The Cra-Z-Art™ trendy charm bracelets allows you to make each bracelet reflect your personal style. You can mix and match charms to your personality. This includes 8 assorted metal charms, 4 assorted gem charms, 4 adjustable metal loop bracelets, 8 bead stoppers, 4 inspiration cards, and easy to…

Cra-Z-Art™ Shimmer N Sparkle Magic Sequin Messenger Bag

The Cra-Z-Art™ Shimmer N Sparkle magic sequin messenger bag lets you add style and design to your new messenger bag. This features 5 markers for styling this bag to your liking! Just let your creativity flow. Ages 6 and up.

Cra-Z-Art™ Real Ultimate Make Up Designer

The Cra-Z-Art™ real ultimate make up designer lets you create your own look and style! You can choose your own style with the style cards; you can choose natural, sporty, cute, or party glam! The set includes 21 eye shadows, 8 shimmering cheek colors, 11 lip sparkling colors, 1 mini applicator, 1…

Cra-Z-Art™ Fashion Designer

Fashion Designer features 24 different designs, 100's of design and color combinations for on the go fun. Includes: 5 sheets of paper, one black Crayon and holder and four colored pencils. Ages: 4+.

Cra-Z-Art™ Shimmer 'N Sparkle Real Super Spa Salon

The Cra-Z-Art™ Shimmer 'N Sparkle real super spa salon is relaxing and fun for all ages! Just add water and some scented spa fizz and you're ready to relax. This features a cascading water fall, sparkling lights, and bubbling effects. Ages 8 and up.

Cra-Z-Art™ Gels Bracelet Maker

The Cra-Z-Art™ gels bracelet maker lets you make fun gel jewelry! You can make up to 25 different designs to fit in with your personal style! This includes 5 paint tubes, 3 plastic bracelets, 2 design sheets, 2 tracing sheets, and instructions. Ages Ages 6 and up.

Cra-Z-Art™ Shimmer 'N Sparkle Color Messenger Bag

The Cra-Z-Art™ Shimmer 'N Sparkle color craze fringe messenger bag encourages girls to be creative and express their individual style. Includes 5 super stylin' fabric markers. Ages 6 and up.

Cra-Z-Art™ Peppa Pig Softee Dough Figure Maker
(1 review)

The Cra-Z-Art™ Peppa Pig softee dough figure maker allows you to make your very own Daddy Pig, Mummy Pig, Peppa Pig, and George! The set includes 4 Peppa pig character book molds, 7 softee dough cans, punch out accessories, and a sculpting tool. Ages 3 and up.

Cra-Z-Art™ Shimmer 'N Sparkle 11000 Beads

The Cra-Z-Art™ Shimmer 'N Sparkle 11000 beads lets you and your friends mix n' match the fun fashion beads to make over 100 bracelets, necklaces, and more! Plastic. Ages: 6+.

Cra-Z-Art™ Shimmer 'N Sparkle Sweet Lips Treats

With the Cra-Z-Art™ shimmer 'n sparkle sweet lips treats you can make lip gloss with sweet and fruity flavors. Flavors: cherry, grape, berry, and more! Ages 8 and up.