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Jade & Deer I Do Crew Emergency Kit

This Jade & Deer I do crew emergency kit would make a very cute gift! It features a nail file, sewing kit, hair elastics, double sided tape, dental floss and hair pints. Dimensions: 3H x 3W x 2.5D.

Jade & Deer White Quilt Bridal Emergency Kit

A great bridal shower gift! This Jade & Deer white quilt bridal emergency kit offers dental floss, deodorant wipe, nail file, earring backs, sewing kit, five hair elastics, two safety pins, six hair pins, blotting tissue packet, and five pieces of double sided tape.

Jade & Deer Black Patent Emergency Kit

Jade & Deer black patent emergency kit includes clear nail polish with nail polish remover pad, earring backs, sewing kit, hair pins and hair elastics. Dimensions: 2.5H x 3.5W x 2.5D.

Jade & Deer Silver Shimmer Emergency Kit

Jade & Deer silver shimmer emergency kit includes a sewing kit with hair pins, nail polish remover pad with clear nail polish, hair elastics and earring backs. Dimensions: 2.5H x 3.5W x 2.5D.

Jade & Deer Acrylic Makeup Tray

Jade & Deer acrylic makeup tray is perfect for keeping your make up organized and easily accessible. Dimensions: 3H x 10.5W x 7D.

Womens Jade & Deer Bride Cosmetic Case

This Womens Jade & Deer bride cosmetic case has a sparkle embellishment and zipper closure and would make a great bridal shower gift. Dimensions: 4H x 8W x 4D.

Jade & Deer Bride Sqaud Loaf Cosmetic Bag

This Jade & Deer bride squad loaf cosmetic bag has a dot and striped pattern and wouold make a great gift. Dimensions: 5H x 8W x 5D.

Womens Jade & Deer Cat Face Brush Holder

Womens Jade & Deer cat face ceramic brush holder. This is the purrrfect gift for any makeup and cat lover!

Jade & Deer Team Bride Loaf Cosmetic Bag

This Jade & Deer team bride loaf cosmetic bag has striped sparkle embellishments would mke a great bridal shower gift. Dimensions: 2H x 8W x 2D.

Jade & Deer Bridal Charging Kit

Jade & Deer bridal charging kit features a passport case, luggage tag and portable charger. IPhone/Android compatible. Dimensions: 6.5H x 9.5W x 0.5D.

Jade & Deer Cheetah Cat Small Cosmetic Bag

Jade & Deer cheetah cat small cosmetic bag has a zipper closure and embroidered detail. 3H x 8W x 3D.

Jade & Deer Bride Loaf Cosmetic Bag

This Jade & Deer sparkly bride loaf cosmetic bag would make a great beidal shower gift. Dimensions: 2.5H x 7.5W x 2.5D.

Jade & Deer Bridesmaid Rectangle Cosmetic Bag

Jade & Deer Bridesmaid rectangle cosmetic bag offers a zipper closure, solid lining, and no pockets in the interior. This makes a great bridesmaid gift! Dimensions: 3H x 7.5W x 2.5D.

Jade & Deer Bride Clear Cosmetic Bag

This Jade & Deer bride clear cosmetic bag includes two smaller bags with sparkle embellishments and would make a great bridalshower gift. Dimensions: 6.5H x 8W x 3.5D.

Jade & Deer Unicorn Fur Cosmetic Loaf Bag

JThis ade & Deer unicorn fur cosmetic loaf bag is a fun way to carry around all of your makeup essentials. Dimensions: 5H x 7W x 4D.