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Kidz Delight My Bath Time Lighthouse

The Kidz Delight My Bath Time lighthouse will make bath time a blast! Take the sailing hat off to collect and pour water into its head, and water will come out its nose! As soon as water goes through its body, funny sounds and sentences are triggered in this fun educational toy! Press on the…

Kidz Delight Silly Sam Pan & Larry Combo

Kiz Delight Silly Sam Pan and Larry are the talking broom, dustpan, and vacuum! These funny fellows will stimulate your child's imagination with long-lasting role-play fun! Each has their own personality! Sweep to hear Sam giggle and talk, or push their noses for funny sounds and phrases.

Kidz Delight Smithsonian Kids Dino Tablet
(1 review)

The Kidz Delight Smithsonian Kids dino tablet showcases a high tech sleek design with 21 smooth sensitive touch icons. Your child can learn all about dinosaur names and their sounds while learning lots of fun facts with four unique games. This tablet was the Smithsonian Kids licensed 2012 game of…

Ty Beanie Boos Yang Black & White Cat

Don't let his cute little pout fool you, this sweet Ty Beanie Boos Yang black & white cat is purr-fectly happy just being loved by anyone who will snuggle and play. Ages 3 and up.

Kidz Delight Tech Too Smart Watch & Phone Combo

The Kidz Delight Tech Too watch and phone combo is a realistic pretend touch sensitive phone with 21 contacts to trigger specific speech and sound effects. It features 5 game modes such as: discovery, find the color, find the number, find the animal, or music. The realistic pretend smart watch is a…

Kidz Delight Smooth Touch Smart Phone - Black
(1 review)

The Kidz Delight Smooth Touch smart phone is a realistic looking pretend touch sensitive phone. It features 21 contacts to trigger one or several specific speech or sound effects, 5 game modes, discovery, find the color, find the number, find the animal, or music. Touch the game mode contacts and…

Kidz Delight Tech Too My First 2 in 1 Tablet

The Kidz Delight Tech Too My First 2 in 1 tablet can be used as a stand-alone tablet or with the included keyboard. When you plug the two together the keyboard allows your child to interact with the tablet and learn about letters, colors, numbers, and animals. Dimensions: 10H x 15W x 3D.

Kidz Delight My Lil Animal Trio

The Kidz Delight My Lil Animal trio by Kidz Delight will have your baby fully entertained with a trio of monkey keys, giraffe remote control, and tiger phone. The monkey keys light up when the buttons are pushed, the giraffe remote teaches numbers and colors. The tiger phone features two different…

Kidz Delight Tech Set Trio - Black

The Kidz Delight Tech set trio includes the three most popular and iconic grown-up devices in one realistic looking set! Content includes a smartphone with 18 icons on the pretend screen that trigger speech, sound effects, or music; you've got mail, camera sound, or place a pretend call. Leave the…

Kidz Delight Smooth Touch Fun 'N Play Tablet

The Kidz Delight Smooth Touch Fun N Play tablet comes with 30 touch sensitive icons in a sleek design. With discovery and quiz mode your child can better learn about animals, colors, numbers, shapes, instruments and letters. This phone is bilingual with English and Spanish language options, and in…

Kidz Delight Little Boo Plush Light - White

The Kidz Delight Little Boo plush light is an adorable nightlight you can take to bed. When you hug your bedtime buddy it triggers adorable sounds and melodies with color cycling night lights. Attached is a small ring so you can travel with it or hang it. It Features a washable cover, soft touch…

Kidz Delight My Bath Time Fishing Basket

The Kidz Delight My Bath Time fishing basket makes bath time a blast! Grab fish with the landing net and enjoy amusing animal sounds and sentences, then press on the nose to free all of the fish back into the water! Press on the corresponding key to hear songs and learn about numbers during bath…

Kidz Delight Smithsonian Animal Tablet

The Kidz Delight Smithsonian animal tablet let's your child discover the world of animals. The user will find 16 wild animals and 5 game modes to build their base of knowledge and to challenge themselves. There is also a discovery mode to learn about each animal with their names and fun facts.…

Ty Beanie Boos Zuri Monkey

Irresistibly cute and snuggly soft, this tie-dye Ty Beanie Boos Zuri monkey will warm anyone's heart. The 6-inch-tall Zuri the monkey is from the highly collectible Beanie Boos collection. Ages 3 and up.

Ty Beanie Boos Tabor Tiger

Ty Tabor the Pink and White Tiger Beanie Babies Soft Stuffed Animal Plush Toy Made of Ty's best selling fabric - Ty Silk Collect them all! Approx 13 tall. Ages 3 and up.

Kidz Delight Smithsonian Creepy Crawler Tablet

The Kidz Delight Smithsonian creepy crawler tablet is designed with 22 smooth touch icons. Your child can learn about 16 different insects and creepy crawlers through discover mode and quiz mode, true/false, and no challenge mode. This tablet enourages multi-sensory abilities and increases memory,…

Beanie Boos Duke The Dog Boo Buddy

The Beanie Boos Duke the dog boo buddy makes a sweet and lovable friend! Spot clean. Size: 6. Ages 3 and up.

Kidz Delight Smooth Touch Alphabet Tablet

The Kidz Delight Smooth Touch alphabet tablet showcases a sleek high tech looking tablet with 31 smooth sensitive touch icons. It features four great games to play with letters such as letter names, letter sounds, word spelling and much more. Dimensions: 0.5H x 8W x 10D.

Ty Beanie Boos Yago Owl

Whoooo's the best stuffed animal to snuggle and share secrets with? This 6-inch-tall Ty Beanie Boos Yago Owl is from the highly collectible Beanie Boos collection. Ages 3 and up.

Kidz Delight My Lil Farm Stacker

The Kidz Delight My lil Farm stacker showcases a unique shape of four colorful blocks that will bring lots of fun to your young child. This stacker teaches babies about animals, numbers, shapes, and musical instruments. It features 4 game modes: discovery on animals, numbers, shapes, and musical…

Kidz Delight Smithsonian Kids Space Tablet

The Kidz Delight Smithsonian Kids space tablet showcases a high tech sleek design with close to 30 touch sensitive icons to trigger sounds and speech with a light touch. Your child will have fun learning names and fun facts about the planets, stars, the moon, meteorites, astronauts and many other…

Ty Beanie Boos Roscoe Dog

Ty Beanie Boos Roscoe dog has black, white and brown fur and sparkly yellow eyes. The Ty Beanie Babies are a collection of uniquely adorable critters that kids can't get enough of, and looking at this adorable plush it's obvious why! Ages 3 and up.

Kidz Delight Hammer and Drill Toy - Green

The Kidz Delight hammer and drill toy is great for your childs imagination and learning to help! Danny the drill bit will rotate and the unit will give funny speeches or sounds. Shake, press, or hit the nose on Herbie the hammer for more funny speeches and sounds. This toy is bilingual in English…

Kidz Delight Peek-a-Boo Rattle Ball

The Kidz Delight peek-a-boo rattle ball features a brightly colored ball that magically makes sounds and music when shaken. Learn shapes, numbers and colors Dimensions: 5.5H x 5.5W x 5.5D.

Ty Beanie Boos Stripes Zebra

Surprise your little angel with this lovable Ty Beanie Boos Stripes zebra.. Place Stripes on your kid's desk surrounded by other plush animals like bears, giraffes, pandas and more to create a stuffed animal zoo at home. Ages 3 and up.

Kidz Delight My Lil Bongo Shape Sorter

The Kidz Delight My Lil Bongo shape sorter allows you to travel the world while having fun! Play music and learn about animals, colors, instruments and shapes! Each shape is associated with a specific color and animal. It features 3 game modes: discovery, quiz and music, and comes with 5 different…

Kidz Delight Wild Water Island

The Kidz Delight wild water island features tons of activities for hours of fun. Pour water to create a river of fun and watch the lil' boats float around. Dimensions: 5.9H x 14W x 12D.

Ty Beanie Boos Ida Hedgehog

What's not to love about this cuddly soft ball of fur with wide, sparkling eyes? Ty Beanie Boos Ida hedgehog is eager to be your child's best friend. Ages 3 and up.

Ty Beanie Boos Haper The Dog

With his perky ears and his wise face, it's easy to imagine this grey and white plush pup as your little one's new best friend. Handsome Ty Beanie Boos Haper the dog is from the classic Beanie Babies collection by Ty. Ages 3 and up.