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Melissa & Doug® Sort & Swipe Cash Register Melissa & Doug® Sort & Swipe Cash Register Melissa & Doug® Sort & Swipe Cash Register Melissa & Doug® Sort & Swipe Cash Register
(1 review)

The Melissa & Doug® sort and swipe cash register features a clever spin to a classic pretend-play toy. Press the number buttons to see different counting pictures, then pay for the purchase with numbered coins to match the quantities. The coins vary in diameter and thickness, so the 1 coin will…

Melissa & Doug® Wooden Door Bell House
(22 reviews)

The Melissa & Doug® wooden door bell house has fun is at the door of this soundly-built wooden doorbell house. Four electronic doorbell sounds, four unique locks with matching keys, and four pose-able play people are included with this charming cottage! The keys are attached to the house so they…

Melissa & Doug® Dust Sweep Mop Set
(163 reviews)

Your child is ready to help out with the Melissa & Doug® dust sweep mop set. This set has everything they need to help clean; it includes a broom, mop, duster, dustpan, and hand brush. This is a great way to introduce chores in a playful way. Wood. Dimensions: 29 x 11 x 4.75.

Melissa & Doug® Pots & Pans Set Melissa & Doug® Pots & Pans Set Melissa & Doug® Pots & Pans Set Melissa & Doug® Pots & Pans Set
(41 reviews)

With a gorgeous mirror finish and sturdy riveted handles and joints, even grown-ups will envy this Set of Pots & Pans from Melissa & Doug®. Stainless Steel. Ages 3 and up.

Melissa & Doug® Animal Rescue Wooden Play Set Melissa & Doug® Animal Rescue Wooden Play Set Melissa & Doug® Animal Rescue Wooden Play Set

It's time to rescue some wild animals with the Melissa & Doug® animal rescue wooden play set. With this rugged safari truck, two cheerful people are ready to zoom across the savanna to help their animal friends. The alligator, zebra, rhinoceros, elephant, giraffe, hippopotamus, and lion fit into…

Melissa & Doug® Fishing Rod Set
(32 reviews)

It's time to work on that casting with the Melissa & Doug® fishing rod set. The magnetic wooden puzzle features aquatic animals that you can catch using the magnetic fishing pole! This encourages hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Plus it encourages matching skills and learning colors! Wood.

Melissa & Doug® Pediatric Nurse Role Play Costume Set
(4 reviews)

The Melissa & Doug® pediatric nurse role play costume set has everything little nurses need to take care of a newborn baby--including the baby! Nurses-in-training can slip on the cheerful, gender-neutral uniform (complete with customizable hospital ID tag) then fill the pockets with tools for a…

Melissa & Doug® Musical Farmyard Cube Learning Toy

This Melissa & Doug® musical farmyard cube learning toy is full of noisy animals and compact enough to take anywhere! Four animals sound off with their animal songs and play a lively melody when their noses are pressed. Or babies can grasp the padded handle and bump the block against the floor to…

Melissa & Doug® Flip To Win Memory Game
(30 reviews)

Choose from among seven fun themes, slide a card into the gameboard and start looking for matches with the Melissa & Doug® flip to win memory game. This handy memory game includes one game board, seven double-sided game cards and a two-player scoreboard. There are no loose pieces and everything…

Melissa & Doug® Race Car Driver Role Play Set Melissa & Doug® Race Car Driver Role Play Set Melissa & Doug® Race Car Driver Role Play Set

Kids will be off to the races with the Melissa & Doug® Race Car Driver Role Play Set! The costume includes a sturdy helmet with adjustable face mask while the zip up jump suit has colorful racing emblems. There is also a soft steering wheel that has knobs and dials to satisfy any racing fan!

Melissa & Doug® Sky Runner Delta Kite

The Melissa & Doug® sky runner delta kite is a creative bird that soars higher and higher. This features stitched, reinforced seams, heavy duty rip-stop nylon, and flexible fiberglass struts help the kite hold up to countless hours of flying time. Eye-catching streaming tails add to the dramatic…

Melissa & Doug® Mine to Love Annie 12in. Drink & Wet Doll
(6 reviews)

Little ones will love cuddling and caring for this Melissa & Doug® Mine to Love Annie 12 inch drink & wet doll. Annie has blue open-and-close eyes, can drink from her bottle, and can sit on her very own potty chair. She also comes with a pacifier and a pink-trimmed, self-stick diaper. She has…

Melissa & Doug® See & Spell Melissa & Doug® See & Spell Melissa & Doug® See & Spell Melissa & Doug® See & Spell
(83 reviews)

The Melissa & Doug® See & Spell lets you complete a puzzle to spell a word! This handsome wooden puzzle set helps children gain familiarity with the letters of the alphabet and their sounds as kids develop a sight-reading vocabulary. The letters are also wonderful for stenciling and lots of…

Melissa & Doug® Multi Craft Weaving Loom Melissa & Doug® Multi Craft Weaving Loom Melissa & Doug® Multi Craft Weaving Loom Melissa & Doug® Multi Craft Weaving Loom Melissa & Doug® Multi Craft Weaving Loom
(14 reviews)

Youngsters can create to their hearts' content with the Melissa & Doug® Multi-Craft Weaving Loom. This set includes an adjustable frame, 91 yards of rainbow yarn, and an oversized wooden needle. Assembled dimensions: 16.5 x 22.75 x 9.5. Ages 6 and over. Adult assembly required.

Melissa & Doug® Cutting Food Playset

The Melissa & Doug® cutting food playset is the perfect way for your little one to learn how to cut foods and how to resemble them. This set includes over 25 hand-painted wooden piece plus a knife and cutting board. This also helps teach fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Wood. Ages 3-5.

Melissa & Doug® Pretty Purse Fill and Spill
(17 reviews)

Everything necessary for kids on the go fits into this pretty Melissa & Doug® pretty purse fill and spill. This soft play set includes a cell phone that chimes, a key ring with keys, a change purse with coins, and a compact with a child-safe mirror. Everything is easily removed and replaced into a…

Melissa & Doug® 2-in-1 Talking Ball Learning Toy

Toss it back and forth to hear this Melissa & Doug® 2-in-1 talking ball learning toy say the ABCs or count to 10! Just flip a switch to select the mode you prefer, then turn the reversible fabric panels to highlight counting quantities, alphabet artwork, and bright colors and patterns. Designed to…

Melissa & Doug® Princess Elise Magnetic Dress-Up Set
(12 reviews)

Her Highness, Princess Elise is a delightful magnetic wooden dress-up doll with a treasure trove of outfits that you can dress her up in the Melissa & Doug® Princess Elise magnetic dress-up set. This set includes a magnetic wooden doll with a wooden stand and lots of colorful and attractive…

Melissa & Doug® Bead Bouquet
(4 reviews)

The Melissa & Doug® Bead Bouquet is a jewelry designer's dream! The wooden sorting tray comes stocked with 8 multicolored cords that can be cut to the size you choose -- necklace bracelet, or anklet -- and 220 handcrafted heart flower, and butterfly beads with an array of lovely design details.…

Melissa & Doug® Wooden Grill & Serve BBQ Set
(16 reviews)

Fire up the imagination while firing up this pretend play Melissa & Doug® wooden grill & serve BBQ set with all the fixins for a fantastic feast! The 20-piece wooden food set includes grilling favorites like hot dog, hamburger, chicken, steak, ribs, veggie burger, and corn, plus tasty toppings and…

Melissa & Doug® Show Horse Stable Playset Melissa & Doug® Show Horse Stable Playset Melissa & Doug® Show Horse Stable Playset Melissa & Doug® Show Horse Stable Playset
(25 reviews)

Horse fans of all ages will find a favorite in this Melissa & Doug® Show Horse Stable Playset! Includes 8 toy horses, each with its own stall in a conveniently portable wooden stable. Breeds and descriptions for each unique horse appear on the bottom of the playset. Size: 5 x 12.5 x 5. Ages 3 and up.

Melissa & Doug® Take Along Farm Play Mat

Take the fun along with you with this versatile, colorful Melissa & Doug® take along farm play mat. The mat, with a non-skid backing, features an illustrated farm scene in bright, eye-catching colors. The nine soft fabric animals and farmer figures crinkle, rattle or squeak. All fabrics are easy to…

Melissa & Doug® Construction Set
(18 reviews)

Your child will love being able to make their own construction vehicles with the Melissa & Doug® construction set. This set includes 48 wooden pieces that encourage counting, sorting, and fine motor skills. It also promotes problem solving and constructive play. Wood. Ages 4 and up.

Melissa & Doug® Scoop & Stack Ice Cream Cone Playset
(35 reviews)

The Melissa & Doug® scoop & stack ice cream cone playset is the perfect addition to any child's pretend kitchen or restaurant. Use both of the magnetic scoopers, four scoops of favorite ice cream flavors and wooden cones for hours of positive social interaction and fine motor play. All the ice…

Melissa & Doug® Pet Vet Playset Melissa & Doug® Pet Vet Playset

If your child is an animal lover, they will want the Melissa & Doug® pet vet playset. This gives young animal lovers everything they need to examine and treat pretend pets! This includes two adorable plush pets (a dog and a cat), and a stethoscope, thermometer, syringe, ear scope, tweezers, and…

Melissa & Doug® Mine to Love - Baby Food & Bottle Set
(15 reviews)

The Melissa & Doug® Mine to Love - baby food & bottle set will let little caregivers can take care of their baby dolls with this adorable 8-piece set. An easy-close, embroidered bib, keeps baby clean during mealtime which is organized with a divided dish, fork, spoon and yummy applesauce and peas…

Melissa & Doug® Mine to Love - Diaper Bag Set
(10 reviews)

Pretend mommies and daddies are ready to take good care of their baby doll with this stylish, two pocket diaper bag. Cushy, padded handles and easy-open compartments easily hold a cloth diaper, a container of wipes, and a container that can hold rash ointment (all included).

Dr. Seuss's What Pet Should I Get Book

This Dr. Suesss What Pet Should I Get book is a great book for teaching your little one that reading is fun. This beginner book encourages children to read all by themselves. The hadrback book features a story about a brother and sister trying to decide which pet they should choose from the pet store.

Melissa & Doug® Pasture Pals Melissa & Doug® Pasture Pals Melissa & Doug® Pasture Pals
(11 reviews)

The Melissa & Doug® Pasture Pals feature 12 different horses with a velvety texture and have realistic tails and manes. Each horse has its own compartment in the barn shaped crate. There is also and identification key included in the box.

Melissa & Doug@ Doctor Role Play Costume
(14 reviews)

The doctor will see you now with the Melissa & Doug@ doctor role play costume. With this set, your little doctor will be fully equipped with a jacket and face mask, a stethoscope with sound effects, a reflex hammer, an ear scope, a syringe, and a name tag to personalize.

Melissa & Doug® Frozen Treats Set

Chill out with this Melissa & Doug® frozen treats set. Make wooden ice cream sandwiches, ice pops, and Italian ice cups. Self-stick tabs hold together three different cookie flavors and vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice cream fillings. There are six multi-colored ice pops on sticks to stick…

Melissa & Doug® Pets Cube Puzzle
(8 reviews)

The Melissa & Doug® pets cube puzzle is six puzzles in one! There are 16 solid wooden cubes in this unique puzzle. One part of a colorful pet is pictured on each side. Rotate the cubes on the wooden tray to complete the six different animal pals!

Melissa & Doug® Magnetic Dry Erase Board
(11 reviews)

Your child can let their creativity soar with the magnetic dry erase board. This allows your child to express their artistic side while keeping them entertained. The one side is a dry-erase board and the other is a magnetic chalkboard. This includes three sticks of colored chalk, a dry erase…

Melissa & Doug® Construction Worker Role Play Costume Set
(4 reviews)

Your little construction worker will be ready for the job with this Melissa & Doug® construction worker role play costume set. The set includes a bright orange, machine-washable, vest high-lighted with reflective material and a tool belt, a yellow hard hat, safety goggles, a hammer, a saw, and a…

Melissa & Doug® Scoop & Serve Ice Cream Counter
(43 reviews)

Scoop up some cool treats with this all-inclusive Melissa & Doug® scoop & serve ice cream counter. The sturdy wooden tabletop counter holds eight wooden scoops of different-flavored ice cream, six assorted toppings, two cones, a plastic cup, an ice cream scooper, tongs, and a wooden spoon. The…

Melissa & Doug® First Play Pets Wooden Bead Maze

Explore friendly animals, colors, shapes, and more with this sturdy Melissa & Doug® first play pets wooden bead maze. Colorful wooden beads shaped like puppies, kittens, and more slide and spin along two twisty coated wire pathways, anchored on a wooden dog bone-shaped base. Suction cups keep the…

Melissa & Doug® Stain Glass Butterfly
(20 reviews)

The Melissa & Doug® stain glass butterfly is a peel-and-press sticker craft gives kids everything they need to easily create a spectacular piece of stained glass art. Just hold up the sheet of colored stickers to the clear frame, peel them off one at a time, and stick them on. Grooves and outlines…

Melissa & Doug® Boxed Dinosaur Jigsaw Puzzles
(11 reviews)

The Melissa & Doug® boxed dinosaur jigsaw puzzles includes four wooden, 12-piece dinosaur jigsaw puzzles-- a triceratops, an apatosaurus, a stegosaurus and a T-Rex-- each stored in a separate compartment of a sturdy wooden box! The slide-on box lid doubles as a convenient puzzle board! Each puzzle…

Melissa & Doug® Stir & Serve Cooking Utensils
(12 reviews)

Bring a professional touch to any play kitchen with the Melissa & Doug® stir & serve cooking utensils. Six sturdy utensils, made of stainless steel and wood, are generously sized to offer a pleasingly realistic effect for little chefs. And all of the tools-including whisk, ladle, slotted spoon,…

Melissa & Doug® Jenna 12in. Mine to Love Doll
(41 reviews)

The Melissa & Doug® Jenna 12 inch Mine to Love doll is the ideal, sweet smelling, first-born baby doll. Even the youngest caregivers will love her adorable face and soft, cuddly body (and grown-ups will love her wipe-clean arms and legs!). She has molded plastic hair and is pretty in pink from head…

Melissa & Doug® Goodie Tutus Role Play Collection Melissa & Doug® Goodie Tutus Role Play Collection
(3 reviews)

The Melissa & Doug® Goodie Tutus role play collection has four adorable dress-up skirts - sweetly designed, packed with detail, and made to last - make up this costume set for girls ages three to six. Shimmering multi-textured fabrics make each one uniquely lovely. And the elastic waistbands are…

Melissa & Doug® Wooden Brew & Serve Coffee Set
(50 reviews)

The Melissa & Doug® wooden brew & serve coffee set lets pretend-play tea parties can now include coffee with this realistic wooden Brew & Serve Coffee Set for two! Lift the lid and pop in one of three coffee pods (regular, hazelnut, or mocha) and turn the knob to choose the serving size! Too hot…

Melissa & Doug® Take Along Shape Sorter

More than a shape sorter--this Melissa & Doug® take along shape sorter is an on-the-go activity center! Using nine plastic shapes and the padded carrying case, children can lift crinkly flaps, identify the pictures, match the shapes, and drop the textured blocks through the sorter . . . then pull…

Melissa & Doug® Fire Chief Costume
(35 reviews)

The Melissa & Doug® Fire Chief Costume has everything an aspiring firefighter needs in an emergency: a bright red, machine-washable jacket trimmed with reflective material, a fire chief helmet, a fire extinguisher, a bullhorn with sound effects, a shiny badge, and a name tag to personalize.

Melissa & Doug® Stacking Blocks Melissa & Doug® Stacking Blocks Melissa & Doug® Stacking Blocks Melissa & Doug® Stacking Blocks Melissa & Doug® Stacking Blocks
(3 reviews)

These Melissa & Doug® Stacking Blocks have something new to explore on every side: a family of faces, drop-through tops, shape-sorter sides, and a school of sea creatures offer a lot to discuss as children build vocabulary, hand-eye coordination, and motor skills. The sturdy plastic materials make…

Melissa & Doug Abacus
(7 reviews)

The Melissa & Doug abacus lets you count on this classic wooden calculator for years of play and learning! The solid hardwood base and frame holds 10 thick coated wires with 10 colorful wooden beads on each -- 100 beads in all. Slide the beads for a visual and hands-on way to learn numbers and math…

Melissa & Doug® First Play Favorite Pets Grasping Toys

Little hands and big imaginations will love clicking, flipping, sliding, and gripping these adorable Melissa & Doug® first play favorite pets grasping toys. Slide the puppy's bone to make its eyes and ears wiggle, flip the kitten's paws to play peek-a-boo, and lift the turtle's legs up to reveal a…

Melissa & Doug® Turtle Ball Pit

Kids will have a ball with this crinkling, jingling, multi-textured Melissa & Doug® turtle ball pit. The giant, friendly turtle comes filled with 60 squeezable multi-colored balls that are easy to grasp, toss, and roll. Zipper and self-stick tabs open so baby can sit inside, and close to store…