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Thames & Kosmos Robot Safari

Build a series of adorable, motorized robotic animals with this Thames & Kosmos robot safari. A beautifully illustrated 32-page storybook centers around the adventures of the Omegas the family of makers and engineers featured in other Kids First early engineering kits. Robot Safari provides an…

Thames & Kosmos Glowing Crystal Geode

Create your own crystal geode a round rock containing a crystal-filled cavity with the Thames & Kosmos glowing crystal geode. First, cast a plaster geode shell in the mold and then fill it with a crystal-growing alum salt solution. The crystal solution contains an ultraviolet-luminous pigment that…

Thames & Kosmos Gyroscopes & Flywheels Thames & Kosmos Gyroscopes & Flywheels

Gyroscopic force is a fascinating and magical phenomenon, with amazing scientific principles behind it that you can see with the help of the Thames & Kosmos gyroscopes & flywheels. With the small, fast-spinning gyroscope in this kit, you can build models and perform experiments that appear to defy…

Thames & Kosmos Catapults and Crossbows Thames & Kosmos Catapults and Crossbows

Its time to get medieval on physics with the Thames & Kosmos catapults and crossbows. Build ten sleek and updated models of catapults and crossbows. These classic siege weapons from the middle ages also happen to be great tools for teaching physics, including lessons in force, energy, motion, and projectiles.

Thames & Kosmos Gummy Candy Lab

Mold your own delicious gummy candies using the Thames & Kosmos gummy candy lab by using a natural gelatin-like ingredient called carrageenan that comes from seaweed! Flavor and sweeten your mixture with two flavors and then mold the gummy shapes in the included mold. You can even add citric acid…

Thames & Kosmos Rubber Band Racers

Fly into physics fun with the Thames & Kosmos rubber band Racers. Five models driven by an awesome rubber band powered propeller. Using ultralight plastic and bamboo parts, build a helicopter, fan boat, airplane, car, and catamaran. Learn how the elastic material stores energy and then releases it…

Thames & Kosmos Kinetic Machines

Make five awesome machines and learn about the physics of force, motion, and energy with the Thames & Kosmos kinetic machines. Construct a rubber band-powered race car that zooms across the floor. Build a catapult and launch objects through the air. Set up a launching device that propels a…

Thames & Kosmos Ultralight Airplanes

Want to learn how airplanes work by building awesome flying gliders with the Thames & Kosmos ultralight airplanes? Build five different glider models and test them to learn how they fly. Try all sorts of wing positions and angles, Learn how wings generate lift and how the wing's shape affects the…

Thames & Kosmos Ooze Labs: Soap & Bath Bomb Lab Thames & Kosmos Ooze Labs: Soap & Bath Bomb Lab

Its time to start mixing things up with the Thames & Kosmos Ooze Labs: soap & bath bomb lab. In this pretend STEM scenario, you are a chemist for a bath and body products company and its your job to make and test different cosmetic products. Use the tools in your laboratory to employ different…

Thames & Kosmos Crystal Nightlight Thames & Kosmos Crystal Nightlight

Grow a big beautiful crystal and assemble a special platform to display it with a color-changing LED circuit inside with the Thames & Kosmos crystal nightlight. Learn about crystal formation and LED technology.

Thames & Kosmos Gross Gummy Candy Lab

Gross new shapes, delicious new flavors are ready to be made with the Thames & Kosmos gross gummy candy lab. Mold your own delicious gummy worms and spiders using a natural gelatin-like ingredient called carrageenan that comes from seaweed. Flavor and sweeten your mixture with mixed berry and green…