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DEMETER® Zodiac Collection Pisces Eau de Perfume

This DEMETER® Zodiac Collection Pisces eau de perfume features blends of lime, teak, vetiver, and verbena that depicts a soft, warm caress. This mysterious fragrance is at once vibrant and happy, but also quiet and grounding. Size: 1.7oz.

DEMETER® Pick-Me-Up Moonbeam Perfume

DEMETER® pick-me-up Moonbeam perfume is a fascinating and unique foody floral that opens with vanilla and Chocolate, then combines with green leaves, Jasmine, Lily of the Valley, Amber and precious Woods, Demeter's Moonbeam captures the dual nature of the moonbeam, reflecting elements of both the…

DEMETER® Pick-Me-Up Sunshine Perfume

DEMETER® pick-me-up Sunshine perfume makes you think of your favorite, most comfortable cotton T-Shirt left outside and warmed by the sun. We thought long and hard about what elements we could use to express the idea of Sunshine.

DEMETER® Pick-Me-Up Wet Garden Perfume

DEMETER® Pick-Me-Up Wet Garden perfume takes place at Easter, full of early spring flowers, including young shoots and buds, after a hard April rain. It is the combinations of those flowers, the rain and the oils from the rich spring soil that comprise this fragrance, one of the most complex in the…

DEMETER® Zodiac Collection Libra Eau de Perfume

This DEMETER® Zodiac Collection Libra eau de perfume is a perfect blend of wild yuzu, clove leaf, anise and precious wood. Size: 1.7oz.

DEMETER® Zodiac Collection Cancer Eau de Perfume

This DEMETER® Zodiac Collection Cancer eau de perfume is a scent that acts as a talisman of sorts. It blends ylang ylang, black davana, ugandan vanilla bean, and burl wood for a sleek and smooth fragrance. Size: 1.7oz.

DEMETER® Zodiac Collection Taurus Eau de Perfume

This DEMETER® Zodiac Collection Taurus eau de perfume is a delicious scent composed of black musk, cedar wood, guaiac wood, pine, and lemon. Size: 1.7oz.

DEMETER® Pick-Me-Up Orange Blossom Perfume

DEMETER® Pick-Me-Up Orange Blossom perfume is extracted from the white flowers of the Orange Tree, and a traditional element used in perfume making. This is one of the most popular of flowers in perfume making. Our version is full, lush and exquisite. Just like the living flower on a gentle breeze…

DEMETER® Zodiac Collection Virgo Eau de Perfume

This DEMETER® Zodiac Collection Virgo eau de perfume is a perfectly poised blended scent of musk, wild cardamom, petit grain, and pepper birch blooms. Size: 1.7oz.

DEMETER® Pick-Me-Up Incense Perfume

DEMETER® pick-me-up Incense perfume is a warm, deep, rich blend of exotic notes. It is inviting and enveloping, the kind of scent that is both simple and complex at the same time. There is no effort needed to appreciate it, yet every time you experience Incense from Demeter you will find new depth…

DEMETER® Zodiac Collection Leo Eau de Perfume

This DEMETER® Zodiac Collection Leo eau de perfume is a daring and dramatic fragrance that will appeal to its wearer and everyone surrounding. Its scent includes a bland of black myrrh, indonesian teakwood, black pepper, and bitter orange blossom. Size: 1.7oz.

DEMETER® Pick-Me-Up Cherry Blossom Perfume

DEMETER® pick-me-up Cherry Blossom perfume is a soft and sheer floral scent, our Cherry Blossom finishes with just a hint of the fruit of the cherry. The cherry blossom (sakura) is Japan's unofficial national flower. It has been celebrated for many centuries and takes a very prominent position in…

DEMETER® Zodiac Collection Aries Eau de Perfume

This DEMETER® Zodiac Collection Aries eau de perfume is a fiery fragrance that evokes a thrilling sense of anticipation and is designed to remind the wearer that adventure can be found around every corner. Its scent includes frankincense, amber and bergamot. Size: 1.7oz.

DEMETER® Zodiac Collection Scorpio Eau de Perfume

This DEMETER® Zodiac Collection Scorpio eau de perfume is a fiery and exotic scent with a passionate blend of lisbon lemon, Italian bergamot, cashmere musk and the vanilla-scented resin, and benzain siam. Size: 1.7oz.

DEMETER® Zodiac Collection Gemini Eau de Perfume

This DEMETER® Zodiac Collection Gemini eau de perfume is a crisp and luminous fragrance that was designed to be imminently versatile. Its scent includes blended notes including vetiver, cyclamen and cardamom. Size: 1.7oz.

DEMETER® Zodiac Collection Sagittarius Eau de Perfume

This DEMETER® Zodiac Collection Sagittarius eau de perfume is a fresh and lively scent with blends of mojave ghost flowers, green laurel leaves, saffron, amber, and oud. Size: 1.7oz.

DEMETER® Pick-Me-Up Clean Skin Perfume

DEMETER® pick-me-up Clean Skin perfume features a blend of orange, lemon, white rose, bergamot peach and vanilla, make for the perfect shower-fresh scent. Clean Skin by Demeter is a virtually transparent and delicate fragrance. Like the best version of you enhanced.

DEMETER® Pick-Me-Up Fuzzy Navel Perfume

DEMETER® pick-me-up Fuzzy Navel perfume is a fresh and fruity combination of peach schnapps, vodka, and orange juice.

DEMETER® Pick-Me-Up Thunderstorm Perfume

DEMETER® Pick-Me-Up Thunderstorm perfume allows you tosmell the rain. Have you ever tried to smell this same rain in January when the ground is frozen solid? Not a chance, but when the ground and plants are warmer, you can smell something. What you really smell comes not from the air, but the ground!

DEMETER® Pick-Me-Up Freesia Perfume

DEMETER® pick-me-up Freesia perfume features Freesia as its staple floral note, but we have isolated Freesia so you can fully appreciate its delicate beauty. Freesia is the star in our Freesia fragrance.

DEMETER® Pick-Me-Up Apple Blossom Perfume

DEMETER® pick-me-up Apple Blossom perfume is so ubiquitous in America, in legend, lore and our daily lives that we hardly slow down to take notice. At Demeter, a big part of our job is to notice and capture those everyday scents, like Apple Blossom, for your olfactory pleasure.

DEMETER® Pick-Me-Up Bamboo Perfume

DEMETER® pick-me-up Bamboo perfume features the new, smaller shoots of the bamboo plant, very green with a light, fruity tone, that the delicate green scent of Demeters Bamboo cologne is derived.

DEMETER® Pick-Me-Up Soft Tuberose Perfume

DEMETER® Pick-Me-Up Soft Turberose perfume is not a rose at all, but a white flower like Jasmine or Orange Blossom, but then with a creaminess and sexiness that cannot be denied. This Soft version of Tuberose, focuses on the creaminess of the Tuberose, with some green undertones to further brighten it.

DEMETER® Pick-Me-Up Dragon Fruit Perfume

DEMETER® pick-me-up Dragon Fruit perfume is a dazzling and appealing scent, our Dragon Fruit is created with leafy green notes intertwined with juicy Dragon Fruit, citrus zest and soft floral and wood hints. Experience paradise when you wear Dragon Fruit.