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Braza Double Duty Lingerie Bag

This Braza double duty lingerie bag will save your bras from washer and dryer destruction. Machine wash 2 bras up to size 50DDD.

Womens Nifty For Her Rechargeable Sweater Shaver
(1 review)

Womens Nifty for Her Rechargeable sweater shaver has a built in battery and is easy to clean. Say goodbye to unwanted fuzz and pills on your clothing!

Sunbeam® 2pc. Dryer Balls
(1 review)

Sunbeam® 2 pack of dryer balls is a great way to help dry your clothing faster and make it softer! All you have to do is put them in the drum of your tumble dryer with your laundry and turn it on. Reusable. Non-toxic.

Lint Rollers-3 Pack
(1 review)

The lint rollers will let you keep your clothes lint, fuzz, and hair free. This can be used on pants, coats, sweaters, dresses, suits, formal wear and more. 180 sheets per roll. 3 per pack.

Smartek Fabric Shaver

Save your favorite sweater with this Smartek fabric shaver. Simply glide the unit over pilling and fuzz, and they will come right off. Battery operated. Size: 8H x 5W x 4D.

9ft. Retractable Clothes Line

The 9 feet retractable clothes line lets you keep your delicate clothing and accessories air dry to retain their shape. It has a sturdy plastic casing and a durable cord that supports your clothing for hanging. This extendable washing line is suitable for installing in a bathroom or a laundry room.…

Totes Wooden 3-in-1 Fabric Brush
(2 reviews)

This Totes 3-in-1 fabric brush is a classic padded lint brush with handsome metal accents, large bristles on the opposite side, and a wooden handle with a built-in shoe horn. Getting ready for the day has never been so easy.

Woolite Sanitize Mesh Bra Bag

The Woolite sanitize mesh bra bag is the best bag to have at your disposal when doing delicates on laundry day. This bag helps protects the bras you love; it helps prevent shrinking, stretching, fading, and snags! Plus it is treated with Sanitized antimicrobial which inhibits bacterial odors and…

Braza Fuzz Buster

Braza Fuzz Buster helps to restore you clothing to a like new condition. The fine pumice stone returns luster to pieces of your wardrobe that have pilled. In minutes you can restore sweaters, shirts, pants, socks, and upholstery!

Lint Remover

The lint remover quickly removes lint from sweaters, skirts, pants, scarves, socks, and more! Plus it catches the link quickly and completely. Plastic. Battery operated.

Braza Silky Sac Washer Bag
(1 review)

Braza silky sac washer bag for delicate apparel.

Honey-Can-Do 40ft. Retractable Clothes Line

Honey-Can-Do 40 ftoo Retractable Clothes Line is the perfect solution for those who want the freshness of line dried clothes and linens without the permanent, in-yard solution. This space-saving, retractable clothes line offers an eye-popping 40 feet of line to help you efficiently hang an entire…

Woolite 100 Count XL Clothespins

The Woolite 100 count XL clothespins make hanging laundry inside or outside easy as pie! This features durable metal springs. Wood. Rust resistant. 100 count.

Nifty Home Products 3 in 1 Fabric Brush

Nifty Home Products 3 in 1 fabric brush features a large bristles for hair removal, a padded lint brush and a solid wood handle with shoe horn.

Arm & Hammer 3-pk. Deodorizer

When you need to refresh you need the Arm & Hammer 3 pack deodorizer. The deodorizer is infused with the Arm & Hammer baking soda to keep odors out and freshness in. These little pods are perfect for closest and furniture, laundry rooms, sports gear, travel, and more! Plastic. Baking Soda. Set of 3.