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Lemax Village Collection A Christmas Carol Play

This porcelain Lemax Village Collection A Christmas Carol Play features a portion of a Victorian village that has audiences moving in and out as the carolers stand at the front and pivot left and right. The lights, sound of caroling, and continuous motion bring this display to life, making it the…

Lemax The Grand Carousel

The Lemax the grand carousel is regal and bold. It features lights, sound, and motion. As the carousel revolves the horses rise and fall. This also features volume control and power switch for all functions. Dimensions: 9.49H x 9.84W x 9.84D.

Lemax Vintage Grind Coffee
(3 reviews)

The Lemax Vintage Grind Coffee is the perfect addition to any coffee lovers town. This has trays of coffee bean on the conveyor belt move, gears in front revolve, and bags of coffee beans move in and out of the factory. Porcelain/Resin blend. Lights up and makes sounds. Size: 9.3 x 9.6 x 7.

Lemax The Sky Swing

The Lemax the sky swing is bold and bright. The riders swing around and the lights on the edge/roof of the swing and on the platform flash on and off. Resin. Dimensions: 10.63H x 8.66W x 10.16D.

Lemax Swing Boats

Your town will be full of fun and laughter with the Lemax Swing Boats. The kids enjoy the winter weather on swing boats as they sway back and forth. Resin. Size: 11.8 x 3 x 5.9.

Lemax North Pole Observatory
(1 review)

Santa keeps an eye on all the boys and girls with the Lemax North Pole Observatory. The dome rotates 360 degrees and the elves move in and out of the second level. Resin. Lights up and makes sound. Size: 5.5 X 8.5.

Lemax Bells Gourmet Popcorn Factory
(1 review)

The Lemax Bells Gourmet Popcorn Factory is fun and festive for any town. It features Styrofoam balls blow inside the popping tower to mimic popcorn popping, a big bucket of popcorn spins on the rooftop, and tins of popcorn on the conveyor belt move in and out. Porcelain/Resin blend. Lights up and…

Lemax 21pc. Assorted Trees

The Lemax 21 Piece Assorted trees gives you options of different sized trees to fill your town with. There is a tree that will fit perfectly in every scene. 3.4 x 8.9 x 3.

Lemax Reindeer Hot Air Balloon

You can take in the sites of the town with the Lemax reindeer hot air balloon. Battery operated. Dimensions: 14.95H x 8.46W x 4.72D.

Lemax 6pc. Stone Wall Set

Lemax 6 Piece Stone Wall Set. Plastic. Size: 11.8 3 x 5.9.

Lemax After School Hockey Match

The Lemax After School Hockey Match shows that everyone can have fun on the ice rink by playing hockey! But they make sure to keep it a friendly game as the skaters glide on the ice. Resin. Size: 11.2 X 4 X 7.

Lemax Stony Brook Windmill
(1 review)

The Lemax Stony Brook Windmill is bright and cheerful. The unique windmill is decorated with wreaths and holiday decorations. Porcelain. Lights up and makes sounds. Size: 22.3 x 30.

Lemax Firework Soundbox

Lemax firework soundbox. Battery operated. Dimensions: 1.46H x 4.92W x 2.2D.

Lemax Victorian Park Gazebo Lemax Victorian Park Gazebo

The Lemax victorian park gazebo makes a lovely addition to any town. Resin. Dimensions: 6.5H x 5.71W x 5.71D.

Lemax Set of 2 Dad's Snowman

Lemax set of 2 dad's snowman. The heart of any hometown is the villagers who live there, whether humans or animals! Each charming figurine brings a display to life, and offers endless possibilities for creating an interesting and engaging tableau. Resin. Size: 7.

Lemax Brick and Peeble Roads

Lemax Brick and Peeble Roads. Plastic. Size: 18 x5.

Lemax Small Blue Spruce Tree
(1 review)

Lemax small blue spruce tree has snow covered branches.

Lemax Set of 10 Needle Pine Trees

Lemax set of 10 needle pine trees.

Lemax Set of 4 Merry Milkman

The Lemax set of 4 merry milkman shows that you make friends anywhere along the road! These cats are hoping to get to taste the sweet milk before it gets delivered! Resin. Dimensions: 2.87H x 1.65W x 1.06D.

Lemax Plastic Picket Fence

Lemax Plastic Picket Fence. Size: 2.4 x 1.6 x 6.

Lemax Sledding with Santa

Even the one in charge needs some fun; and you can see that in the Lemax sledding with Santa. Santa and his top elves take to the hills on a snowy day! Resin. Dimensions: 2.36H x 1.65W x 3.07D.

Lemax Multi Color Fireworks

The Lemax Multi Color Fireworks are bright and cheerful. They add color to any town. Plastic. Light up. Size: 4.9 x 11 x 1.2.

Lemax All I Want For Christmas

The Lemax all I want for Christmas knows what all the boys in the farm town want; a new tractor! This tractor is all ready for the holidays with a bow and wreath. Resin. Dimensions: 2.28H x 4.17W x 2.36D.

Lemax Station Wagon

The Lemax Station Wagon is a classic addition to your town. It adds style and sophistication while adding color. Size: 1.6 x 1.5 x 1.

Lemax Park Bench

Lemax Park Bench. Metal. Size: 3.5 x 1.4 x 1.

Lemax Rainy Day with Friends

The Lemax rainy day with friends is a lovely addition to your town. These kids are enjoying a rainy day by keeping their furry friends dry and safe. Resin. Size: 2.6H x 2.99W x 1.57D.

Lemax Small Butternut Tree

The Lemax Small Butternut Tree adds style and dimension to your town. The tree is softy dusted with frost to add color. Resin. Size: 11.8 X 3 X 5.9.

Lemax Large Blue Spruce Tree

The Lemax Large Blue Spruce Tree makes your town feel wintery and festive. The tree is softly dusted with snow to add dimension to your town. Size: 11.8 x 3 x 5.9.

Lemax Set of 2 Ducks

Lemax set of 2 ducks. Lemax Ducks has many beautiful details and is handmade. Resin. Size: 2.1H.

Lemax Sled

You can add colorful embellishments to your town with the Lemax Sled. They will add a pop of color. Plastic. Size: 3.9 x .4 x 2.

Lemax Large Butternut Tree

The Lemax Large Butternut Tree adds detail and depth to your town. It has many branches and is softly dusted with frost. Resin. Size: 11.8 x 3 x 5.9.