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Lodge 10in. Square Grill Pan
(7 reviews)

Lodge 10 inch square grill pan produces beautiful grill marks. Raised ridges remove fat from food. Use on gas, electric or induction stovetops. You may experience some sticking with new cookware so use a little oil when cooking. Lodge seasoned cast iron is right at home on any heat source, except…

Lodge 10.5in. Round Griddle

Our award winning foundry seasoning produces cast iron of equal quality to Grandma's prized hand-me-downs. The Lodge Logic cast iron is sprayed with a soy-based vegetable oil and then baked on at a very high temperature. The heat allows the oil to penetrate into the iron, creating a black patina…

Lodge 10.25in. Grill Pan

Lodge 10.25 inch pre-seasoned grill pan is perfect for searing food. The ridges keep the food away from the grease. Grill pan features heavy duty handle with slot for hanging, 2 side lips for pouring off liquids or grease. Lightly coat with olive or vegetable oil before cooking.