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Cucina Glass Canister Cucina Glass Canister Cucina Glass Canister Cucina Glass Canister

These square Cucina glass canisters are simply elegant, with clean angles and clear glass sides that let you prominently display the contents of each. Each canister has a seal-tight lid.

Typhoon® Retro Cream 3pc. Canister Set

Inspired by 19th century antiques, the Typhoon® retro cream 3 piece canister set adds a nostalgic accent to your kitchen with ease. The 3 containers are topped with an airtight seal lid.

10pc. Multi Storage Container
(4 reviews)

Keep your kitchen organized and stylish with the multi storage container 10 piece set. This includes 5 bowls and 5 plastic lids. The conveniently sized bowls are great for mixing and storing!

Mainstays 16pc. Food Storage Set

The Mainstays 16 piece food storage set offers convenient solutions for storing leftovers or storing meals for the week. Made from BPA-free plastic with practical snap lids that seal in freshness and are easy to remove. Includes two 56oz containers, two, 40oz containers, two 16oz containers, two…

Glass Treasure Canister with Copper Lid

Keep dry food and snacks organized and fresh with this stylish Circle treasure canister with copper lid. The bold stylish cut glass look and copper lid makes a statement in any kitchen decor.

Typhoon® Retro Cream Stacking Food Storage

Inspired by 19th century antiques, the Typhoon® retro cream stacking food storage makes a vintage addition in your modern kitchen. This adds a nostalgic accent to your vintage style kitchen. The 3 containers stack together and are topped with an airtight seal lid.

50pc. Storage Set

The 50 piece storage set is perfect for keeping your counter tops, fridge, and pantry organized. Plus it makes it easy to pack lunches or snack on the go! This features leak resistant containers that are also microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe!

16pc. Clip Lock Storage Container Set
(2 reviews)

Keep your kitchen and fridge organized with the 16 piece clip lock storage container set. This features click lock to keep everything secure. This also is freezer, microwave, and dishwasher safe. Plastic. The set includes: two 32oz rectangle containers with lids, two 30oz square containers with…

Mainstays 12pc. Side Latch Storage Set

Keep your kitchen organized with the Mainstays 12 piece side latch storage set. It is perfect for packing lunches or leftovers. The set includes two 33.8oz containers, two 40.6oz containers, and two 72.7oz containers with matching lids.

Yorkshire Oil and Vinegar Bottles - Set of 2
(1 review)

The Yorkshire oil and vinegar set of 2 bottles offers a great way to store your oil and vinegar in the kitchen. These glass bottles come with handy steel spouts for easy dispensation.

Oakland Canister with Snaccident Decal

Keep your pantry stylish with the Oakland canister with snaccident. The canister features the decal stating Eating A Family Size Bar Of Chocolate Entirely By Mistake quote.

Small Fridge Bin

This small fridge bin lets you keep your refrigerator neat and organized. This is perfect for storing condiments or any you can think of! Durable plastic. Dimensions: 4.37 x 2.37 x 13.37 Inches.

Oakland Canister with Calories Decal

Store snacks and other items in the Oakland canister with calories decal. The fun decal reads Calories- Noun - Tiny creatures that live in your closet and sew your clothes a little bit tighter every night.

2pk. 3 Section Food Storage

The food storage offers 3 sections are made of sturdy BPA-free plastic and a snap-on airtight lid hels prevent messy leaks. The 3 separate compartments keep your different foods separate and tasting great.

Glass Jar Rooster

The glass jar rooster is perfect as a centerpiece or addition to any kitchen decor. This jar can be used to hold food, fruit, and beverages. Glass. Hand wash. Size: 9H x 12W x 6d.

Egg Holder Fridge Bin

Has your fridge ever gotten cluttered and your eggs get crushed; if it has you need the egg holder fridge bin. This is made of durable plastic and has a removable lid. Plastic. Hand wash. Holds 14 eggs.

Stainless Steel Bowls - Set of 3 Stainless Steel Bowls - Set of 3 Stainless Steel Bowls - Set of 3
(1 review)

Get ready to prepare your favorite meals with the help of the stainless steel bowls. These bowls are durable to withstand wear and tear, non-slid, non scratch base, and are nestable for convenient storage. This is also food safe and BPA free. Plus the transparent lids are perfect for food storage!

Chip Clips/Memo Clips
(1 review)

Post notes or memos and easily close bags securely with this colorful collection of chip clips and memo clips. These clips feature comfort grip handles, strong mechanisms and magnetic backs. Set includes two large and four smaller clips.

Lattice Fruit Basket

Lattice fruit basket is perfect to store your fruit in. This has a rust resistant finish. Dimensions: 4.5H x 11W.

Large Fridge Bin

When you want to keep your fridge organized with ease, you need the large fridge bin. These are made from durable plastic and can hold a multitude of items. Plastic. Hand wash. Dimensions: 7.00 x 5.00 x 13.00 Inches.

Pets Glass Treats Jar

Keep your furry friend's treats stylishly stowed away in this Pets Glass Treats Jar. This adorable glass jar easily displays their delicious treats, ready to reward them for good behavior.

Tortilla Bag Clips Tortilla Bag Clips

Keep your snacks fun and fresh with this Tortilla bag clips. The realistic tortilla-chip clip is double sided and is durable for daily use.

Potato Clips Bag Clips Potato Clips Bag Clips

Keep your snacks fun and fresh with this potato clips bag clips. This set of 4 bag clips are so handy we bet you can't use just one! The realistic wavy potato-chip clip is double sided and is durable for everyday use.