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Malden Celebration of Love Wedding Album

Store and treasure special moments and images from your big day in this beautiful Malden Celebration of Love Wedding Album.

Malden 2 Opening Mr. & Mrs. Corinthian Album

The Malden 2 Opening Mr. & Mrs. corinthian album is the perfect place to store those wonderful memories from the big day. The front of the album features the words Mr. & Mrs.. Holds 160 4x6 photos.

Malden Boy Oh Boy Photo Album - 4x6

The Malden boy, oh boy photo album makes it easy to share your handsome little boy's special moments with everyone! The book is small enough to fit in any diaper bag or handbag so you always have it handy. Plus it holds 40 photos up to 4x6.

Malden Family Rules Eight Picture Collage Frame.
(1 review)

Family Rules collage frame features eight openings for photos and a list of Family Rules.

Malden Sweet Baby Girl Photo Album - 4x6

The Malden sweet baby girl photo album is perfect for keeping those first precious moments for all time. The book will hold 40 4x6 photos. Plus the small size allows you to keep it with you to share the memories anytime!

Baby Unisex Malden My First Year Frame
(3 reviews)

Baby Unisex Malden My First Year frame featuring 13 openings and a center opening for a 3.5x4 photo.

Malden 8 Opening Happy Marriage Collage Frame

Malden's 8 openings, Happy Marriage collage frame outlines the recipe for a long and joyful union, and offers room for six 4x6 photos and two 4x4 photos.

Malden Wedding Double Frame  - 5x7

Malden wedding double frame. Holds (2) 5x7 photos.

Malden 2-Opening Champagne Glasses Frame

Champagne glasses Two Hearts Become One picture frame with 2 openings.

Malden Grandkids 3-Opening Collage Frame - 4x6

Grandkids-opening wood collage frame with sentimental words. Black finish and white matting. Holds (3) 4x6 photos.Horizontal display.

Malden 2-Up Grad 2019 Album

Remember graduation forever with this special Malden 2-Up grad 2019 album. It makes a thoughtful con-grad-ulations gift for your favorite senior!

Malden  Manhattan Black Wood Wall Frame - 11x14

Black Manhattan wood wall picture frame. Holds one 11x14 photo. Overall size: 23.43x0.83x19.45.

Malden 2-UP Memories Photo Album - 4x6

The Malden 2-UP memories photo album is a lovely album to store your favorite memories. The album is decorated with the words Memories. Some stay in our hearts forever. Holds 160 4x6 photos.

Malden  Diamond Silver Hearts Frame - 5x7
(1 review)

Diamond silver hearts picture frame with filigree border. Holds one 5x7 photo. Overall size: 8.00x1.00x9.50.

Malden White Wash Linear Frame - 5x7

The simple and vintage styled Malden White Wash Linear Frame is perfect for any photos. The simple frame doesn't take away from any of the beauty of your photo. Wood. Holds a 5x7 photo.

Malden Bundle of Joy Album - 4x6

The Malden Bundle of Joy Album is an adorable way to preserve photos of your pride and joy. This archival quality album holds 160 4x6 photos on 80 acid-free pages.

Malden 6-Opening Berkeley Matted Panel - 4x6
(1 review)

Black wood 6-opening white matted picture frame. Holds 6 - 4x6 pictures. 26.8H x 8.6W x 1.1D.

Malden Daddy's Girl Storyboard - 4x6
(1 review)

Daddy's Girl Storyboard picture frame. All good photos deserve a frame. The beauty of any photo can be accented by a stylish frame or dynamic border around an image. Surround the precious moments in your life with a photo frame by Malden International Designs and rejoice in your treasured memories…

Malden Our Wedding Collage Metal Photo Frame
(1 review)

Our Wedding collage. 5 openings.

Malden 3 Opening Love At First Sight Frame

The Malden 3 Opening It was love at first sight frame offers room to display three photos of your newborn - two 3x4 photos and one 4x6 photo.

Malden Grey Ridge Linear Frame - 8x10
(1 review)

Surround a treasured memory with the cozy, lived-in feel of this beautiful Malden Grey Ridge Linear Frame. Holds one 8 x 10 photo.

Malden Bronze Script Frame Nana - 4x3

Nana bronze script frame reads, I (heart) You. Overall size is 8x0.5x5. Holds one 4x3 round photo.

Malden Sneak Peak Sonogram Frame - 4x6

What a great gift for any new parent - Father or Mother-to-be! This sonogram frame reads Sneak Peek - It is truly amazing how someone so small, could inspire a love so grand. Mommy-to-be will love it! Holds 4x6 photo. Frame dimensions: 9.50x0.78x5.25.

Malden Grandkids Silver Words Frame - 4x6
(1 review)

The Grandkids Silver Words holds one 4x6 photo of the special blessings in your life. Frame size: 8.38 x 6.13.

Malden Diamond Ring Frame

Diamond ring frame. A perfect gift for an engagement or wedding.

Malden Grey Ridge Linear Frame - 5x7

Surround a treasured memory with the cozy, lived-in feel of this beautiful Malden Grey Ridge Linear Frame. Holds one 5 x 7 photo.

Malden Two Tone Silver Bead Metal Frame - 4x6

Two tone silver bead picture metal frame. Holds one 4x6 photo. Overall size: 6.00 x 1 x 8.00.

Malden Meow Frame - 4x6

Capture the love with this Malden Meow frame. A pewter cat face applique and silkscreened MEOW! adorn this classic black wood frame that also features an attractive white mat. Holds a 4x6 photo.

Malden Matte Denim Blue Collage Frame
(1 review)

The Malden matte denim blue collage frame has a big beautiful molding style that grabs your attention. This is modern and makes a lovely addition to any part of your home. Wood. Holds a 8x10.

Malden Mom Sunwashed Words - 4x6
(1 review)

Mom Sunwashed Words features To The World You May Be One Person, But To Me You Are The World in Walnut distressed picture frame. Tabletop display has easel style back. Size: 4x6 photo.

Malden Sandy Toes Sunwashed Wood Frame - 4x6

Sandy toes and salty kisses sunwashed wood frame. Holds one horizontal 4x6 photo. Overall size: 10.25 x 1.13 x 8.13.

Malden Love Those Wiggle Butts Frame - 6x6

This Malden love those wiggle butts frame will make a wonderful addition to your home decor. Its design is on a stained wooden box with lasered paw prints and silkscreen words. Holds a 6x6 photo.

Malden 3 Opening Mr. & Mrs. Linen Mat Frame

The Malden 3 opening Mr. & Mrs. linen mat frame is a beautiful and regal way to show off your favorite photos from your special day. This frame features 3 openings; two 5x7 photos and one 4x4. This also includes the words Mr. & Mrs. and You will forever be my always. Wood. Linen. Dimensions: 18 x 11.

Malden New Mom Frame - 4x6

Add a great photo to the Malden new mom frame and you have a gift that will make become a keepsake for a New Mom! Wood. Holds 4 x 6 photo.

Malden 3-Opening Matte Denim Blue Frame - 5x7

The Malden 3-opening matte denim blue frame features a vivid grain detail is enhanced with the mild blue stain. Modern and stylish is perfect for any part of your home. Wood. Holds 3 5 by 7 photos.

Malden Prescott Distressed White Frame - 5x7

Transform the look of your home or office with this Malden prescott distressed white frame. This frame will provide a stunning accent to your decor, hanging on your wall or as a tabletop display. With its simple yet elegant design it can be combined with other frames for a unique look.

Malden Me & Big Sister Picture Frame - 4x6

This Me and Big Sister picture frame is made of wood, ceramic, and metal, with a masonite backing. It has an easel back or can be hung on the wall. Holds 4x6 photo.

Malden Whitman 3 Picture Whitewashed Picture Frame - 5x7

This Malden Whitewashed picture frame will make the perfect addition to your home decor. It features 3 beautiful whitewashed open matted frames that can hang vertically or horizontally. Holds 3 - 5x7 photos. Dimensions: 12H x 1W x 20.25D.

Malden White Adirondack Chair Frame - 4x6
(1 review)

Perfect for a summer time photo of your loved ones, this White Adirondack chair frame holds a 4x6 photo.

Malden 1 Up To Have and To Hold Album

The Malden 1 up To Have And To Hold album is the perfect brag book for any new couple! It features a gold foil writing on the cover and can hold up to 40 4x6 photos. Dimensions: 7.1 x 5 x 0.8 inches.

Malden Puzzle 9 Opening Black Collage Frame - 5x7
(2 reviews)

The Malden puzzle nine opening black collage frame is a beautiful addition to your home. You can now share all of your favorite photos in one frame! This holds nine 5x7 photos. Dimensions: 21 x 21.

Malden 1-Up I Do Wedding Album -  4x6

The I Do Wedding Album holds 4 x 6 inch pictures of your special day. Album size: 7.5 x 2.25 x 6.60 inches.

Malden Mr. & Mrs. Metallic Glass Frame - 6x4

The Malden Mr. & Mrs. metallic glass frame lets you celebrate your love with this unique and bold frame. This is a perfect addition to any decor or a desk piece. This features hardboard backing and glare resistant glass with silver leaf text. Glass. Holds a 6x4 photo.

Malden 50th Anniversary Frame - 4x6

Malden 50th Anniversary Photo Frame. All good photos deserve a frame. The beauty of any photo can be accented by a stylish frame or dynamic border around an image. Surround the precious moments in your life with a photo frame by Malden International Designs and rejoice in your treasured memories…

Malden Puzzle 4 Opening Grey Collage Frame - 4x6
(1 review)

Malden puzzle four opening collage frame. is prefect for showing off a grouping of photos! The puzzle design makes it a unique addition to your home. Holds four 4 x 6 photos. Size: 11.5 x 11.5.

Malden Sweet Baby Floater Frame-5x7

The Malden Sweet Baby floater frame is the perfect gift for any new parents. The frame features the words Sweet Baby. First we had each other, then we had you, now we have everything. Wood. Holds a 5x7 photo.

Malden Seafoam Blue Rough Linear Frame - 8x10

A rustic beach style is the Malden seafoam blue rough linear frame. This frame is perfect for holding any photo but especially those from your last beach trip! Holds an 8x10 photo.

Malden My Christening Frame - 4x6

Treasure the memory of a special moment in your child's life with this lovely Malden My Christening frame. Holds 4x6 photo.