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New Bright RC FF Yellow Dump Truck

The New Bright RC FF yellow dump truck features large wheels that handle well over most terrain, so you can take your dirt load off to the dump, this full functioning mega dump truck is a must have! After digging through the trenches with the mega excavator, and moving earth with mega loader, it's…

New Bright® Remote Control Monster Jam Grave Digger

The New Bright® remote control Monster Jam Grave Digger features a detailed frame with authentic Monster Jam styling. Imagine hearing the roar of the crowd and the crushing metal rule the arena with Grave Digger as the star of the show. Dimensions: 4.72H x 7.87W x 6.3D.

New Bright® 16in. RC Master Craft X-23 Red Boat

The New Bright® 16 inch RC master craft X-23 red boat is perfect for bath time or in the pool, so get ready to make waves. Its sleek style and full function control are sure to glide effortlessly through the water. This boat is so much fun; youll forget its not the real thing! Wipe with a damp…

New Bright® Free Wheel Mega Construction 14pc.Hauler Set New Bright® Free Wheel Mega Construction 14pc.Hauler Set

The New Bright® 22 inch free wheel mega construction 14 piece hauler set is complete with an excavator, a loader and dump truck and includes 4 road signs, a swamp, a rough terrain, a steep climb and mud pit. Wipe with a damp cloth to clean. Overall dimensions: 7.1H x 23.9W x 4D.

New Bright® Kobra Robot Rover

The New Bright® Kobra Robot Rover features the ability to stream video and broadcast your voice from up to 100 feet away. It can climb, crawl, reach, grasp, carry and deploy its arm and transform from a compact rover to a 36 inch reaching claw. Dimensions: 36H x 18.5W x 11D.

New Bright® Remote Control Jeep Wrangler

The New Bright® remote control Jeep Wrangler is a rechargeable jeep that can be plugged in to any USB portal for a 2 hour charge and you are ready to speed away again. Dimensions: 5.75H x 11.5W x 7D.

New Bright® 22in. Big Foot Car Carrier, Trucks & Accessories

The New Bright® 22 inch Big Foot car carrier, trucks & accessories feature the ability to haul either 4 free-wheeling trucks and SUVs or 4 Bigfoot trucks. Also included is a folding ramp to load up your vehicles, a detachable carrier trailer, signs, cones and a barricade or ramp to help mark your…

New Bright Remote Control Monster Jam Grave Digger

The New Bright remote control Monster Jam Grave Digger features a power pack, batteries and charger. Dimensions: 9.45H x 15.75W x 11.02D.

New Bright® Remote Control Pro Badzilla

The New Bright® remote control Pro Badzilla is equipped with dual track drive and it can tackle almost any terrain. The pivot steering delivers super sharp turns and 360 spinning. Badzilla gets its power from a rechargeable 12.8v lithium battery. Dimensions: 6.5H x 12W x 8D.

New Bright® Remote Control 50th Anniversary Camaro

The New Bright® remote control 50th anniversary Camaro features a fully functional radio control sports car to take home for a fraction of the price. With excellent attention to detail, quick speed and agile handling, this radio control car makes the ideal gift for a fan or collector. Drive it…

New Bright® 10in. Remote Control Tumblebee

This New Bright® 10 inch remote control Tumblebee jumps, flips and spins. Buzz around the fully functional TumbleBee with the advanced technological internal antenna. Bright big red eyes light up while on the go. Dimensions: 5.5H x 10.5W x 7.5D.